What is the price of planet Earth?

цена планеты земля

Have you ever wondered how much our planet can cost? Scientists decided to investigate this issue under the guidance of astrophysicist Gren Laughlin. In the course of this work, they determined not only the value of the planet Earth, but also the price of other celestial bodies, the number of which exceeds 11 thousand. The amount could be affected by the following characteristics:

  • temperature range,
  • age,
  • weight,
  • mineral composition,
  • livability, etc.

It is worth noting that the latter parameter could have greatly affected the final financial calculations.

Cost of Planet Earth

After calculations, clever manipulations and applications of various formulas, the price for our planet was determined. Its cost is $ 5 quadrillion, which is hard to imagine in rubles. This figure will sound unusual for ordinary people. On the letter, the quadrillion is represented as a digit with 15 zeros, that is, as a result, we get $5000000000000000.

A quadrillion can be obtained from the sum of a million billion or a thousand trillion. It is also worth noting that the value of Land is equal to the GDP of all states taken together for 150 years. What can I buy with this money? Buying 125 billion kilograms of gold or 5,000 well-known companies like Apple or Microsoft will cost exactly this amount. Each of these organizations is worth about $ 1 trillion.

Can anyone pay the price of Land in the world? The answer is quite simple: if we sum up all the money in circulation on our entire planet, we will get an amount that is almost 80 times less than the price of our “house”. If you know what a trillion dollars visually looks like, then increase this money pile by 5 thousand times.

Just for fun, let’s find out how much the planet will cost in another currency, for example, in UAH. At the time of writing, the dollar exchange rate was 28 UAH. As a result of simple manipulations, we get 123 quadrillion. To accumulate this amount, the population of Ukraine will need to work continuously and engage in production for 5 thousand years.

cost of planet earth

Other planets are not particularly valuable because they are not suitable for life. Among them, Mars is considered the most expensive. However, its cost is not more than 15 thousand dollars. Venus, which is located next door, was generally estimated at zero cost. If scientists still doubt that there can be living beings or microorganisms on Mars, then the absence of life on Venus is completely confirmed. Thus, it is not of interest to people.

Many people are not familiar with the planet Koi 326.01 after calculations, its cost was about 250 billion dollars. Another planet with similar parameters as the Earth, was estimated at 150 thousand dollars.

Why do we need these calculations, or is Planet Earth for sale?

Many people may find it strange that scientists waste their time on useless research. However, these people have a different opinion. They believe that thanks to such calculations, if new planets are discovered, they will be able to determine the significance of this discovery. And the cost of a celestial body will help you understand whether further research of this planet is required. If the price of a planet does not exceed $ 90 million, then there is no point in spending time studying it, since it is completely useless for humans. All attention needs to be shifted to planets that have similar characteristics to Earth. Thus, our planet is the most expensive.

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