How to get Polish citizenship?

второе гражданство польши

This country has a rich and long history, full of various events. Poland was an empire for a while, and then became a battleground for other states. At present, Poland is the engine of the European economy, which does not allow even for a moment to suspend the growth of gross domestic product in the European Union.

It is for these reasons that many foreigners seek to obtain a residence permit in Poland. It is worth noting that the system of obtaining a residence permit in this country has some difficulties, but it also has its advantages. For example, if you can prove that there were people with Polish citizenship among your ancestors or you have Polish roots, then you can become the owner of a Polish passport in a fairly short time frame. In this article, you will learn how to get Polish citizenship.

Poland is a member of the Schengen area, so if you are going to visit this country, then you need to get a Schengen visa. You can apply for this permit to Ukrainian citizens at the Embassy. If you have a biometric passport, you don’t need to apply for a visa. Poland has developed the following classification of visas: transit, Schengen, national. If you have a Schengen visa, you will be able to stay on the territory of this state for up to three months in six months.

The National Card is valid for one year. You can stay in the country for several months at a time or come here intermittently. This document is also issued if the person has received a Pole Card.

If a person has any reasons why he needs to stay in Poland, then it is necessary to submit specific evidence to the consulate and apply for an extension of the permit.

Polish citizenship — how to get a temporary residence permit?

second citizenship in poland

If you have arrived in Poland on business, but their solution requires much more time than three months, then you need to apply for a residence permit. This document can be issued for various periods of time, up to a maximum of three years. If this time is not enough, you can always renew this permission.

It is worth noting that a temporary residence permit cannot be renewed automatically. Before the permit expires, you must submit an application for re-obtaining a visa. Otherwise, you will have to leave the territory of Poland, then apply for a visa to enter the country, and then apply for a residence permit again.

To apply, you need to fill out a special form, have a passport and photos for documents. If a minor child wants to get a residence permit, then he needs to take care of obtaining permission from his parents or guardian. Mandatory conditions also include health insurance and funds that should be sufficient to create favorable living conditions. All documents must be translated into the official language of Poland and notarized.

In most cases, a request for a residence permit is considered within 30 days, if the case is complex, then a longer period may be required. An application for a temporary residence permit is allowed for the following reasons::

  • getting an education,
  • employment opportunities,
  • starting a business,
  • family reunion.

If you were able to prove that you have Polish roots, then you automatically become a candidate for receiving a Polish Card. Such statements are considered separately.

Obtaining Polish citizenship – a residence permit through obtaining educational services

poland dual citizenship

This method can only be used if you have entered a Polish higher education institution. Regardless of whether you are studying for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, you will be given the opportunity to obtain a temporary residence permit. However, when applying for this permit, you must submit a certificate from the educational institution stating that you have actually entered the training. If you are studying on a paid basis, you will also have to prove that you have made a payment for your training. A mandatory requirement is also the availability of health insurance, as well as a stock of financial resources in a bank account that will be useful for you to live in this country. You must have at least 153 euros per month, and you should also take care of where you will live.

A residence permit is issued for the duration of higher education, plus a few additional months. You can extend the validity of the document if necessary.

In Poland, foreign migrants are granted a student visa or student card. What is the difference between these types of permissions? Both documents provide an opportunity to visit countries that are part of the Schengen area. You can travel for no more than three months in six months. To apply for a visa, a package of documents is submitted when you are still in your homeland. But a student card can only be issued if you are located in Poland itself.

If you have a student visa, you can only work during the summer holidays, i.e. from July to September. If a student has a student card, then you can work even while studying. You can get a part-time job, but you should warn your employer about this. But this is not the only advantage of the map. With it, you can open your own business just like the locals do.

How can I get citizenship in Poland? When you complete your studies and receive a higher education diploma, you will have to apply for another visa for a year to get a job in order not to leave this country.

When you apply for permanent residence or get a Polish passport, remember that when calculating the period of study, only half of the time will be counted.

How to get citizenship in Poland through employment?

how to get polish citizenship

You can apply for a temporary residence permit through work in various ways, starting with the conclusion of a regular contract and ending with obtaining a Blue Card of the European Union.

If a Polish company could not find a suitable qualified employee in the local market, it is entitled to hire a foreigner. Their salary should not be lower than the average salary for this market segment. Of course, the position itself plays an important role in this case. The amount of money earned should be enough for food, rental of housing and other necessary conditions for a safe stay in the country. A migrant worker must have health insurance and a certificate from the tax committee about the absence of debts

Documents that allow you to find a job in Poland can be issued immediately along with the residence permit. A foreign migrant can get a job in different companies. But do not forget to specify them in special documents and the work permit itself. If you have moved to another organization, please report this information to the voivode within the next 10-15 days.

If you are lucky enough to get a job in a large international company and earn a high salary, then such highly qualified employees are often issued a Blue Card of the European Union. There are also exceptional situations when qualified personnel do not need permission from the headman.

A work permit is issued for a maximum period of three years. It is worth noting that for the first two years you are not allowed to change your employer and position. The amount of your salary will correspond to the amount specified in the contract.

A special permit can be obtained for employees of international companies who have been transferred from other branches to Poland.

Poland how to get citizenship? Registration of a residence permit for businessmen

is dual citizenship allowed in Poland?

Many businessmen dream of starting their own company in Poland. In this case, you will need to get a separate permission. What do I need to get Polish citizenship?

