The most expensive bank cards

самые красивые банковские карты

Elite bank cards are an indicator of the special status of their owner. For most people nowadays, bank cards are no longer basic necessities, for them they are a thing that emphasizes their status, position in society, etc.

The most expensive credit card is not available to everyone, there are credit cards designed only for owners of the largest accounts, which give numerous privileges that the average person does not always even know about.

The most expensive maps in the world

Like all other credit cards, elite cards came to us from abroad. There, being the owner of a status “plastic” is not just convenient, but also prestigious. Not everyone can get such a card, they are issued only to regular customers with whom the bank has a long-term and profitable cooperation. Holders of such credit cards are mostly quite wealthy people who regularly travel around the globe, visit expensive restaurants and buy things in high-end boutiques. Additional bonuses and services from banks and well-known payment systems are provided for them.

The most expensive credit cards in Ukraine

In Ukraine, credit cards with elite status have become popular not so long ago. But here, a Gold card in the same PrivatBank can be offered even to a borrower applying for a loan for household appliances. Offering high-end plastic, banking institutions emphasize its status, however, special privileges can not be used everywhere.

Abroad, such a credit card, of course, provides its owner with special advantages, however, ordinary Ukrainians are not so often abroad. In addition, domestic banks do not set such high limits for elite credit cards as they do abroad. Thus, Ukrainian exclusive bank cards do not reach the elite standards accepted all over the world, although the cost of annual maintenance is set by banks quite high.

The most expensive maps in the world

the coolest bank card

If your lifestyle is characterized by an abundance of luxury, and you have an amount with several zeros in your account, you have the opportunity to become the owner of one of the most prestigious bank cards in the world. In addition to such a credit card, you automatically receive the corresponding status, privileges and benefits:

  • the limit is not limited;
  • profitable bonus programs from partners;
  • VIP privileges on planes, etc.

In the first place in the top exclusive bank credit cards PlatinumGard from JPMorgan Chase, which appeared in 2009. Most of the customers who are holders have at least $ 10,000,000 in assets in their bank accounts, and the average bank account balance is about $ 100,000,000 per year.

This iron bank card has a palladium coating, weighs approximately 28 grams, and is equipped with a special chip. The owner of such a card must pay an annual commission of $ 595, and no fees are charged for late, international, or chargebacks. The credit limit is unlimited.

In second place is the Coutts World Silk Card, the owner must have an account of $ 1,000,000 or more to receive it. At the same time, the funds must be deposited in the personal bank account of Elizabeth II. The annual payment is different for each holder. As privileges, silk credit card offers access to boutiques for VIP clients, special offers from air carriers, round-the-clock service, etc.Each client receives individual bonus offers from the bank.

Dubai First Royale Mastercard is the most beautiful bank card, it is really precious. Along the edge of the credit card is trimmed with gold, on the front side there is a diamond. Available only to members of Dubai’s high society, issued by special invitation. There are only two hundred holders, each of them has an unlimited limit, a personal manager and a top-level service guarantee.

The American Express Blak Card Ctnturion Black Bank card is available to holders who spend more than $ 250,000 a year. The issue of such a credit card costs $ 7,500, maintenance costs two and a half thousand greenbacks per year.

The owner of such a card has access to special halls of American airports, the ability to book at any time a table in an elite restaurant, apartments in the best hotels, air tickets, etc.

Stratus Rewards Visa is chosen by fans of white color, it can be issued only by special invitation. Maintenance costs $ 1,500 per year. For this amount, cardholders can exchange their accumulated bonuses for private jet tickets, enjoy discounts and bonuses when booking rooms in the best hotels, etc.

In addition, the list of the coolest bank cards Citigroup Blak Chairman Card, which can only be issued by bank customers and participants of the investment program. Maintenance of such plastic will cost five hundred dollars annually, the credit limit is 300,000.

Unusual high-end bank cards

the most expensive bank card

Today, banking structures are trying to attract new customers in all possible ways, including by issuing the most expensive bank cards and the most unusual credit cards. At the same time, they are unusual not only in terms of terms of use, but also in their appearance.

The most expensive and unusual card is a titanium one, a product of cooperation between Apple and Goldman Sachs, a bank in America. Called the Apple Card credit card, made in a minimalist design, all information is stored on the user’s iPhone.

You can get such a card in Russia from Alfa-Bank or Tinkoff Bank if you have at least $ 1,000,000 in your account.

Transparent plastic credit card “No. 26” is issued by the German banking service. It can be issued by freelancers, business clients of the bank, and the self-employed. The main feature of this card is the remote form of work. The card is available for registration to citizens of 18 countries, and the service is free of charge.

In addition, the service produces premium cards made of metal, the color can be matte black, pink, or steel. The benefits of such a card include a personal manager, bonuses for travelers, etc. The annual service will be 16.9 euros.

Avangard releases the coolest map with a display. Externally, it looks like a regular calculator, has a small display and keyboard. This innovation makes it possible to enter one-time passwords for confirming purchases in online services, as well as for conducting online transactions in banks.

If earlier this plastic was available only to premium clients of the bank, now for an annual service of $ 9, it can be issued by any client of the bank.

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