Which profession brings the most income?

какая профессия приносит наибольший доход

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to take part in profitable business projects. Of course, to make this dream a reality, he must first earn and accumulate enough capital to develop a new type of activity. In this article, we will talk about professions that bring a lot of income.

It’s no secret that in different countries, specialists receive different salaries for the same work. Each country has its own ideas about the prestige of a particular profession, and salary rates are formed accordingly. We tried to collect all professions with good earnings in one list. These professions are not affected by the country’s culture and traditions. The ranking of highly paid professions, which is compiled in Russia and the CIS countries, differs significantly from the world’s views on prestige.

Rating of professions that earn a lot of money

what kind of work brings a good income

In most countries, health workers are highly paid for their work. The income of a specialist in different countries starts from $ 1 million. Of course, the authorities are trying to motivate medical professionals, which generally has a positive effect on the population, in particular on their health.

The first three leaders are as follows:

  • surgeons.According to research, these workers earn high incomes all over the world.The annual salary of a medical worker reaches 180 thousand dollars;
  • anesthesiologists.Without people of this profession, it is impossible to imagine any operation.The annual income of a medical worker is slightly lower than that of a surgeon, only 150 thousand dollars;
  • top managers.The income of the manager of a large company is approximately 130 thousand dollars.In Russia, representatives of this specialty occupy the first lines of the rating of professions.

The fourth line of the rating is occupied by dentists. The specialty of orthodontist is currently very popular for admission to medical schools. The annual income of specialists in this field is approximately 120 thousand dollars.

The fifth place belongs to the pilots of aircraft. People of this specialty should have a high concentration of attention and responsibility. And they pay pilots for a heavy schedule and full return of about 100 thousand dollars per year.

high-income professions

Analysts are ranked sixth in the ranking of high-income professions. These people are responsible for forecasting and evaluating situations, only they know everything about favorable and unfavorable changes in the market. For their intelligence, they receive an annual income of about 90 thousand dollars.

The seventh line is occupied by IT specialists. This profession is now in high demand on the global labor market. A big advantage of this type of activity is the ability to work remotely. This means that the specialist does not have to link himself to a specific place of residence. The annual earnings of such people can reach 80 thousand dollars.

In the eighth place of the rating of professions with high salaries are lawyers of large companies. Representatives of these professions allow others to cope with various judicial problems, they stand guard over the law and help restore justice. For their work, they receive an annual income of 60 thousand dollars;

The ninth place belongs to marketers. Projects of specialists in this field bring them an annual income of 60 thousand dollars.

In tenth place are farmers. Today, the entire state depends on these people for its survival. The annual salary of specialists is approximately 50 thousand dollars.

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