How to become a citizen of Georgia?

как стать гражданином грузии

A few years ago, to go to Georgia under the investment program for permanent residence, it was enough to make investments in the amount of 35 thousand dollars, but then at the peak of popularity there were completely different ways. Since 2019, significant changes have been made to the law defining the legal status of stateless persons and migrants. Currently, the investment limit has been increased to 100 thousand dollars, and a residence permit is granted for only one year. Previously, investments in the business sector gave the right to get permanent residence, and in 10 years to become a full citizen of this country. Entrepreneurs had to invest at least 300 thousand lari or more than 100 thousand dollars. Now the investment amount is 300 thousand dollars, and the residence permit is given only for five years. Then the foreigner or stateless person must re-apply for a residence permit.

You should also take into account the turnover of the company in which you are going to invest. It must be at least 50 thousand dollars in the first year, 100 thousand dollars in the second year, and in the future it will be more than 120 thousand per year. You will be able to get Georgian citizenship only after 10 years.

How do I get Georgian citizenship?

This country is known for its magnificent landscapes, beautiful nature and warm climate. Many residents of the former Soviet Union would like not only to come to Georgia as a tourist, but also to stay here forever. It is quite possible to get Georgian citizenship, if you take this event seriously. Surnames of Slavic origin will not sound as exotic in this country as, for example, in southern European countries or on the Caribbean Islands. If you have long dreamed of moving to Georgia, we advise you not to miss the opportunity to do so. Every year, the government tightens the rules for obtaining Russian citizenship.

Many entrepreneurs also pay attention to this country, since it has moderate taxation and several free economic zones.

How to get Georgian citizenship: methods

citizenship of georgia

Every foreigner should understand that to obtain a Georgian passport, their desire alone will not be enough. You need to provide good reasons or reasons why you should be granted a residence permit. There are several ways to apply for a residence permit:

  • Naturalization.This term refers to obtaining citizenship on a general basis, that is, a person must live in the territory of this state for at least ten years.There is a more simplified version, it is suitable for those foreigners who have entered into an official marriage with Georgian citizens.In this case, you must have lived in the country for five years.In some cases, the President of the country may make an exception.Such exemptions are allowed if the migrant has made a significant contribution to the development of the state.
  • Birth on the territory of this state.If one of the parents has a Georgian passport or the child was born in this country to foreigners, then he can count on obtaining Georgian citizenship by birth.If a child was abandoned by his parents and their identity was not established, but he was found on Georgian soil, then he automatically becomes a citizen of this country.
  • Investment program.A foreigner must contribute capital in the amount of 300 thousand dollars to the country’s economy.You should understand that this contribution is non-refundable.
  • Entering into an official marriage.If a foreigner has registered a relationship with a Georgian citizen, they will be able to obtain a residence permit for a period of two years.After this time, a migrant can apply for Georgian citizenship online using the simplified system.
  • Work or start your own business.Georgia is very popular among tourists, so many migrants go to this country to open restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. To work in Georgia, you need to get a residence permit, and then start applying for citizenship.
  • Higher education.Foreign students have the right to study only in those higher educational institutions that have passed state accreditation.For the duration of education, a migrant receives a residence permit.After being awarded a diploma, the graduate can find a job in Georgia and become a candidate for citizenship.
  • Purchase of real estate.In this case, the property must be owned by you for at least 5 years.After that, you can apply for a passport of this country.
  • Reuniting with relatives.This method is only suitable for those cases when you are sure that you can prove the existence of family ties between you and your family members who are citizens of Georgia.

What are the conditions for granting Georgian citizenship to Ukrainians, Russians and other residents of the former Soviet Union?

If you came to Georgia from a country that is part of the former Soviet Union, you may need the following requirements to obtain a Georgian passport::

  • the migrant must have a residence permit and must have lived in the country for five years,
  • applicants for citizenship must know the state language,
  • you must pass an exam in which you must show how well you know the history, traditions, customs and laws of this state,
  • Your official income must be at least $ 400 per month.

How to get Georgian citizenship for a citizen of Ukraine and other countries: algorithm

georgia citizenship

To become a citizen of this country, you need to collect a package of documents in advance. The entire list can be divided into two groups. The first list will be required in any case, and the second list represents the papers that are needed in a particular situation. It all depends on how you want to get citizenship.

The standard list includes photos, an application, a foreign passport, a residence permit, a notarized copy of your birth certificate, a certificate from work about your salary, a certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record, recommendations from citizens of Georgia and the employer, and a receipt for payment of state duty.

In some cases, the Georgian authorities may request additional documents, including a real estate purchase and sale agreement, documents about your family, education certificates, etc.

If you have already lived in this country for the required period of time, you have the right to apply and become a full citizen of Georgia. First, you need to collect your documents. To know the specific list of papers, you should contact the House of Justice of Georgia.

Your procedure should be as follows. First of all, you need to submit an application and provide the entire package of necessary documents. The application must be officially registered. After that, you will be invited to take a test, during which you must show your knowledge of not only the Georgian language, but also the laws and culture of this country. The decision will be made by a specially created commission. She will check your documents, take the exam, and announce her decision. You can get either approval or rejection. The final decision is made by the President of the country, he must take into account the opinion of the commission and have his say.

Thanks to the development of technology, you can apply online. The applicant fills out the form and attaches scanned versions of the documents. You can also send your application by mail. The document must be printed, signed and sent to the relevant authorities. If you receive a positive response, you can immediately apply for a Georgian passport. This procedure can also be performed over a wide area network. In 5-7 days, you will become a happy owner of a Georgian passport.

How to get dual citizenship in Georgia for residents of Ukraine, Russia or Kazakhstan?

