Installing an electric meter


Consumers should consider electricity as a commodity that is subject to accounting and measurement. Many consumers today are concerned about the following issues: types of electricity meters, the procedure for their installation and replacement, who performs such work, which devices are used in production and which in residential facilities, etc.

If the consumer has knowledge and skills in the field of electricity, they can install metering devices themselves. In all other cases, it is better to entrust these works to specialists-ENERGY LINE INVEST. This organization provides high-quality services at reasonable prices. If the appliance needs to be sealed and registered after installation, contact your energy supplier.

Rules for installing metering devices

Before you start installing the meter, choose a place for it. There are certain requirements for the location where the meter will be placed:

– protection against mechanical damage;

– lack of moisture;

– free access to withdraw data;

– zero chance of theft.

The user must comply with all these conditions during installation, otherwise the tag will not be registered. This means that it will also be impossible to use it.

Correct algorithm for installing the electricity meter.

Installation of the electric meter must be carried out in accordance with the established regulations:

– de-energize the input power supply line;

– remove the cover and carefully inspect the main wiring diagram;

– strip the wires;

– set the phase and tighten the screw on top.

During the installation process, make sure that the connection takes place in the direction of current, and clearly follow the suggested recommendations. After installing the device, contact the relevant company with an application, it will send a specialist who will seal the device and put it on the register.

The installation cost is affected by the following factors:

– type of metering device;

– availability of dismantling works;

– work on the pole;

– dismantling on a support, etc.

Types of electricity meters

Nowadays, there are 2 types of metering devices:

– single-phase models are used in residential buildings and shops;

– in cottage settlements and industrial buildings, three-phase options are used.

At the moment, according to the Government decree, old electricity meters should be replaced with electronic analogues that have a second accuracy class.

Replacement of old electricity meters must be performed in the following situations::

– the end of service period has come;

– the meter was not checked for a long time;

– the case or window of the device contains various cracks and damages;

– the device mechanism cannot be repaired;

– the seal is missing or its integrity is broken;

– the error in indicators is higher than 2.5.

ENERGY LINE INVEST specialists guarantee safe operation of metering devices and high-quality work on their replacement. In their work, they use safety elements that allow you to completely disconnect the device from the electrical network. These devices are attached next to the device, at a distance not exceeding 10 meters.

Consumers are not allowed to install an electric meter on the street by themselves. These activities should be carried out by organizations authorized in Ukraine. The following requirements apply to the installation of metering devices::

-the device must be earthed and easily accessible for taking readings and performing repairs.;

– the temperature at the location of the device should not fall below zero degrees and rise to 40 degrees Celsius;

– the device must be installed at a height of 0.8-1.7 meters;

– the device must be securely attached to a solid structure;

– the power cable must not be damaged, the wires must be insulated and protected.

Installation of electricity meters is prohibited in the open air for a number of reasons. Sudden temperature changes negatively affect the operation of the equipment. For example, frost causes errors in the data of the induction meter. The device installed in this way is accessible to both representatives of service companies and anyone who wants to. This aspect should be taken into account in all cases where there is no territory protection.

Installation of electricity meters is a popular and popular service that can be performed by real professionals. ENERGY LINE INVEST specialists perform fast installation at an affordable price. If you have any questions regarding the choice of equipment and its further installation, the company’s specialists can not only advise you, but also perform all the necessary work.

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