I want a million, where to start?

как получить миллионы

Each person can have their own goals if they are visited by the thought “I want a million”. For some, this is the fulfillment of a long-standing dream, someone dreams of accumulating this amount for financial security in any situation, and someone plans to invest for the purpose of passive earnings, etc.

The main thing is to have this goal. The usual desire to get a million may remain a desire, but having a specific goal will motivate you and allow you to accumulate this amount, no matter how difficult it may be.

How to quickly save up a million?

It is important to remember that the path towards millions will not be easy. Even if you earn good money, the habit of spending without thinking will be quite difficult to overcome.

In addition, when thinking about how to save a million in six months, you need to take care of the safety of your savings.

It is not necessary in pursuit of your goal to turn your life into an unbearable existence, eating only bread and water, denying yourself everything. Your task should be not just to save money, but to find ways to spend money efficiently and maintain a comfortable life, saving the maximum amount allowed. At the same time, it is necessary to find the most effective additional sources of income.

Thus, the plan to save up 1 million will look something like this:

  • finding the right motivation;
  • identify options for saving money;
  • creating additional sources of income.

Each of these points has its own task, but you need to start by creating the right motivation.

If your goal is a million, you can only accumulate it if you understand exactly why you are doing it. Once you have determined for yourself what you are willing to try and save for, start learning to keep your goal and dream always in sight. It is not difficult to do this, find a suitable photo, place it where it will always be in front of your eyes, add it to your desktop or phone screen saver.

Create a special savings account. The most convenient way to get millions is to put money on a bank deposit. It is recommended to save only those amounts that you will definitely not withdraw back. It is better to choose a deposit with the ability to top it up, but without the possibility of withdrawing it.

One of the most important stages of big goals is planning. Your plan should describe in detail what amounts and when you will save from your earnings, what sources of income you are going to find. You will need to plan all possible bonuses, bonuses, part-time jobs, etc.

How can I raise a million dollars if your income level doesn’t change? In this case, you can consider optimizing your spending level. First, you need to develop a new habit-record all your expenses and income on a daily basis. Only by recording each of your expenses will you be able to understand how to use your own money as efficiently as possible.

Try writing down all your expenses, even the smallest ones, at the end of each day. At the end of the month, you will be able to see the full picture of how you spent your salary.

Next, we learn to live economically

get a million

The most expensive item for each of us is paying for our own accommodation. It is necessary to understand how profitable a stay option you have chosen for yourself. If you have your own apartment, everything is clear, your expense is the payment of utilities.

If you rent a living space alone, then the costs will be high, so you need to think about how to reduce them.

You can move to your parents ‘ apartment or rent an apartment with friends for the time of accumulating the coveted amount. Especially if your goal is your own housing. You will be able to live with relatives or friends for a year, and spend the amount accumulated during this time on a mortgage. In this case, you will no longer pay the landlord, but invest in your own housing.

Even if you live in your own apartment, you can save money on housing and communal services. In this case, there is nothing complicated, the less you use light and water, the less you pay. Try using a shower instead of a bath every night, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, don’t use the washing machine or dishwasher when it’s not fully filled, choose energy-saving lamps, etc.

How much do you need to save to save a million? If you reconsider spending on food, you can also save a decent amount. However, you should not save money at the expense of your health. First of all, you can stop buying unhealthy products: sausage, mayonnaise, semi-finished products. Instead, you can buy vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, buckwheat. You will not only save money, but also lead a healthier lifestyle.

You can significantly reduce your food expenses if you stop going to cafes and restaurants. Even if you exclude a cup of coffee to take away every day, you can save a decent amount for a year. Make it a rule to take snacks and lunch to work from home, so as not to spend extra money in the dining room.

How to make a million dollars in six months? Many people believe that starting to save money, they lose the level of comfort of their own life. As a rule, the opposite happens. Finding effective ways to spend money will allow you to find new opportunities that will make your life more comfortable.

If you are thinking about how to save up 1 million in a year, try to get rid of everything you don’t need. Now there are many sites on the Internet where you can place ads for the sale of things that you no longer use. As a rule, each of us has clothes or interior items at home that have not been used for a long time and only take up extra space.

Looking for additional features

where to get a million for free

In order to find additional earnings, take advantage of the advantages of your profession. Now almost every activity and specialty has additional earning options. If you are a lawyer, for example, you can try giving advice online. A programmer can provide technical repair or configuration services in his spare time, and a teacher can take up tutoring. Even an ordinary student can find a part-time job-writing term papers or theses for a fee.

Even if you don’t have any skills or major, you can now earn money online. Try writing texts, reviews, comments for a fee, and posting photos or videos. There are a lot of ways to earn money online, everyone can find something relevant for themselves and understand how to save 1 million in a year.

Anyone can save and save, so try to start with a small one. You can start by putting off bonuses, incentives, and additional earnings. Until you find an opportunity to earn extra money, you can try saving at least 100 rubles a day, which will eventually help you figure out how to raise a million rubles.

One hundred rubles is a small amount for each person, which they spend daily on various small things: chewing gum, cigarettes, a chocolate bar, etc. Set a goal to get rid of these expenses and start saving 100 rubles or 5 dollars, 50 hryvnias or any other money that is state-owned in your country every day. This amount will not affect your budget in any way, but it will help you start the path to proper allocation of your expenses and eventually accumulate the necessary amount.

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