Georgian citizenship for Ukrainians

The most optimal way is to obtain citizenship through marriage. It is also possible to restore your rights if you were born in the territory of this country. If you have accumulated a large sum of money, you can easily and quickly get a Georgian passport through the investment program.

Many people already understand that dual citizenship of Georgia can bring them a number of advantages. This procedure can be attributed to a reasonable investment in your future. In modern conditions, when there are political scandals, economic crises, military conflicts, etc. everywhere, successful businessmen take care in advance that they and their families have a backup option. They apply for citizenship in another country, thereby reducing possible risks.

Dual citizenship of Georgia can be obtained in different ways. We discussed them above. But the fastest and easiest way is to invest a substantial amount in the country’s economy. It is worth noting that such conditions are offered only by some States. Now they compete with each other, providing potential applicants for citizenship with the most favorable conditions.

How to get Georgian citizenship for a citizen of Ukraine?

The Georgian Parliament has made a number of amendments to the Law “On Citizenship”, according to which economic citizenship was approved. In fact, this scheme has some similarities with the Austrian system. Thus, investors who have made a significant contribution to the country’s economy will be able to get a Georgian passport. The Georgian scheme differs from other standard programs because it has clearly defined requirements and conditions.

They also changed the length of the naturalization period. Now migrants need to stay in the country twice as long. Of course, you can use other methods to obtain dual citizenship of Georgia and Ukraine.

Foreigners who have obtained citizenship are required to take the oath of office. It must be said in the official language. A citizen must swear that he will protect the country and respect the culture, customs and traditions of Georgia.

The President of a country may grant citizenship to individuals in exceptional cases. The Commission takes into account various circumstances. If a migrant considers Georgia their Homeland, their ancestors or they lived in this territory, but were forced to emigrate for political or economic reasons, then they can approve the application. The Government also considers cases where a foreign investor has contributed a large sum to the country’s economy. If you have excellent achievements in the field of culture, art, science or sports, then you can try your luck. However, despite your achievements, you must know the history and laws of Georgia, as well as speak Georgian fluently.

Can I buy dual citizenship in Georgia?

Georgian citizenship for Russians

Despite the fact that this country has a fairly affordable system of obtaining a residence permit, by purchasing real estate, investing in the economy, working or studying, many migrants still want to” buy “a Georgian passport in a “gray” way.

It is worth noting that immigration agents value their reputation and strictly follow the law, so they refuse to help such applicants. This situation is used by scammers who are always willing to make money on naive immigrants. If you do not want to be left without money and a Georgian passport, it is better not to apply for such services.

Dual citizenship has a number of advantages, including visa-free Schengen. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to get Georgian citizenship, do not miss your chance.

In what cases can you be denied citizenship?

If you have lived in the territory for the specified time and submitted an application, this does not mean that it will definitely be approved. You may be denied this procedure in the following cases::

  • You are wanted by international law enforcement agencies,
  • You have committed a number of crimes,
  • You are a threat to State security,
  • You are in some way connected with the armed forces and intelligence services of other States.

Advantages of obtaining a Georgian passport

how to get georgian citizenship

If you get Georgian citizenship, you can get access to 160 countries. You don’t have to apply for a visa to visit them. The main advantage of a Georgian passport is free access to many European countries. You can:

  • keep your passport for yourself, since dual citizenship is allowed in this country,
  • get access to various services in the country, such as loans, business, education,
  • free to buy real estate and land.

If the parents have dual citizenship, for example, Georgia and Ukraine, then the children born in marriage will also be citizens of both countries.

Georgia is famous for its high-quality and useful products, the sea and mountains, a good climate, and a high standard of living compared to the countries of the former Soviet Union. Taxes are much lower here, and doing business is much easier. Georgia is the only country that has a free economic zone for concluding trade deals with Hong Kong and China.

Excellent conditions have been created for representatives of the IT sector. Developers, programmers, designers and other professionals in this industry can easily find a job. You can organize your business and manage it remotely, using Internet banking and services of third-party companies that deal with accounting and tax management.

How can I renounce my Georgian citizenship?

renouncing Georgian citizenship

If necessary, you can apply to the relevant authorities for this procedure. Your application will be reviewed within a few days. You may be refused in the following cases::

  • You have not fulfilled your obligations to the country,
  • they did not fulfill their military duties.

The latter rule is not presented to those citizens who have been released from military service or have a deferral. Also, the refusal of Georgian citizenship is not accepted if you have violated the law and must be punished.

If you need a certificate confirming that you are not a citizen of Georgia, then you should contact the House of Justice. If a person is located outside of this country, they can submit a request to the Consulate of Georgia or send the application and all necessary documents directly to the President of the country. It should be noted that the application and documentation package must be in the official language. If you have documents in another language, then take care of their high-quality translation and notarization. You can renounce your citizenship in person, or ask for help from another person to whom you will issue a power of attorney. You can fill out an application for renouncing citizenship online on the official Internet resource of the House of Justice of Georgia. If your application has been approved, you can immediately request an appropriate certificate, which will be required by the foreign migration services.

Do citizens of other countries need to inform about obtaining Georgian citizenship?

If you were lucky enough to get a Georgian passport, you should also take into account the legislation of your country. In this case, the laws of Russia and Ukraine oblige citizens to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs about any changes in citizenship. To provide this information, you must personally visit this state organization or send your documents by mail.

From the moment of registration of dual citizenship, you must inform about the receipt of a Georgian passport within the next two months. If you are abroad, you should notify the relevant authorities within one month as soon as you cross the territorial borders.

Copies of both passports must be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a standard application must be completed. If the papers are submitted by a person who is under the age of 18, then you will also need a birth certificate.

If you do not promptly notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the existence of a second citizenship, then you will have to be punished for violating the law. This can be a fine or correctional labor.

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