How to Verify Charity Organizations: Tips and Tools


If you’re going to donate to a charity, it’s important to know how to verify it. Fraudsters often use the name of non-existent funds or newly registered ones, so it is important to inquire about the activity and existence of the fund. If you are considering donating to the “HAPPY CHILD” charity fund, you can find out about its reliability and operation using the DataUA portal.
How to check a charity fund? First of all, it will be useful to ask about the period of activity of the fund. If the foundation was established recently, it is worth considering how reliable and efficient it is in its activities before making large donations. If you plan to support a new fund, make sure you trust it unconditionally.
The third question concerns the location and registration of the charitable foundation. Donating to local organizations can be more successful, as they usually direct the funds raised to projects in a specific region or country. In addition, you should check where the foundation is registered, as this may indicate its legitimacy and activity.
Of course, first of all, you will want to find an online presence of this fund in a search engine or on social networks. This is the right start, because foundations responsible to society and benefactors publish there information about their work, thanks from those who have helped, financial reports and other legal documents. But this can be a problem, because nowadays you can create a site and copy documents in one weekend. How to understand that you are working with a real fund and not a fake one?
Portals based on open government data can be a useful tool for checking charitable foundations. Since all funds must disclose part of their data upon registration, and according to the law of Ukraine, this data must be publicly available, this is a good way to check the reality of a given fund. They provide convenient access to information for ordinary users, collect and analyze data. For example, the DataUA portal provides an opportunity to learn more about the “HAPPY CHILD” BF. To do this, it is enough to enter the name of the portal or the number in the registry and find the necessary information.
In this way, you can find information about a legal entity (charitable foundations are just legal entities) and about an individual entrepreneur that has ever been registered in Ukraine. Remember that you should always check the information before making important decisions.

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