The most expensive yachts in the world

яхта за 4 миллиарда

While the stars of show business compete in the inimitability, beauty and cost of outfits, the rich confirm their prestige in other ways. You will find out exactly which ones in this article.

The obvious proof of wealth is the presence of a yacht. For rich people, it is not just a means of transportation, they create real houses on the water, receive guests, and also arrange stunning large-scale parties. Yachts demonstrate the success and opportunities of the world’s richest people. Almost every rich person has a yacht, someone has it simple, and someone with all sorts of excesses.

Do you know what a $ 5 billion yacht looks like? The most expensive yacht in the world is the History Supreme, it has a length of 30 meters and does not particularly differ in its dimensions. However, the cost of the yacht for 4 billion 800 thousand dollars, makes it the most expensive on the planet. What is the value of the yacht, maybe it is gold?

a $ 5 billion yacht

The yacht is really golden, over 100 tons of this metal were spent on its coating. As for the interior decoration, expensive dinosaur bones and meteorite fragments were used here. The owner of the yacht is the richest man in Asia-billionaire Robert Quoc.

In second place is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich with his Eclipse. The acquisition has a value of $ 1.2 billion. It is popularly known as Abramovich’s yacht. A million dollar yacht has everything you need for living and entertainment:

  • bedroom and not one, but as many as 12;
  • there are 11 cozy cabins at your disposal;
  • own dance floor;
  • swimming pools and sports ground;
  • cinema;
  • helicopter landing area;
  • a submarine.

the most expensive yachts in the world

The next leader in the list of expensive water transport is the yacht “Dubai”. By the name, you can immediately understand that its owner is a sheikh from the United Arab Emirates. Representatives of the UAE, thanks to its huge oil reserves, are always awash in money. For $ 350 million, you can buy a yacht with a length of up to 200 meters. It has an original design and everything you need for a luxurious life. It has swimming pools, helicopter pads, Jacuzzis, elevators, guest cabins, dining rooms, etc., made with oriental luxury.

If a person has the opportunity to purchase such a yacht, which is estimated at hundreds of millions or several billion dollars, then he can afford a lot, including the purchase of the most expensive motorcycles, watches, exclusive car models and much more.

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