British citizenship and its features

гражданство великобритании

UK citizenship laws are considered to be the most complex and complex in the entire world. To a greater extent, this is due to the country’s historical past, as well as historically established relations with other states. In some situations, to determine whether an applicant is a British citizen, it is necessary to “dig” into the past of several generations. This is the only way to determine whether a person has the right to UK citizenship.

You can be a British citizen either by birth or by non-descent. Usually, British citizens are granted more privileges to foreigners than those who have acquired citizenship by birthright.

Obtaining citizenship in England depends on several factors, in particular on the place and date of birth, as well as the circumstances of the applicant’s parents.

In general, people who do not have British citizenship are not allowed to work or reside in the country until they are granted proper immigrant status. What does it mean? Some individuals are British but do not have a British passport. If a person wants to live and work in England, then he must issue a Certificate of Residence. The presence of this document gives the person the status of a British citizen without an English passport.

If a person does not qualify for automatic UK citizenship, they must either become naturalized or register as a British citizen.

Naturalization is one of the most popular methods of obtaining British citizenship for people who have reached the age of majority, but were not born in England. To be naturalized, the applicant must meet the conditions of residence, as well as have permanent residence. In addition, they must have a perfect command of the English language and know the way of life of the indigenous people, show themselves to be a decent person and designate England as their main place of residence. Integrity assessment is carried out after studying the applicant’s immigration past, as well as documents on his / her non-criminal record.

english citizenship

You can get English citizenship by naturalization in 5 years in the following ways::

  • live 2-3 years in England on an investor visa and apply for permanent residence;
  • marry a British citizen or permanent resident.

If you are in the UK on an immigration visa, you can apply for permanent residence in 5 years, in this case, the period for obtaining citizenship will be 6 years.

You can also apply for British citizenship if you have lived legally in the UK for 10 years. For example, a few years on a student visa, and then – on a work visa.

Illegal residence without removal orders from the territory of England for 20 years is also the basis for obtaining citizenship in the UK.

Applicants under the age of 18 who wish to become British citizens must register. Today, this is the only option to become one. This option is also suitable for adults in cases where special circumstances have occurred.

As you have already understood, obtaining English citizenship is not easy, but it is possible. This country provides immigrants with more offers than any other European country. In recent years, the flow of people who want to live in England has significantly decreased. This is explained by the fact that highly qualified migrants are welcome in England, and not those who do not have high professional qualifications.

How to get UK citizenship by investment?

how to get citizenship in the UK

Currently, a British passport can be issued for 5 years in advance. How? You can quickly apply for citizenship through a Tier 1 Investor visa, as well as through a Sole Representative visa.

England belongs to countries with a high standard of living, which have a developed educational sphere, rich cultural life, high-quality medicine, science, technology, etc. It is not only comfortable to work here, but also to raise children. This state is included in the top 10 places that are ideal for living.

What are the benefits of UK citizenship?

With a British passport, you can visit about 185 countries without a visa, including the United States, Canada, Japan, the Schengen countries and Australia. England is not a member of the European Union since January 31, 2020. Currently and until the end of 2021, travel regulations will be discussed and agreed upon. Most likely, the EU countries and England will approve a visa-free regime for entry for up to 90 days.

Great Britain is characterized by political, economic and social stability. In the world ranking of democratic development of countries, England ranked 16th in 2020.

London is on the 5th place in the number of offices of companies that are part of the Global Fortune 500. The average annual income of a resident of England is 31 thousand pounds. Statistics show that the income of residents increases annually.

In England, there is an equality act that protects equality in employment, protects against discrimination based on gender, skin color, age or religious beliefs.

Medical care is provided to citizens of the country free of charge. The healthcare system in England occupies a high position in the world ranking. The average life expectancy in 2020 was 81 years, and this parameter is constantly increasing.

how to become a british citizen

Universities are included in the top 10 of the world ranking. England ranks first among European countries and second in the world in terms of the quality of higher education. When compiling the rating, the academic reputation of an educational institution is evaluated and the number of graduates who are employed is taken into account.

