How much does a million dollars weigh?

сколько весит миллион долларов

If you often watch American movies, you probably noticed that kidnappers demand a ransom in small bills. Have you ever wondered how much one million dollars weighs? Thanks to simple mathematical calculations, we can easily solve this problem. First of all, you should understand the reason for this requirement. Small bills are much easier to sell, they will simply get lost in the cash flow. The most popular banknote in almost all countries is considered to be a hundred dollars. Many US residents count money exclusively in the hundreds.

Travelers and people who come to this country for the first time are lost when the local population voices prices, for example, they do not say a thousand dollars, but say ten hundred. You will have to learn how to translate this information into more familiar numbers, or learn to think like an American.

Do you know how much a $ 100 bill weighs? This banknote has a mass of only 1 gram. This figure is very convenient for further calculations. It is worth noting that regardless of the denomination, a dollar bill will always weigh 1 gram. If you decide to weigh the bill yourself, you will get a weight with minor deviations of a few hundredths of a gram. Thus, we get that a pack containing 100 banknotes will weigh 100 grams, which is ten thousand dollars. A million dollars in 100 dollar bills is one hundred such bundles. As a result of mathematical calculations, we get only 10 kilograms.

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