What does a million dollars look like?

как выглядит миллион долларов

Man’s interest in large sums of money is quite understandable. Therefore, everyone will definitely want to know what large sums of money actually look like. Would you like to know what countless treasures really look like and how long it takes to earn and accumulate them? And most importantly, for how long will they be enough?

One million dollars with a face value of 100 is 100 packs of bills. This amount will easily fit in a standard case. An ordinary person will be able to earn this amount in about 80 years, it turns out that some people do not even have enough life to achieve this goal. The approximate weight of such cargo is 10 kilograms.

Ever since money came along, people have been constantly thinking about how much they need to live in peace for a while. Everyone thinks about money at least once a day, because it can be today, but not tomorrow. Have you ever wondered what amount is considered real wealth?

trillion dollars

The answer to this question was probably known only to Shura Balaganov from the “Golden Calf”. He performed accurate calculations and determined that for complete happiness it is enough to have 6400 rubles. And how much money do you need for complete happiness? The cost of happiness, according to modern man, should be six zeros, and preferably nine, and preferably in a reliable currency.

Would you like to know what $ 1 trillion looks like? It is very difficult to imagine this amount reasonably, but we will try. If you want to transport this amount of money by rail, you will have to load 2,500 cars. The length of such money will be 35 km. If the amount consists of one-dollar bills, the length of the warehouse will increase 100 times. It will take about 3,000 years to spend this amount.

How much is a million rubles?

how much is a million rubles

The Bank of Russia issues rubles in the following denominations:

  • 10, 50;
  • 100, 200, 500;
  • 1000, 5000 и т.д.

If you present 1 million rubles in banknotes with a face value of 100 rubles, it will be 10,000 bills. The approximate weight of such cargo is 9.3 kg. The most popular note is 1000 rubles, the weight of one million will be 1,040 kg. The easiest to carry will be 5,000 bills, the weight of a million – 0.204 kg.

How much is a million hryvnias?

how much is a million hryvnias

The weight of the 200 hryvnia banknote is 0.95 gr., The weight of one million will be approximately 4.75 kg. If a million is 100 hryvnias, the weight of the cargo will increase 2 times and will be 9.5 kg. Accordingly, if 500, then 1.9 kg.

The weight of the package must be added to the calculations. Small errors in calculations can occur due to abrasion of the banknote and the accumulation of dirt on it.

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