Competent investment in gold coins

инвестирование в золотые монеты

If you have long been thinking about how to save and increase your capital, then in this article we will tell you about one profitable way. Some invest in developing businesses, others invest in the IT industry, and others buy shares of domestic and foreign corporations. One of the most optimal ways today is considered to be investing in coins. This precious metal is considered a reliable asset even in times of economic crisis.

Despite the fact that such investments appeared relatively recently, they managed to become popular among many people in a short time. It is worth noting that this precious metal has long served as a tool for accumulating and increasing human wealth. First of all, a potential investor is interested in what are the advantages of investing in gold coins? Currently, there is a large amount of this type of money that you can buy in one of the banks of Ukraine or your home country.

Which coins are best to invest in?

which coins are best to invest in

Conventionally, these gold products can be classified into two types – collectible and investment.

As you understand from the name, collectible items made of gold have not only numismatic value, but are also considered a profitable investment of money. The value of such an asset is affected by various factors, including:

  • gold content,
  • degree of safety,
  • year of release,
  • subject area,
  • design,
  • the number of copies in the print run.

It should also be noted that in this case, the current price of the precious metal plays an important role. If you are going to purchase and resell the coin in the future, you will not have to pay VAT. The issue of investment gold copies is carried out in order to solve the tasks set by attracting funds from outside.

What is the difference between investment gold coins?

investing in coins

Investment gold products are issued only on the client’s order. In most cases, its role is played by the Central Bank. If you decide to invest in gold coins, first of all, study their characteristics, namely the year of issue, the nominal value and the issuer.

You may also be provided with additional information, such as the symbol or name of the precious metal, its quantitative content in the product, and the purity of gold. In some cases, the certificate is not included in the delivery package, but this is quite acceptable. Special attention should be paid to copies that are of high quality and produced in small batches. Interest in such coins is shown not only by collectors, but also by investors. As the cost of an instance increases over time, it is quite possible that this investment will be the most profitable for you.

How do I monitor the market before investing money in coins?

Before making a purchase, we recommend that potential investors study the market situation and regularly review forecasts and analytics. This approach will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge in this area, as well as find out what factors can affect the value of gold and foreign currency. A preliminary market analysis is necessary to determine the cost and demand of the selected copies. Show more attention and diligence in this case, so you can find a worthy object for investment and avoid the tricks of scammers.

In the Gold Reserve of each country there is a wide range of investment and collectible gold coins, which are now in high demand in the market. These instances are considered liquid objects even on the secondary market. Below we have listed several options for reliable investments.

The most valuable and expensive gold coin in Ukraine is a copy of 500 UAH., which was released in honor of the final of the EURO 2012 football championship. It is considered the most unique of its kind, its sample is 900, and its weight is 500 grams.

investing money in coins

In Russia, in 2006, the SPMD and MMD enterprises issued a coin – “St. George the Victorious”, the face value of which is 50 rubles. The copy is made of gold with a purity of 900.

“Sower”, which replaced the Nikolaev chervonets, is also made of gold with a purity of 900, but in addition to the precious metal, there are copper impurities.

In Australia, since 1986, they have been making Kangaroo money. There are several weight versions, starting with 1.5 grams and ending with 1 kilogram.

In China, since 1982, they have been producing “Panda”. Its weight is 1 ounce and its nominal value is 500 yuan.

In the UK, the “Black Bull of Clarence” is of particular value. In the composition of gold with a purity of “four nines”.

As you may have noticed, each country has its own unique gold pieces that you can invest your capital in.

Is it profitable to invest in gold coins and where to store them?

You can purchase them in different ways:

  • in numismatic clubs,
  • in banking institutions,
  • from professional dealers,
  • from private collectors.

In any case, the potential buyer should be vigilant and carefully check the seller, as well as the documents that he provides. First of all, when entering into such transactions, it is necessary to ensure the safety and security of your investments. We recommend contacting specialized companies or banking institutions. Only here you can get one hundred percent guarantees. This approach will allow you to protect and secure your investments as much as possible.

investing in coins

If you decide to sell your previously purchased copies in the future, there are three ways to do this::

  • in the bank at the established exchange rate,
  • in a pawnshop at the price of precious metal scrap,
  • via an auction.

Not every bank sells gold coins or is happy to buy the purchased copies back. You may be refused or the price may be significantly reduced if the money is slightly damaged or scratched. In order to be accepted for this investment object, you must provide an identity document. If the coin has been held by its owner for less than three years, taxes must be paid.

Such investments can bring high returns if you provide them with proper storage. It is advisable that no defects appear on the golden object during your stay. There are cases when a person touches a coin with his finger and a difficult-to-remove spot remains on it. Even it can negatively affect the price.

You should worry about how you will store your gold investments in advance. You need to provide them with proper temperature and humidity levels, and protect them from direct sunlight.

What to choose: investment in gold coins or bullion?

investing in gold coins

Modern people invest their capital in both coins and gold bars. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The main difference between assets is their weight. Gold coins are often issued with a weight of one troy ounce. As for ingots, they are usually heavier than a kilogram. If your capital is large enough, you can choose the latter option.

Investing in gold coins has more liquidity than buying bullion, since their value is determined not only by the quantitative content of gold, but also by the numismatic component.

It is also worth considering that the costs that were spent on creating the instance and designing the design also affect the cost.

Investing in precious coins can be called universal. This method of investing money will bring a big profit, but you need to be able to determine the real value and prospects of the object.

Investments in coins should be long-term. Don’t expect instant profits. You will be able to feel a tangible income only after years.

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