Rates today 29.03.2023 in The National Bank of Ukraine

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Armenia 29.64

Official course of the yen to to hryvnia in the National Bank of Ukraine

Visitors to our site ENERGY LINE INVEST can get acquainted at any time with the current exchange rate of the yen to to hryvnia in the National Bank of Ukraine. Sales rate of the yen is the price at which a person can buy currency. On this page you can find information about the best, worse, as well as the average rate of sale and purchase of currency.

We have sorted the Australian dollar exchange rates especially for you. order of growth. This means that they will be placed in the top positions themselves advantageous offers from commercial banks. Thanks to our service, everyone the visitor will not only be able to compare the current cost of the yen to to hryvnia, but also choose for the most advantageous terms of purchase and sale of this currency.

If you are tracking the dynamics of exchange rate change, then pay attention to currency chart for today, week, month and year. You can also on our website find information such as course archives of the yen for the latest a few years. Our site will help you view the dynamics every day increase and decrease the cost, and be aware of how much it costs currency.

Our moderators update this information regularly. As data sources are the official websites of banking institutions. If you If you are going to buy currency, you must take into account the next point - banks can change course during the day, so check this information in advance phone