Where can I get money for the New Year?

что нужно сделать за месяц до нового года

If you want the holiday to be a great success, then right now you need to think about where to get money for the New Year or what you need to do a month before it comes, so that there are funds left for holiday spending.

As a rule, during the New Year period, there are many financial problems that need to be solved before the holiday. Therefore, the question of where you can get money at a small percentage becomes relevant. In this case, the only answer is to use the services of a reliable credit company, since it is useless to contact relatives and friends, many of them are now in a similar situation. Very often, people think about financial problems at a time when the holiday is very close and guests are almost at the door.

Currently, MFIs offer quick help, just 10-20 minutes of your time is enough and the desired amount will be on the card. In order not to take too much, decide on how much money you will need to celebrate the celebration, in particular for the New Year’s table and gifts.

Making a loan for the New Year in a credit institution has a number of advantages:

  • minimum bounce rate;
  • availability;
  • minimum set of documents;
  • favorable credit conditions.

Thus, borrowers can get a loan at any time and celebrate the New Year holidays with dignity.

What do you need to do on the eve of the New Year?

Many Ukrainians are trying to reduce their debts, because there is a belief that as you meet the New Year, so you will spend it. Few people want to go all year with debts, so they try to resolve this issue before the holidays.

If you have several loans hanging on you and you are paying exorbitant interest on them, when at the same time other borrowers are applying for a loan at lower rates, you can refinance the loan before the New Year. As a rule, many banks and credit institutions announce the most tempting offers for the holidays. If you take out a loan at a low rate and pay off the previous ones, you will only have to pay one credit institution, and you will need to pay it at regular intervals once a month.

If you have no problems with funds, you can simply open a deposit. New Year’s rush is accompanied by a large expenditure of funds, putting aside the remaining savings on the deposit, you can save them from inflation and get benefits. However, when choosing this solution, be careful, because bank clerks can impose an insurance policy or investments that are not insured by the state instead of a deposit.

What should I do before the New Year?

Experienced investors are also people and believe that as you meet the New Year, so you will spend it. If you want to be in the “skin” of an investor, then you should open an individual investment account by the end of December. Thanks to it, you will be granted a tax deduction next year. This means that you will be able to return 13% of the amount that will be put on the AIS.

In addition, you can invest in a mutual fund or buy bonds issued by reliable issuers. There is a high probability that your contribution will increase significantly by the time the chimes strike next year. However, do not forget about the existence of risks that are not insured by the state. In other words, the higher the yield on securities, the more likely you are to lose your capital.

Don’t you have time to do everything you have planned with your finances this year? We recommend that you make a personal financial plan next year. A pre-planned budget will not only help you put your financial affairs in order, but also make your dreams come true without the help of Santa Claus.

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