Interesting facts about money

интересные факты про деньги

Everyone knows that money equivalents in the form of various coins and bills appeared a long time ago. Initially, they acted as a means of exchange for goods that at that time enjoyed a high value in society. If you want to learn amazing facts about money, then stay tuned.

For some time, the main measure of value and monetary equivalent was considered not bills or coins at all, but completely different items:

  • The most “old” money was considered to be curry shells, they were still used in China for 2 millennia BC.
  • Most peoples used livestock instead of money, and chickens, sheep, and even cows were exchanged.
  • In some areas, the skins of such wild animals as foxes, arctic foxes, squirrels, etc. have become the monetary equivalent.
  • The people who lived in Bolivia and Peru made the exchange with the help of pepper.
  • In America, native Indians paid with tobacco leaves.
  • In countries during the slave system, it was the slaves who were the monetary equivalent.Young men were in great demand.But the elderly and sick accounted for only half, and in some cases 1/3 of the purchase price.At that time, people could say that they bought 10.5 slaves.Our people would not understand such a statement.
  • Mexicans replaced the modern trifle with cocoa beans, everything was used, including teeth, animal tails.

Over time, people learned to mine gold, and precious metals were already the main measure of value. The only drawback of this calculation was the need to weigh each ingot. The merchant did not always have a scale at hand, so he had to trust the buyer’s words. Only many years later did people learn to mint gold coins of the same size and weight.

Interesting information about money – why do coins have a round shape?

amazing facts about money

Currently, there are several versions, but we will tell you about the most true stories below.

In those days, the value of a coin directly depended on the mass and amount of precious metal used. Different peoples made these products in different shapes. They were in the form of squares, rhombuses, or even had an arbitrary shape. Enterprising people decided to cut off the edges of each coin, then the gold was melted down and new money was made. As a result of these manipulations, the weight of the coin decreased.

Everyone knows Isaac Newton, and it was he who proposed to produce round coins, to create carvings around the edges of the product. It was almost impossible to cut off the edges of such cash equivalents.

Another story says that round-shaped coins were created because of the existing technologies at that time. To create metal money, it was necessary to make a rod, after which it was cut into pieces-coins, then a drawing was applied. People are used to this appearance of money, and it is still used in many states.

Interesting facts about money from different countries

interesting facts about money from different countries

If you carefully study the information, you can find a lot of interesting facts about the money of the world. After all, each country had its own peculiarities of the appearance of banknotes and currencies. These stories can not only surprise, but also cause confusion or laughter.

Funny facts about money can be shared with your friends whenever possible.

Did you know that the service life of a bill is only 3 years, but the $ 100 bill is used for about 8-9 years?

The dirtiest thing is money. During their existence, they pass through the hands of 40-50 thousand people.

The first money made of paper appeared 1000 years before our era in China.

The largest metal monetary equivalent is considered to be a Turkish coin, its face value is 100 thousand liras.

The most common and popular banknote is considered to be 100 US dollars. It is worth noting that in this country it is not allowed to print a portrait of a living person on a bill.

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