TOP life hacks for the New Year

лайфхаки к новому году

There is an opinion that all dreams come true for the New Year. Even if a person throughout the year did not succeed, he still hopes that on the eve of this holiday he will be lucky. For this reason, he begins to take part in various New Year’s promotions, trying to catch his luck by the “tail”. However, try to keep yourself within reason. In this article, we will tell you how to reduce spending on the following items:

  • gifts;
  • celebration;
  • participate in New Year’s promotions and much more.

How to prepare for the New Year?

First of all, you need to plan your budget correctly in advance. If you do not do this, then you can stay for the holidays without a “penny” in your pocket. Since the holiday is followed by a weekend, and the children are on vacation, you should leave a certain amount of money so that you have enough finances to receive the next salary. Also set a fixed amount that you plan to spend on New Year’s celebrations. Do not forget about other main items of expenditure, for example, buying gifts, jewelry and products for preparing festive dishes.

ng life hacks

You can use the “grandmother’s” method, that is, put money in envelopes. You can also use other more modern tools. For example, install an app for financial planning on your smartphone. In it, you can define the main items of expenditure and set a limit on them. This approach will allow you to control your costs.

Everyone expects miracles for the New Year, so even if you plan everything carefully, unexpected expenses are unlikely to be avoided. However, do not reproach yourself. You should decide in advance on the amount that you can allocate for unplanned purchases. Try to limit yourself to this money. Then any of your purchases will be a joy to you, whether it’s a new garland or a Christmas tree toy.

Life hacks for the New Year-don’t pay attention to New Year’s Eve discounts

Many buyers are attracted to promotions on the eve of the holidays. They are so tempting that people rush to make purchases in droves. In fact, this is just a trick of marketers, whose goal is to increase sales in the store. Before the New Year, the price tags indicate an inflated price, and the price is sometimes increased several times. Using this clever method, stores conduct a “sale”.

If you want to purchase any product, then go through the retail outlets in advance. This is the only way to check whether this is really a discount or another marketing ploy.

Life Hacks for the New Year – price comparison

how to properly prepare for the new year

The same product may cost differently in different retail outlets. Sometimes prices can make a significant difference. Festive excitement negatively affects the human psyche. People start buying everything without even thinking about whether they need it. Stay calm and don’t rush to make unplanned purchases. First, compare the cost of the product in different stores.

How to prepare for the New Year – don’t believe folk signs

Everyone knows firsthand that most of the population of the CIS countries believes in holiday omens. Especially for this purpose, they search for information on the global network and buy clothes of the right color, prepare certain festive dishes. For example, astrologers advise to celebrate the year of the White Bull in silver-colored clothing. Do not blindly follow these beliefs. It is not necessary to celebrate the New Year in new clothes. Of course, January 1 is a great reason to start over from scratch, so why not get rid of the stereotypes.

New Year’s Day Hacks – don’t give away trinkets

Before the New Year, the store shelves are literally littered with various porcelain figurines. Despite the fact that these products have a Santa Claus hat on their head, do not rush to buy them. Demand for such products increases before the holidays, so the owners of retail outlets do not miss the opportunity to inflate the price tag and enrich themselves at the expense of customers.

In most cases, such gifts gather dust in the closet until small children break them. You don’t have to buy the year symbol either. This souvenir won’t help you get rich in the coming year. If you really want to make a contribution to your future, then open a deposit or investment account.

Gift wrapping

what you need for the new year

Now gift boxes have a fairly high cost, so you can reduce costs if you make the packaging yourself. In the global network, you can find a lot of videos, after viewing which anyone can make an original gift.

If you are celebrating the New Year with friends, you can hold a contest to create original packaging. Your relatives and friends will appreciate your efforts and creativity.


Since many countries still remain in the red zone, it is better to forget about traveling abroad or celebrating the New Year in a restaurant. For sure, not all establishments will work on New Year’s Eve. Due to the low supply and high demand, a place at the banquet will not cost you cheap.

In a pandemic, it is better to celebrate the New Year at home, in the circle of loved ones. This approach will not only keep you healthy, but also save you money. If you plan to celebrate the holiday with friends, you can share the costs equally, or agree that each guest will prepare one special dish for the table.

What do you need for the New Year? You can save money on gifts. If a group of friends or relatives gathers, then you can play the lottery. Each participant will prepare one gift, and who gets it-will determine the game. To make the lottery as fair as possible, you can decide on the approximate cost of the gift. This approach allows you to optimize costs and have fun.

If you follow these life hacks for the New Year, you can learn how to plan your budget correctly and control your expenses. It is quite possible that putting your financial literacy into practice will make the coming year more successful.

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