Web Designer: what kind of profession is this?

веб дизайнер это специалист

The main task of a web designer is to design Internet projects. A beautiful and thoughtful design allows you to attract more users to the resource. These specialists should not only be able to use special computer programs, but also have creative potential.

A web designer is a specialist who has an artistic taste and has a deep knowledge of Internet technologies. They will need these skills when creating web pages and then combining them into websites.

If you still haven’t found a profession that interests you, then there are tests on special sites that allow you to determine your field of activity and specialties, taking into account your personality type and intelligence.

What does a web designer do?

Simultaneously, with the advent of the World Wide Web, the profession of web designer also emerged. In the global network, you can create websites for commercial purposes. The specialist is responsible for developing the appearance of the project, taking into account the specifics of the Internet. The design of projects should not only be beautiful, stylish and fashionable, but also meet the established standards set by the Network. These requirements include the following::

  • mandatory optimization of all graphic elements, including logos, images, and banners;
  • when choosing the color scheme and fonts, the designer should take into account the fact that the user first gets acquainted with your design on their monitor, and not on paper.

The web designer is responsible for the appearance and perception of projects hosted on the global network. It can also create company symbols, banners, and other graphic elements, develop a site navigation system, and determine the location of content. The specialist’s tasks include not only creating an interesting and unique website, but also taking into account its loading time. The highest level of skill is considered to be the development of interactive projects. To create such an online resource, a web designer will need to learn the hypertext markup language HTML and have a sense of style. An important role in this case will be played by knowledge of the basics of programming and the ability to work with databases.

The profession of a web designer also involves creating banners, online postcards, and electronic presentations. The goals, responsibilities, and tasks of specialists in this profession may differ slightly, depending on what project they are working on. If you are designing a landing page, then the project’s appearance should form a positive perception of the product image that will be advertised. As for multi-page projects, they should be equipped with a convenient navigation system and an intuitive interface.

web designer what is your profession

Quite often, a web designer is confused with a graphic designer and the development of a corporate identity and logo is added to his duties. Of course, in this area, you can find a wide range of specialists who can cope with any tasks. However, you should be aware that the web designer’s tasks include designing web page layouts, including landing pages, business card sites, online stores, and so on. This specialist should be able to work in a group, since it is almost impossible to create a web project without a marketer, web designer, and web developer. If the company does not have a programmer who will handle the layout of the project, this does not mean that this work will be delegated to the designer.

Advantages of a web designer’s specialty

The main advantages of this profession include the following:

  • high demand in the labor market;
  • you can work remotely, so you are not limited to the territorial borders of one country;
  • professional development;
  • you can implement any of your ideas without spending any money;
  • high level of income.

There are also shortcomings in this area. They are mainly related to the fact that the client’s artistic vision may not coincide with the layout that the contractor developed. In this regard, the contractor will have to convince the customer that his decision is correct, or give in and agree to make amendments.

If you have recently completed a web designer course, then don’t be lazy. To achieve self-realization in life, a person needs to work hard, perform work as efficiently as possible and do not forget about self-development.

Where do web designers work?

web designer profession

Specialists in this profession have a wide range of employment options. You can find work in design studios, companies that provide website development services, or organizations that have their own resource and want to improve it. Currently, many web designers work for themselves, as a freelancer. This approach allows you to earn money without leaving your home. By completing orders, you will be able to independently allocate your time, as well as control your income. It is worth noting that the level of earnings directly depends on how much money you want to get.

Who is a web designer and what qualities should they have?

Since this profession is considered one of the most popular, many young people pay attention to it. However, do not rush to sign up for courses, as you need to have certain qualities to work effectively in this area. A person should have excellent aesthetic taste, creativity, good memory, artistic thinking, attentiveness, patience and accuracy.

Qualified specialists not only develop layouts on paper, but also need to be able to work in special graphic programs that are designed to create a design, for example, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.A person also needs to know the basics of web programming, namely HTML and CSS.

How to become a web designer?

If you are interested in this area and want to learn how to develop a beautiful and user-friendly interface for web projects, then the next stage in self-realization can be passing special courses. This profession appeared relatively recently, so it is constantly being improved, new technologies and techniques appear in it. To remain always in demand for specialists, it is necessary not to rest on your laurels, constantly work on your practical skills and replenish your knowledge base.

Now specialized courses dedicated to mastering web design can be found in any city. If you don’t have time to study offline, then don’t worry, because you can also learn this profession remotely. Below we will tell you about the most popular educational platforms in the global network.

Training on Contented

web designer profession

In a sense, a web designer is a wizard who makes web projects convenient, and Landing pages, presentations, and banners the most effective. You can get the necessary knowledge on the Contented educational portal. In just 6 months, you will be able to become a highly sought-after specialist, as well as gain a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that will allow you to support your business online. The courses are suitable even for those students who have never worked in image editors. Modules for marketing training and creating longreads were written by the best designers. Mentors always keep in touch with their students, and also help them with homework assignments. During the training process, you will create your own projects. At the end of the course, you will have 6 cases on hand. As a bonus, the best diploma project is paid for and posted on the global network.

