Anonymous bank card – what is it?

анонимная банковская карта

Most users know what a classic bank card is and what features it provides. However, few people know about the existence of nameless cards. How many people do you think today want anonymity when making payments through plastic bank cards? Their number is simply huge, and therefore, making an anonymous card has become a popular and popular service, in particular among entrepreneurs and businessmen. In this article, we will talk about the features of obtaining and using anonymous bank cards.

If you haven’t been able to fully appreciate all the advantages that anonymous bank cards offer, then first of all you need to understand whether this service is suitable for you or not. Using an anonymous card, you can make purchases abroad, pay staff salaries, or simply present them as a gift.

Unlike other bank personal and corporate cards, an anonymous card has the following advantages::

  • electronic payments;
  • no tax rates;
  • privacy policy;
  • no restrictions on daily cash withdrawal;
  • transfers;
  • low-cost service;
  • ATM acceptance from all over the world.

How do I get anonymous debit cards?

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Surely you have already met offers on the global network for the sale of an anonymous visa card. Most likely, people who offer to buy anonymous bank cards are distributors of debit cards. Also, you should not exclude the possibility that they issued them for themselves or for persons without a specific place of residence. Whether to buy anonymous plastic cards is up to you.

If you do not want to provide a notarized copy of your passport to the bank, then you should not get acquainted with the content of this product, namely an anonymous virtual card. In the event that you are a serious, solid and adequate person who is aware of the seriousness of using bank cards issued not to you, then this information will be very useful to you.

Distributing anonymous cards is a way of attracting new customers. The Bank is primarily interested in providing a high-quality anonymous product that will have maximum guarantees.

Currently, there are 2 ways to get an anonymous debit card. You can get it for free or by paying $ 185 (courier delivery is included in the price). A non-named debit card is a payment instrument that the customer receives immediately on hand. These cards don’t have the owner’s name on them.

This product has the following features::

  • payment for goods and services in shopping centers and online;
  • transfer of funds to other bank accounts;
  • control over the flow and receipt of funds.

You can get a plastic card at the office of a financial institution or at a mobile phone store. You can also order a non-registered bank card online and have it delivered to your home. To get an anonymous debit card, you will need an identity document, i.e. your passport.

If you will receive your card at the office, you will need to:

  • provide your personal passport;
  • fill out the form;
  • wait for the manager to open an instant account;
  • get your hands on a plastic card and activate it.

The entire procedure will take you no more than 10 minutes. If you don’t have any free time, you can get a card via the Internet. This service is very popular these days.

When issuing a bank card via the Internet, you need to::

  • choose a financial institution and register on its official website;
  • log in to your merchant profile and fill out the form;
  • upload a high-quality scan (photo) of your passport;
  • specify the delivery method;
  • activate plastic via your merchant profile or a toll-free number of the financial company’s help desk.

As a rule, lenders offer delivery by mail or courier service. Courier services are paid for by the bank’s client.

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Free anonymous cards are provided by a Swiss bank, but you can only get them by opening an account, and you will have to pay for this. You can order an anonymous card from the Bank of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, for this you will need only $ 100. If you take only the best out of life, then you should give preference to trouble-free, high-quality and guaranteed services.

Why do I need an anonymous virtual visa card?

Quite recently, an urgent departure or an unscheduled business trip was accompanied by certain difficulties, to a greater extent they were associated with obtaining a plastic card. Bankers could only offer such customers plastic checks. They would be perfect for such cases if they were not accompanied by specific inconveniences. Plastic checks could only be cashed at an ATM, they were not accepted for payment, and when they ran out of money, the card was sent to the trash can.

Nowadays, you can get a real international credit card. True, the speed of registration requires some sacrifices from the client, there will be nothing on the card except the number and signature of the owner. Bankers compensate for the emptiness of plastic with a bright design.

Getting an anonymous credit card is very easy. A person needs to come to the bank, sign a contract and deposit money. They will be immediately issued a card, which will be activated within 24 hours. It will have all the properties of a classic credit card. This means that you will be able to withdraw cash at the bank’s cash desks and ATMs, make purchases in retail chains, receive account statements, etc.

In fact, the anonymous card is mostly used only for receiving cash. Stores try not to get involved with such payment instruments, explaining that plastic is not personalized. Such situations usually arise in Russian trade, but there have never been similar problems in other foreign countries.

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