National Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Exchange rate on 29.03.2023
National currency Uzbek sum
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The last auction took place 01.10.2022

Exchange rate of Uzbekistan

Cooperation with foreign companies, as well as the implementation of export-import operations, as a rule, depends largely on the exchange rate, in particular on its fluctuations. It is especially important to know the exchange rates of the National Bank of Uzbekistan when carrying out import operations, because when ordering foreign products, all payments are made in the currency of the Seller's country.

However, one should not think that the exchange rates set by the country's central bank are of interest only to foreign trade participants, stockbrokers and employees of logistics organizations. In the life of any person there are everyday situations when he needs to know the official exchange rate on the current date

In what everyday situations you need to know the exchange rate of the National Bank of Uzbekistan? It may be:

  • - purchase of a car from the manufacturer;
  • - vacation abroad;
  • - ordering goods on foreign resources;
  • - accumulation in foreign currency.

Current exchange rate of Uzbekistan today

Information on the exchange rate can be found in different ways - in banks, exchange offices or financial institutions. However, the Internet is the most convenient option. When choosing this option, keep in mind that not all resources are regularly updated and provide reliable information. It is better to look for information about the state of currencies on large sites that have a positive reputation and a good attitude among users.

On our site, we are constantly updating information about exchange rates, so you can be sure of their authenticity. Published data is constantly checked and updated.

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