Specialty of web designer at the Academy “Step”

On this educational platform, you will learn how to develop projects from scratch, as well as get a high-quality flow of visitors and maintain your site’s position in search results. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to gain knowledge in the field of technology, web programming and web design, as well as learn about all the stages of creating online projects.

The training program is designed for beginners. Tasks will become more complex over time. During the course, you will be able to gain the skills of a web developer, collect projects for your portfolio, and become a competent specialist who is ready to work in large web studios or become an independent freelancer. This educational center guarantees your employment. The course duration is one year. Anyone between the ages of 15 and 55 can complete the training.

International School of Professions

Here you can get practical skills and learn how to implement responsive web resources using the most popular web designer tools, namely Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. Projects are visualized in Figma, which you will also learn how to work with. While studying, you can learn how to improve the usability of the resource, develop elements for users, and optimize the project for different gadgets. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a diploma. If it is difficult for you to pay the required amount for training immediately, then you can use installments. Branches of the school are located in many cities of Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. Training takes place in the traditional form, as well as online.

All about the profession of web designer on SkillBox

This educational portal is suitable for those who want to learn web and UX design. After completing the training, you will be able to correctly present your ideas to customers, develop convenient resources, and interact with animation. After 4 months of mastering a new profession, you will find your first clients.

Mastering in MASPC

The Interregional Academy offers courses for distance education in this area. Professors have developed more than 100 courses for mastering the IT sphere. Graduates are awarded diplomas at the end of their studies.

Web designer all about the profession on the GeekBrains educational portal

If you want to be trained by practitioners with specialized education and extensive work experience, then sign up for courses in GeekBrains. Here, each student can choose a suitable course for themselves and train at this base. This portal has been working in the field of education for 10 years. You can apply for an interest-free installment plan for a year. For those who want to get an education at Geek University, installments are also provided. You can pay for the training one year after it starts.

Where is the best place to learn the web designer profession?

web designer profession

Many people wonder where it is better to get training. Currently, you can get the necessary knowledge not only in high school, but also in college and in specialized courses. However, you will continue to learn as you complete your orders. It is your clients who will teach you how to understand the context. Most web designers gain experience while already in the ranks, and this is quite normal for this industry. If you are being interviewed for a job, it is quite possible that you will not even be asked where you were trained. Usually, the employer asks you to show your portfolio. This is the beginning of your professional growth.

How much does a web designer earn as a specialist?

On average, the salary of a qualified specialist is about $ 350. The highest income can be found among specialists who work in the capitals. Their salary can reach $ 850 a month.

As for an online designer who does freelance work, their income directly depends on their ambitions and practical skills. Novice freelancers earn about 200-400 US dollars. Masters of their craft who have been working in this field for several years can earn an income of at least $ 1,400 per month.

If you compare prices on the freelance exchange, you will notice that the payment for the site design may be different. For example, large customers are willing to pay $ 140 for a high-quality website design.

Where can an online designer work? Your income depends on how prestigious the company you plan to work for is, your work experience as a designer, and the number of applications you receive. The cost of a design can vary and is determined by the quality of your work. Some studios offer” packages ” that have a fixed price.

Career growth and a promising future for a web designer

Talented people who have completed courses can get a job as a web developer, project manager, or art director. It is not easy to achieve fame in this niche, since there is no specific algorithm. Moving up the career ladder depends on the skill of a specialist, as well as proper interaction with the world. A specialist should be able to build relationships with clients, superiors, and colleagues correctly.

What do you need to work as a web designer?

web designer profession

If you have long dreamed of becoming a web designer, then we recommend that you read the HTML tutorial. It will help you learn the basics of creating a web page for the global network. However, you should understand that hypertext markup language is not yet a web design language. HTML is necessary for creating web projects. But to make your page look attractive and correct, you need to have excellent taste and a sense of style. One of the best publications on web design is the book by D. Kirsanov.

Are web designers in demand?

Currently, there are a large number of narrow design profiles on the market. These include web, UI/UX, product design, and interior design. This is not the entire list of this industry. To choose the most suitable specialization for you, you need to take into account your personal preferences, as well as the prospects of this profession.

Despite the fact that artificial intelligence is able to modify some images based on the user’s wishes, a machine will not be able to replace a person. The duties of a web designer include working with the laws of ergonomics, psychology, and color perception. Technology is not able to feel the beauty, so web designers will be able to compete with AI for a long time to come.

Web designer profession description-suitable for whom?

web designer what is it

This specialty is suitable for those people who like to make complex things simple, determine the operation of the system, support the project from start to finish, and spend hours viewing graphic images.

UI / UX design is very popular right now. With their help, you can master the development of online projects much faster. You can create your own resource without any knowledge of the code. However, keep in mind that the site must meet the client’s requirements and have an intuitive interface. The question of usability should be decided by the designer, that is, he should put himself in the place of a regular user and design the project from and to. Without a qualified specialist, you won’t be able to launch any site or application. In the near future, UI / UX designers will have a high demand for their services.

Modern design can be compared to real art, so before you sign up for courses, think about whether you can spend a lot of time developing samples and artistic design.

Web design is based on the same principles as in other areas:

  • the principle of functionalism,
  • the principle of constructivism.

A project that is thought out to the smallest detail, imbued with a single idea, will be able to compete well with other sites.

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