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The latest news of the energy market of Ukraine

The open data portal ENERGY LINE INVEST is the first independent online project in Ukraine that covers such an industry as energy.

In this section of the portal, visitors will be able to read useful informational publications on how the electricity market works. This information is especially useful and relevant for managers and owners of industrial enterprises, as for them the issue of the cost of each kW of electricity is still acute. We are closely monitoring changes that will affect electricity suppliers or consumers in one way or another. Check the news feed on our portal regularly, and you will be able to take timely measures to allow your company to stay afloat.

 The importance of the electricity market

Everyone knows that electricity is a basic industry that provides electricity and heating to other sectors of the economy. The level of socio-economic development, business activity and life of the whole population depends on energy consumption.

It is worth noting that over the past ten years, production of this type of resource worldwide has increased almost 1.5 times. Significant changes have taken place both in the types of fuel used and in the structure of the world energy market.

In the field of energy there are various processes, including production, transmission, distribution of electricity. All other sectors of the economy are related to this area, as their activities are impossible without the use of electricity and heat. Businesses receive from energy suppliers important resources for their activities.

  Where to read about the electricity market?

 Energy has become an important component of economics and politics around the world. The mission of our portal is to educate the population of Ukraine, to form an objective worldview and to understand the new model of the energy market, because this is the basis for the development of our country.

The main goals of this information blog include:

  • formation of firm confidence in the successful development of Ukraine,
  • demonstration of youth prospects, as well as attracting talented young people to this sector of the economy,
  • development of the outlook of portal users.

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