Applicants for a residence permit must meet the following requirements::

  • be sure to apply for health insurance,
  • cash to provide favorable living conditions for yourself and your family,
  • if necessary, you should request additional permission to carry out your professional activities,
  • take care of your place of residence.

As for business activities, the state also sets certain criteria in this area:

  • The company’s profit for the previous quarter should not be less than 12 average monthly salaries,
  • You must employ 2 citizens of this country or foreign migrants who have the appropriate permit in your company,
  • you must have proof that the company can continue to meet the above requirements,
  • if you are trying to attract investors, you must confirm your actions.

To apply for a residence permit for businessmen, you need to provide a tax return, a certificate of absence of debts to the tax committee, an act on the establishment of a company, proof of regular profit, etc. You can get the entire list of documents from the migration service.

Residence permit in Poland by marriage

dual citizenship poland

If you want to use this method, then you have several options. You can come to a foreign migrant who has been living in Poland for a long time, has permanent residence, or is employed on a Blue Card.

This method can be used by spouses and children who have not reached the age of majority. Marriage ties must be recognized by the Polish State. These people need to have official proof that they are related to a foreigner living in Poland. An important role in the approval of the application is played by the availability of funds and medical insurance. You also need to pay a state fee of 350 zlotys. All documents must be translated into the official language and certified. The decision can be made within 30 days, but this period can be extended.

If a person has already acquired citizenship in Poland, then his wife and children can be reunited with him. In exceptional cases, the State considers even informal relations. Other relatives, such as brothers, sisters, and parents, can also get temporary permission to stay in this country, but only if the foreign person needs constant care.

How can I get Polish citizenship?

dual citizenship in poland

A permanent residence permit does not have a specific validity period, but the residence permit itself is issued for 10 years, and you can extend this status later. You can use this document to visit countries that are members of the Schengen area. The trip should not last more than three months in half a year. It is worth noting that having a Polish permanent residence, he allows you to work only in this country. To get a job in other European countries, you will need to obtain additional documents there.

Applicants for Polish citizenship must be able to speak the Polish language. Knowledge of the state language is confirmed by passing the exam.

You can also get Polish citizenship in another way – through long-term residency.

This document is issued immediately for five years. A foreign migrant must live on Polish soil for more than five years, have a stable income for three years, and provide himself with a place where he will live.

If you think about it, this method is suitable for people who were not lucky enough to be born into a family of local Poles or marry a Polish citizen.

An application for permanent residence registration is considered within 30 days, but in fact this procedure takes much longer. You will also have to pay a state fee. It is worth noting that holders of the Pole Card are exempt from paying this tax.

Foreign migrants are interested in whether it is possible to buy Polish citizenship? On some resources, scammers offer to purchase Polish documents for a relatively affordable price. Do not rush and transfer funds to the bank account of these “saviors”. Be careful not to respond to such ads. Although many of us ask how much it costs to buy a Polish passport, and then abandon this idea.

We recommend that you acquire citizenship only by legal means, so you can avoid trouble in this country.

How to get citizenship in Poland: official requirements

how to get polish citizenship

To apply for citizenship in Poland, you can use different methods. They are legal and recognized by the state.

Children born to a Polish family are automatically granted citizenship. Also, Polish citizens can become babies born in the country to foreign migrants or to people whose identity has not been established.

You can get Polish citizenship by contacting the President of the country. They can independently approve your application and you don’t have to meet any conditions to do this. It is worth noting that there are no specific deadlines for responding to the received application.

An application can even be submitted by a foreign person who is legally located in Poland. You can send the completed form by mail or send it in person. An applicant for a second citizenship in Poland must have a perfect knowledge of the state language and have a certificate of passing the test.

If you are refused, it is not possible to appeal the decision. Natural naturalization can occur in the following situations::

  • a person has lived on this land for more than three years, has permanent residence, stable earnings, and official residence,
  • the person has been in Poland for 2 years and has been legally married to a Pole for 3 years,
  • a person who has refugee status and has been in the country for two years,
  • foreign persons under the age of majority who have a permanent permit, one of the parents must be a Polish citizen,
  • a migrant who has been in the country for ten years and has permanent residence or the status of a resident of the European Union,
  • a person who has a Pole Card and has lived in the country for more than 1 year.

You can also apply for Polish citizenship in an expedited manner. If you can prove that you are of Polish origin, the procedure will be much faster.

How to get dual citizenship in Poland?

how to get citizenship in poland

Many people are interested in the question of whether dual citizenship is allowed in Poland. This country allows its citizens to hold more than one passport. On the territory of Poland, a person who has several passports at once will be considered a Polish citizen.

With a Polish passport, you can visit about 150 countries without having to worry about getting a visa. In the rating of passports, the Polish document takes the tenth place.

It should take about ten years before obtaining a second citizenship in Poland. If you have registered an official marriage with a local Pole, the term will be reduced. However, there are exceptions in this case. In this case, in Poland, dual citizenship can be obtained by contacting the President. Foreign migrants who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of the country are granted dual citizenship of Poland.

Taxation in Poland for foreign migrants

how to get citizenship in poland

This country provides for 12 types of taxes. The average employee’s annual salary is about 85 thousand zlotys, with an income tax of 18 percent. If your income exceeds the above amount, then an additional 32 percent of the amount that exceeds the allowed threshold is added.

The corporate tax rate is 19 percent. In Poland, there is also a tax on giving and receiving inheritance, the amount of state duty depends on the value of the inheritance and the degree of their relationship.

There are also other taxes, including those on agricultural, civil and legal activities, real estate tax, transport, etc.

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