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Search for legal entities by regions on the open data portal ENERGY LINE INVEST

Any business partnership needs information transparency. This means that each partner will look for reliable information about the counterparty. As they say, trust, but check. Nowadays, it is not difficult to check a potential partner, as this information is publicly available in the unified state register of legal entities and individuals. This is a very large source of information, which contains the main basis for finding legal entities in the regions.

The open data portal ENERGY LINE INVEST has expanded these capabilities, and so that users do not have to move from resource to resource, has collected all the information about the areas of this section. You can be sure that the data is accurate, because all the information found is verified. Its sources are:

  • open databases of tax services;
  • license register;
  • Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine.

Thanks to our service you will save time searching for information about your partner, and you will not have to check it. ENERGY LINE INVEST provides the most complete and up-to-date information, based on which you can assess the likelihood of financial risks, and make a final decision on cooperation with a particular partner.

The open data portal ENERGY LINE INVEST uses only official information taken from the register of legal entities. You can use the data obtained on our website to make decisions within your company, and in other cases that may appear in the workflow.