The most expensive advertising in the world

самая дорогая в мире реклама

Most global brands are actively fighting for leadership in their segment. And what is the best way to attract customers? Of course, through advertising. Regardless of whether it is shown on television, in a movie theater, or on street screens, advertising should be well thought out and placed in a favorable form. However, before thinking about a good advertising space, you need to consider production costs. And they can be quite high. What are company owners willing to do to make their brand famous? For example, the Chinese mega-corporation Melco Crown Entertainment paid about 70 million euros for an expensive advertisement for its Studio City hotel in Macau. Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese starred in the video for this money. The stellar line-up attracted the attention of most customers for a long time.

In this article, we will tell you about the most expensive commercials in the world ever shot for all time. Many corporations that want to overtake their competitors have to reckon with millions of dollars in costs.

Chanel N ° 5, 2004

The Chanel brand is automatically associated with luxury, and so the fashion company spared no expense and effort when it came to advertising its legendary Fragrance No. 5. The commercial for this fragrance starred Nicole Kidman in the title role.

Cost: about $ 42 million.

Guinness, 2007

Beer brands spend huge amounts of money on their advertising campaigns every now and then. For example, the Irish beer producer Guinness video “Village of giant dominoes” cost almost $ 20 million.

Chrysler, 2011

In 2011, Chrysler invited Eminem to shoot an expensive commercial. The video was shot in Detroit, where Eminem grew up.

Cost: approximately $ 12.4 million.

Carlton Draft, 2005

Australian beer producer Carlton Draft has made a video called “Big Ad”. In it, we see a bird’s-eye view of the clash between beer lovers and those who already drink it. Carlton Draft made this ad very expensive and impressed with beautiful special effects.

Cost: approximately $ 9 million.

Pepsi, 2002

Britney Spears and Pepsi: An Endless Love Story. There are many commercials in which the American pop star advertises a sweet drink company, but Pepsi has remained the most memorable for young people.

Cost: approximately $ 7.5 million.

Ferrari and Shell, 2008

As a result of the collaboration between two large companies, Ferrari and Shell, another luxury commercial has appeared. It shows a round-the-world trip: a Ferrari racing car drives through the most beautiful streets in the world, and then stops at Shell for refueling. The most expensive factor in this ad, of course, was the way to get to the location.

Cost: approximately $ 3.9 million.

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