Great Britain is a country with a good environment. There are about 15 national parks in the country, covering about 8% of the territory of England. The largest national park is the Lake District, where mountaineers, navigators and tourists must come.

The British are big fans of walking in the fresh air, so even the countryside has a whole network of paths for pedestrians.

How do I get English citizenship? This procedure has a strict sequence, which is prescribed in the laws of England. A person who wants to become a British citizen must meet the conditions of one of the programs and not violate the law.

How do I get citizenship in the UK?

The process usually includes 3 stages. The essence of the first stage is to obtain an immigration visa. This document entitles you to permanent residence in the country. The basis for obtaining a permanent residence permit is to live in England for 5 years. You need to be “present” in the country every year for 186 days during the entire period. An application for this visa can be submitted by a person who is over 18 years of age. Besides, he shouldn’t have any problems with the law. Both the main applicant and his/her family members — a spouse and minor children under the age of 18-can count on citizenship. The exception is the applicant’s parents, even if they are supported by the applicant.

get UK citizenship

The UK is divided into several regions, each of which has its own marriage and family legislation. Many regions recognize same-sex marriages.

The applicant must submit the following documents::

  • photo;
  • foreign passport;
  • certificate of non-criminal record for the last 10 years from all countries where he lived for more than a year;
  • income statement.

Russians are also required to submit a document confirming the absence of tuberculosis. The documentation must be translated into English and notarized.

The second stage is obtaining a permanent residence permit. To get it, you need to live in England for 5 years on an immigrant visa. You can speed up the process only if you have a Tier 1 Investor visa. The application can be considered for up to six months. The applicant must pay a fee of 2389 pounds sterling for reviewing the document.

The applicant, as well as his family members, will have to pass a test of knowledge of the country’s history, as well as an oral exam to determine the level of language proficiency.

The third stage is registration of citizenship. 12 months after obtaining permanent residence, a person can start the procedure for obtaining citizenship. At this time, it is advisable not to leave the country for a long time. Applying for citizenship costs 1330 pounds sterling.

The fastest way to get English citizenship

obtaining UK citizenship

It is quite easy to get the status of a British citizen if you have already managed to accumulate capital in the amount of two million pounds. To purchase a Tier 1 visa, a foreigner must complete the following procedures::

  • You must provide proof that the funds were received legally,
  • register an account with a local financial institution,
  • pass the due diligence check safely,
  • get a certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record in each state where the candidate has stayed for more than one year in the last decade.The document is valid for six months.

Consulates of this country consider incoming applications for citizenship in England within three to four weeks. This period can be extended to two months if the application was submitted in the UK.

The decision on granting the status of a citizen will be issued in five working days, but the applicant can speed up this procedure by paying 500 euros for the service.

British consulates located in other countries initially issue this type of visa for a month. During this time, a foreigner must move to this country and apply for a biometric residence permit, which is valid for 3.5 years. Since you get a residence permit through investment, the authorities give you three months, during which you must purchase shares or bonds of local corporations in the amount of 2 million pounds.

United Kingdom citizenship

If desired, a foreign investor can extend the visa for another two years. In this case, you must continue your investment activity for 3.5 years, and then apply for an extension of your residence permit. After five years, the money can be returned back.

Despite the fact that you are not yet a British citizen, you and your family members can live, study and find employment in this country. It should be noted that potential applicants for citizenship are not subject to any special conditions, for example, perfect knowledge of the official language or experience in business management is not required.

How do I get permanent residence in the UK? Foreign investors can submit an application for permanent residence after five years of stay in the territory of this country. Moreover, it is necessary to live on this land for at least 6 months a year.

If you invest 10 million pounds in the country’s economic development, you can get permanent residence in a shorter period of time, for example, in two years. If the investor can allocate only 5 million rubles from his budget, then it will be possible to count on obtaining permanent residence only in three years.

