How much money is there in the world?

сколько денег в мире

Have you ever wondered how many dollars there are in the world? In this case, we mean cash. How many were printed and minted? As for electronic bills, the amounts that accumulate there are much higher than the number of crisp bills.

What does the biggest money in the world look like?

the biggest money in the world

Currently, money from all over the world is represented in the form of more than 150 currencies of various countries. The most popular and popular ones are

  • dollars,
  • yen,
  • RMB,
  • euro.

They occupy about 70 percent of the financial market.

Who has the world’s money?

money from all over the world

The youngest currency is the euro. It was put into circulation in early 2002. To date, the amount that has been printed is over $ 60 trillion. If all these funds are divided among all the inhabitants of the planet, then each person will receive 10 thousand dollars.

According to statistics, 70-80% of these funds are in the hands of a small number of people. Other people have to enjoy the leftovers. If you count them, it comes out to about 2 thousand dollars per person.

It is worth noting that over the past decade, the number of dollar bills has almost doubled. This means that the US has issued as much money in 10 years as it was issued in the previous century.

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