How is the accounting of electric energy at the enterprise?


Electricity is one of the few commodities that we only think about when we get a bill for it. Tariffs for it are constantly increasing, and when consumers once again clarify the reasons for the increase, experts associate this aspect with the need to buy modern metering devices, electricity losses in the network, irregular production cycle of companies, etc.If you want to reduce energy consumption costs, ENERGY LINE specialists offer an action plan that will help achieve this goal.

Currently, different companies are engaged in the supply of electricity, and each offers its own price for the product. Electricity is purchased at a regulated rate and has nothing to do with the accounting and settlement system with the supplier. However, in order to work at unregulated prices with an independent supplier, the company must implement a special commercial accounting system that can calculate the cost of electricity by the hour. Of course, this solution may be an unaffordable luxury for many consumers, but it pays for itself very quickly.

Commercial accounting of electric energy and its features

The use of accounting systems is necessary to regulate financial settlements between companies that produce, sell and distribute electricity. Technical accounting provides accurate information about the consumption of resources at a particular enterprise. What does it mean? You will know how much energy is spent by individual divisions of the company and professional equipment.

In modern domestic companies, these types of accounting are used simultaneously. This approach provides not only reliable results, but also the ability to find ways to save money. Special accounting systems can handle this task.

Nowadays, the use of automated accounting methods for most organizations that have a large structure or costly production is a top priority. The most popular and popular accounting tools are considered to be ASCUE and AIIS CUE. Thanks to them, you can get truthful data and other information that will allow you to identify ways to reduce energy consumption.

Modern accounting systems perform the following tasks::

– collection and transmission of information;

— long-term storage of information;

– analysis of power consumption results;

– detection of problems and improper power consumption;

– remote control of electricity supply processes to the customer.

Optimization of energy consumption costs.

Reducing energy costs at the enterprise is possible only if some part of the main load is transferred to another period of time, namely at night. Experts advise using various options to turn off energy-consuming equipment during the day, and connect it at night, so that power consumption during the day is constant. Reducing costs will only be possible if this regime is observed for a specific period. If the company does not adhere to this schedule, it will have to pay the debt at other prices in order to avoid receiving fines.

To start using commercial electricity metering, you need to get approval from regulatory authorities. Consumers should ensure that metering devices have a high degree of reliability, otherwise they will face financial losses. A malfunction of the device can lead to unreliability of information.

Many manufacturing companies install automated metering systems that allow remote control of production, transportation, and energy consumption.

This direction does not stand still, today metering devices are produced that have a convenient interface for exchanging information, and can simplify the work of the company.

The implementation of modern software solutions allows you to perform specific functions and provides additional features: collecting and transmitting information to the server over a certain time interval, analytical processes, and long-term storage of information.

Systems used for commercial electricity metering must meet certain standards, and their registration with regulatory authorities is mandatory.

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