Only the main applicant has the right to speed up this procedure on the basis of an increase in the size of the investment contribution. Before your status changes, the whole family needs to pass a test, during which your knowledge of the history and social structure of this state will be tested.

Applicants who are over the age of 18 also take an oral exam that determines the level of English proficiency. To pass the test, your level must be less than B1.

In the UK, applications for permanent residence are considered within six months. If you use the accelerated service, you will be able to receive the commission’s decision in 5 days. In addition, there is a Super Priority Service that will give you a response after a day.

Before submitting their documents, the applicant must pay a state fee. The amount per person is 2500 pounds sterling. The accelerated procedure will cost you 500 pounds, and the super-accelerated mode will cost you 800 pounds.

How do I get English citizenship? A foreign investor and his family can apply for the assignment of the status of a citizen one year after the registration of permanent residence. During this year, you should not leave the country for more than three months. The state fee for obtaining citizenship per person is 1500 pounds sterling.

How to get English citizenship for a representative of a foreign company?

how much does UK citizenship cost?

The Sole Representative visa is intended for employees of foreign corporations who hold senior positions. The main condition is the absence of commercial representative offices in the UK. This type of visa is issued to employees of foreign media who have been sent to work in England.

In this case, the representatives are denied the right to::

  • looking for another job or doing business,
  • carry out medical activities without having the appropriate education and work experience in this country,
  • provide coaching services in any sport,
  • receive benefits and subsidies from the state budget.

The application for English citizenship is submitted approximately three months before arrival in the country. The decision will be made within a month. In this case, you can’t speed up the procedure, so prepare all the necessary documents in advance.

The bidder should have the right to make decisions on behalf of their organization, but did not own a large block of shares. First of all, the applicant will need to register a representative office of the company in the UK. If the work will be carried out remotely, then opening an office is not a mandatory requirement.

How do I get British citizenship? The representative must prove their financial security. The established income level is calculated by government agencies based on the current market rates for renting housing and buying food. This year, the minimum rate is 19 thousand pounds sterling per year. Another requirement for applying for citizenship in England is knowledge of English at the A1 level. Those candidates who were trained at a higher educational institution in English, received a bachelor’s or master’s degree can be exempted from the exam.

The Sole Representative visa can be used not only by a company representative, but also by their entire family. Before applying for residency, you must pay a medical fee of 400 pounds per year. If you are denied a visa, the medical fee will be refunded in full.

how to get UK citizenship

How many years do you need to live in England to get citizenship? Do not rush to get a second passport. The fact is that after obtaining a visa, you need to live in the UK for five years, after which you have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence. You can, of course, leave the country for a while. But you must stay in England for at least 6 months a year.

As in the previous case, the applicant and his family must pass a test on the history and structure of the country, as well as an exam for knowledge of the state language. The one-time document processing fee is 2,500 pounds per person. The application is reviewed by the UK Department for six months. You will not be able to speed up the procedure, so you just need to be patient and wait for the commission’s decision.

After completing your permanent residence and staying in the country for another year, you can apply for a British passport. The service fee is approximately £ 1,500 per applicant.

How to get UK citizenship for a Russian, Ukrainian or Kazakh citizen?

Each of our compatriots dreams of moving to the EU, the USA and other developed countries for permanent residence. If you are planning to acquire a second British citizenship, you should have at least some understanding of the culture of the local population and the rules established in England.

The local population does not accept the word “British”. If you are talking to someone, it is important to be able to distinguish between an Irishman, a Scot, and an Englishman. Most true Britons dream of going on a trip to a foreign country, even for a short time. In terms of education, British citizens prefer local universities, despite the fact that the cost of education is much higher than that of their neighbors. Not everyone can enroll in a prestigious institution, because the requirements are too strict for applicants in educational institutions. Going to a party without an invitation is considered bad form, so do not be surprised if the door is closed in front of you.

This simple knowledge will allow you to avoid difficulties in communicating with the local population.

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