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Verification of economic entities using the online service ENERGY LINE INVEST

Many countries are actively developing Open Data, a concept that states that certain data sets should be freely available without licenses, copyright or other controls. Open data can come from many sources, but most data are published by government agencies. When citizens register private entrepreneur or any legal entity , they interact with the state in the form of auctions, issue licenses, pay taxes or sue each other - the state authorities are obliged to collect this information, systematize and submit to free access. The reports of state organizations and ministries are also included - the tax reports on budget revenues, the city and rural authorities show the expenditures for improvement, etc. Many of these data sets are very large and inconvenient for ordinary users. Therefore, it is better to use other portals based on these data. This is the portal of ENERGY LINE INVEST. We collect open data and provide it in a user-friendly form. Here you can find any legal entity or entrepreneur , which are registered in Ukraine. This information will be useful to you if you:
  • an entrepreneur who wants to find out information about a contractor quickly and for free;
  • a journalist looking for accessible information about business and state-owned companies;
  • a regular user who wants to know from whom you are buying a product or service;
  • looking for a job and want to know more about the company before the interview.
What questions can our service answer?:
  • Is there a company? Is a private entrepreneur active?
  • Registration date, current status and closing date?
  • What activities can an organization or private individual conduct?
  • How can I get in touch?
  • Who manages the legal entity? Who owns a legal entity?
  • Is there a tax debt or a salary debt?
  • What are the profits for the last few years? What are the lawsuits?
  • Did the company bid in the Prozorro system? Who did you interact with? What services did you provide?
  • What tax system does the entity use?

Why should businesses check information about contractors?

In today's business environment, auditing bodies have become increasingly interested in the company's work with its contractors. Accountants and lawyers are already accustomed to the fact that the tax service and commercial banks focus on the company's counterparties. If the tax service cooperates with one-day firms, banks interfere in contracts with counterparties and require an explanation. If such cooperation is detected, the tax service may deduct costs and add taxes, which is often the case. And banks refuse to provide services and disconnect from Internet banking. If the interaction occurred with a "toxic" counterparty, the company may be considered an accomplice to the crime. Therefore, before concluding the agreement you need to check the counterparty. In this way, you will be able to reduce the following risks:
  • tax risk;
  • blocking the bank account;
  • loss from interaction.
In addition, the debts of counterparties can lead to:
  • loss of reputation;
  • untimely provision of services;
  • legal sanctions;
  • entry in the corruption register.
After all, you should be wary of such a counterparty, as it may not pay the bills issued to it or not fulfill its obligations to provide services in part.

Who else can benefit from open data?

The emergence of a large array of available information has radically changed the approach to journalism. Such changes are due to the fact that direct communication with sources of information has ceased to be the only way to study and describe reality. Thus, a new interdisciplinary way of storytelling - data journalism. Its peculiarity is that it no longer interacts with data sources, but with open "numbers", statistics, computer science, design and analytics. Today, data journalism departments exist in many major media outlets, such as The Guardian, The New York Times, the BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and others. They regularly publish the results of investigations based on the method of analysis of open information. However, to work with a large array of data, it is not necessary to keep an IT department, be an analyst or programmer, the problem can be seen in dry data, and then turn it into an interesting publication. Publication of data includes the development of topics and hypotheses, search for data, their extraction, analysis and visualization. Many data journalists have seen from their own example that most often open data sources are presented in the form of a huge file that includes a lot of useless information. We are well aware of this, so we have tried to make it easier for users to search and retrieve data and provide the opportunity to contact the data subject directly, whether a legal entity or an individual.

Why do you need open data for the average user?

The modern world is hard to imagine without online shopping and remote work. Gone are the days when online advertising was something new or a weak addition to offline advertising. Today, many companies work exclusively in Internet marketing. But as progress progresses, unscrupulous organizations develop that offer low-quality goods or do not send anything at all after receiving a prepayment, and in the case of transfer to the card, it becomes very difficult to prove anything. Therefore, being at home and acting on the Internet, it is difficult to understand which entrepreneur you are dealing with. On our portal, anyone can check what the company is doing (individual), how long it has been operating in the market, who is the head of the organization, whether it is active, whether there is an open way to contact representatives of the company, whether does she have debts, licenses, lawsuits? Knowing the answers to such questions, you can quickly and accurately understand who you are dealing with. Also don't forget to visit our sections from exchange rates , accurate weather forecast и articles for self-development , which we are constantly replenishing. If you are a marketer or business owner who is interested in finding new customers - place your banner on our website and offer your services to a serious and successful audience. You can leave a request тут.

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