What determines the price of 1 kW of electricity for industrial enterprises?


One of the main obligations of the NCREC is to determine the policy in accordance with which electricity tariffs will be set. It is worth noting that the pricing principles for industrial enterprises and for residents of Ukraine are very different. Entrepreneurs have to pay for the electricity used using a special method.

The company’s costs for electricity consumed directly depend on the provider of these services. An important role in this case is played by the type of business activity and the goals for which energy resources are needed. On our information and analytical portal, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the current prices for 1 kW of electric energy for legal entities. We receive this information from reliable sources.

Rates for entrepreneurs may differ for the following reasons:

  •        location,
  •        the price for 1 kilowatt is reviewed quarterly,
  •        belonging to the first or second class.

Why do I need to divide it into classes?

The first group includes customers who consume 150 million kWh or more per year and are supplied with energy resources from a provider with a voltage exceeding 27.5 kilowatts.

The second category includes companies that purchase electricity with a voltage of less than 27.5 kilowatts.

Entrepreneurs should now take measures to reduce their electricity costs. This recommendation applies to those enterprises whose costs have a strong impact on the cost of goods produced, as well as on the efficiency and competitiveness of the business as a whole.

In the old energy market, providers set different tariffs – single-rate and differentiated. The latter rate was considered the most optimal and financially advantageous for the industrial sector. As for single-rate tariffs, entrepreneurs are forced to pay for each kilowatt, while the time of day did not play any role. To pay bills at a differentiated rate, the company manager had to install a special measuring device. Since the beginning of 2019, the differentiation of tariffs for enterprises has been canceled.

How is the cost per 1 kW of energy resources calculated for the industrial sector?

The universal price for 1 kilowatt of electricity includes the purchase price, OPS services, the share of the supplier and the percentage of the distribution system operator. The formula was developed by the NCREC and takes into account all the above-mentioned elements.

Experts of our country believe that legal entities should not wait for various kinds of exemptions. Starting in 2021, the cost of this type of resource will only increase. At the same time, they believe that the growth rate will be about 10% per year. According to the Government of Ukraine, the introduction of a new market model will improve the country’s economy as a whole, as well as bring the energy industry to the global market indicators. Business leaders should be concerned about the profitability of their business and the company’s energy efficiency. To reduce costs, it is recommended to perform mandatory measures such as energy management and energy audit. In the near future, these services will be in great demand and popularity. Upon completion of the multi-tariff settlement project, legal entities will receive the optimal price for energy resources.

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