The most expensive house in the world

самый шикарный дом в мире

A person is always surprised by wealth and luxury, in particular, if it concerns movable and immovable property. In this article, you will learn about the most luxurious house in the world and will be able to share this information with your friends.

Everyone needs a place where they can rest and put their thoughts in order. Someone has enough of their own personal account, a comfortable living room or kitchen, and someone prefers options of global scale. If a person has money, then why should he deny himself this pleasure?

Journalists often introduce us to the news that some famous person has purchased a “small” house for himself. Moreover, the price can reach 10-20 million dollars or euros. In some cases, its value varies from 60 to 80 million. As for billionaires, they can emphasize their prestige and status by buying a mansion or castle located in the UK. Often, the price of this acquisition can reach 200 million. However, all these figures pale in comparison with the cost of the masterpiece that you will learn about today.

What does the most luxurious house in the world look like?

the most luxurious house in the world

This small-looking lodge is located in the mountains of Switzerland. It was built to order, and the most expensive house in the world price reaches 12.2 billion dollars. What’s so special about it? The house has a relatively small area, only 800 square meters. Its territory reaches 2.5 hectares. The garage is designed for 4 cars. On the territory there is also a large swimming pool, an incredible wine cellar. And, of course, imagine what a dizzying view opens up to the Alpine mountains. It is worth noting that an ordinary home that costs only 10 million can have much more advantages. What’s the catch, and why is this house worth so much? More than 200 tons of precious metals were spent on the construction of this house, including:

  • gold,
  • platinum,
  • silver.

What can you see inside the richest house in the world?

the most expensive house in the world price

Part of the interior decoration of this house is made of natural meteorite, the other part – from the bones of dinosaurs that once lived on our planet. The house was built for more than 5 years. And the owner’s name is kept secret.

Many people do not understand who needed such a house and why, if information about its inhabitants is kept secret, because in most cases such purchases are made for PR. And, of course, we are sure that you would like to visit such an amazing and incredible house.

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