Features and advantages of technical electricity metering


Any enterprise needs energy management, but for this purpose the manager needs to take care of data automation and technical accounting of electric energy. For the organization of complex commercial and technical accounting of basic energy resources, such as heat, water, gas and electricity, a special software product must be installed at this facility.

ENERGY LINE INVEST Engineering company provides energy accounting automation services for industrial enterprises. The company is engaged in the integration of PC collection, processing and monitoring of energy processes “Energocenter” ™. With the help of this software, consumers will be able to analyze and control energy consumption. You can get this information daily. In addition, the report is presented for individual connection points and branches, as well as for the entire enterprise. This software package is designed for:

  • simplified formation of commercial information – at this stage, the main and auxiliary commercial documents are created, including invoices for consumed electric energy,
  • monitoring of electricity consumption modes at individual nodes, units at certain hours, as well as at the entire enterprise,
  • remote technological monitoring of the operation of the enterprise based on meter readings and other similar devices – the system will show when and how the workshop or node worked,
  • formation of complex analytics – for effective use of devices designed for cooling, heating, and humidification, you will need information about the indoor and outdoor air temperature, humidity level, and so on.,
  • collecting primary information about the loads of aggregates and units at the enterprise – at this stage, comparative tables are created, the efficiency of the units is analyzed, as well as the quality parameters of the energy resource at a certain point,
  • detailed calculation of the cost of goods produced on the production line, taking into account the utilization and optimization of energy resources,
  • monitoring the efficiency of energy use, starting with the control of switching on electrical appliances and ending with automatic control of energy saving,
  • application of monitoring elements for various processes, such as opening doors, switching switches, and much more,
  • sending control commands that can be performed manually not only on the metering device, but also on the control device.

The main functionality of technical accounting includes::

  • collection and storage of readings from devices installed at the enterprise at the request of the power company,
  • collect data from additional channels, such as meters or flow meters, to which you can connect technical metering devices and other necessary equipment,
  • collect data from pulse adders, you can enable from 1 to 512 channels,
  • monitor devices that are connected via analog and digital input.

Advantages that the company receives from the implementation of the above-mentioned complex:

  • automatic monitoring of electricity consumption by the hour using current collectors in operation,
  • monitoring the load schedule of the consumer’s electrical installations during maximum loads, as well as for the current day, month or year,
  • monitoring the operation of the measuring system,
  • maintaining the balance of electricity distribution by the client’s networks,
  • creating a technical load schedule, etc.

To ensure fast tracking of energy resource costs, it is necessary to synchronize with various financial software and other management systems that are installed in your enterprise. To view data and generate reports over the global network, the user is asked to install a special Web interface.

Full automation makes it possible not only to reduce the cost of electricity consumption, but also to predict its consumption.

ENERGY LINE INVEST helps to organize and perform works related to the conversion, modernization, and operation of measuring complexes and systems, such as ASTOE/ASKOE. This company offers high-quality services in energy audit, energy efficiency analysis, starting with data collection and processing and ending with their full implementation.

By installing ASTOE and ASKOE at the enterprise, you will be able to significantly reduce energy consumption in production, which will reduce the cost of production and increase the profitability of your business. These complexes will allow you to get a forecast for resource consumption based on technical accounting located on production lines. You will also have the option to start or disable nodes.

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