What is the coolest motorcycle in the world?

байкерский мотоцикл цена

If you think that a motorcycle is the simplest means of transportation, then you are deeply mistaken. Today, it also shows a lifestyle. In the modern world, a motorcycle is the same as a war horse for a medieval knight. The sensations that a motorcycle ride gives are incomparable to anything else. The feeling of freedom, extreme speed and adrenaline rush – all this can be obtained while riding a motorcycle. Of course, a motorcycle can not be called a comfortable transport, driving it is more like a hobby.

We invite you to get acquainted with the rating of the most expensive sportbikes. Ecosse FE Ti XX is on the 7th line of the rating. The manufacturer of the motorcycle is the company Ecosse Moto Works, specializing in the production of the most expensive copies worldwide. Biker motorcycle, the price of which is approximately 300 thousand dollars, looks like this:

the coolest motorcycle in the world

The 6th line of the rating is occupied by Vintage Black. Despite the fact that this model does not have strong speed characteristics, it is included in the category of the most expensive copies. The main advantage of the bike is its age. For those who don’t know, by purchasing this model, you become the owner of a motorcycle construction legend. The price of the bike reaches 0.5 million dollars.

the most powerful motorcycle in the world

The golden chopper is based on the 5th place, it received this name for a reason. The motorcycle has a gold coating. As you already understood, this motorcycle is not used for its intended purpose — for driving, it is an interior decoration. Its price is 500 thousand dollars.

biker motorcycle price

In 4th place is the Dodge Tomahawk, which has an incredible appearance. According to the dodge tomahawk specifications, the bike can theoretically reach a top speed of up to 650 km / h. A run-up of 100 km takes no more than 3 seconds. This miracle of technology costs only 550 thousand dollars.

the best motorcycle in the world

Porcupine occupies the 3rd line of the rating. It is considered a rare specimen, it was produced in the UK more than 70 years ago. Its cost at the time of the last sale was 750 thousand dollars.

how much does a harley davidson cost?

Also, do not forget about the most popular motorcycle in the world Harley Davidson. Have you ever thought about how much it costs? This copy today occupies the 2nd line of the rating, although the modern version is very far from the classic one. The unit has the style of a spaceship, and Jack Armstrong took an active part in its design. The original price of this masterpiece reached up to $ 1 million. However, after the announcement was made that this copy would be the only one of its kind, its cost increased 3 times, and became 3 million dollars.

the most popular motorcycle in the world

On the 1st place is Ecosse Spirit ES1. The design was developed by Formula 1 engineers. This miracle of technology was able to displace the world’s fastest hayabusa motorcycle, which could reach speeds of 314-320 km / h and was considered the best motorcycle in the world. The current leader of the rating has high speed indicators, namely, its speed can reach up to 400 km/h. Impressive? The cost of such a miracle is $ 3.6 million.

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