How to save electricity at home

экономить электроэнергию дома

Saving natural resources is an incomprehensible expression for a Soviet person. During the Soviet era, utility bills cost pennies. In our time, everything is completely different, the communal apartment sometimes very significantly reduces the family budget. Therefore, apartment owners try to save on almost everything, saving electricity at home, for example, can significantly reduce monthly payments.

How to save on electricity?

There are actually many ways to save electricity at home that not everyone knows about. For example, try setting up a counter with 2 or 3 tariffs. This is the easiest way to reduce costs.

Two-tariff appliances will help save electricity for owners of apartments or small cottages where dishwashers and washing machines used at night are installed. After midnight, the night tariff for energy consumption is activated. Depending on the region of residence, it is possible to save electricity at home up to 70%.

If your home has a boiler for heating water, then this type of equipment will allow you to reduce your energy costs as much as possible, the built-in timer will automatically turn off the equipment after 7 am.

Competent use of household appliances at night allows you to save electricity at home in large quantities.

Tri-band devices will reduce energy consumption at different time intervals, and the equipment provides different time modes. Among the main advantages of such counters are:

  • automatic use of electricity during the minimum tariff period;
  • provided that the load is properly distributed on the device, its cost will pay off very quickly;
  • the equipment is guaranteed to be protected from third-party attacks;
  • it is possible to use remote transmission via communication channels.

Three-tariff electricity meters will be especially beneficial for those who consume a lot of electricity during the day. The equipment takes into account peak loads that occur in the morning and evening, when fares are significantly increased. If you do not take into account temporary tariffs, then you will not be able to save electricity in the house.

Replace the incandescent bulbs with energy-saving ones, but don’t forget to turn them off when you’re not using them. Choose lighting devices that will be the most profitable for you in terms of energy consumption. If you replace all the appliances in the house with ordinary light bulbs with LED ones, the savings will be noticeable. If you compare incandescent lamps with LED ones, electricity consumption is reduced up to eight times.

Install motion sensors in your home or backyard to help reduce energy consumption. These sensors only respond to people, ignoring animals. Install motion sensors at a short distance from each other, they will respond as a person moves, which will significantly reduce your costs.

save electricity at home

Similar devices can also be installed inside an apartment or house. They are triggered when a person appears in the room, turning on the light. As soon as you go out, the lights immediately turn off. Due to the fact that lighting devices do not work constantly, energy savings at home can be significant.

Use solar-powered lamps to illuminate the garden in a private house. These lamps do not need to be connected to the power grid, in addition, the connection does not require wires and installation work, which also saves you money.

Such batteries accumulate solar energy during the day, and at night they perfectly illuminate the territory. The devices can be charged efficiently even in cloudy weather, it only takes 3-4 hours, and they work continuously for up to 10 hours. At the same time, lighting devices have a built-in motion sensor that responds to the approach of a person, which allows you to increase energy savings at home.

Make it a rule to turn off appliances that are not used in your home

Check all electrical appliances in your own home, see how many appliances you have connected and are in standby mode. Washing machine or dishwasher, microwave, TV. Each device consumes a little energy when it is turned off, but all together they significantly affect your budget. Turn off all appliances when you are not using them.

How to save electricity in the apartment while cooking?

In the process of cooking food, we spend, without noticing, a large amount of electricity. But even in this case, there are some tricks that allow you to save money:

  • defrost food naturally, without using a microwave oven;
  • do not fill the kettle with water to the top, fill as much as you need at the moment;
  • when cooking something, do not open the lid of the pot or pan often, so as not to lose heat;
  • if possible, cook using gas, in a private house use a barbecue, for example;
  • if your electric stove has a smooth power adjustment, use the minimum value.At maximum power, you will spend a lot of electricity, but you will not cook the dish faster;
  • choose dishes for cooking with a flat bottom.If it fits as tightly as possible to the stove, it heats up faster.The bottom should be the same as the hotplate or slightly larger.

How to save electricity in a private house?

how to save energy at home

Most owners of houses in the country and cottages that use electric boilers or boilers in their daily life claim that they cannot save on electricity. However, this is not so, you just need to properly organize the heating and hot water supply system.

First, you need to insulate the walls of the building using thermal insulation materials. A well-insulated house does not require much energy to keep the heat inside.

Some use additional batteries in the heating system. Such equipment operates in different modes. At night, for example, energy is consumed at the minimum rate. When the heating system is running, the battery accumulates additional energy, which it gives to the heating system during the day. At the same time, the system does not consume expensive electricity during the day, it works in automatic mode.

You can reduce the amount of supply air in the ventilation system, set a preset temperature regime, select two-circuit boilers for the boiler with a system of reinforced thermal insulation to maintain the water temperature, etc. Such activities are effective ways to save energy.

Saving on the right equipment

Buy modern appliances and household appliances that use efficient energy-saving technologies in your home.

You can buy an electric heater with a built-in thermostat and fan as an additional heating element. Add special heat reflectors to wall-mounted appliances that can raise the room temperature by a couple of degrees.

Every home has a refrigerator, so everyone should know how to save on electricity in this case. Place the refrigerator away from heating devices, in the coldest part of the room, and keep it clean at all times.

Disconnect the TV from the mains when not in use, and place the device in a dark corner so that the light from the window does not fall on the screen. This will allow you to choose the minimum screen brightness, which will save on energy. Use the turn-off and turn-on timer.

Load washing machines and dishwashers according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, otherwise they may consume more energy.

If you take each household appliance separately, the savings will be minimal, but if you take them into account in a complex, you will save decently.

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