Earning money by selling photos on the Internet

заработок на продаже фотографий в интернете

If you are interested in photos, you like to constantly take pictures, you think that you are good at this business, then it’s time to turn your hobby into a source of income. Currently, not everyone knows how to make money by selling photos. You can publish your photos on special platforms where images are sold. These services are also known as photobanks or photostocks. In addition to your images, you can sell vector illustrations. Now vector graphics have started to gain popularity, so you can easily get income, the amount of which will not be inferior to the sales of photos.

For those who have not yet experienced earning money from a photo, it may seem at first that the business will bring them a good profit, while it will take little time to prepare the picture. They believe that by posting a few images, they will be able to constantly receive money from them. Is this really the case?

What do you need to know about working with photo banks?

earn money by selling photos

The set of tools for carrying out this activity is basically standard. You will need to purchase a good camera to capture high-resolution images. You shouldn’t even think about cheap cameras. In order for your artwork to be purchased, you must first take care of its quality and high resolution.

Any snapshot needs to be processed before publishing. You can perform this task only with the help of specialized software. Therefore, you must have Photoshop or any other image editor installed on your computer that you know how to work with. Before you send a photo to the photo bank, you need to fix any problems, remove roughness and noise, and adjust the color and contour. Otherwise, the moderators of the photobank simply won’t miss your “masterpiece”.

To work in this field, you may need to know English. It is worth considering the fact that the main profit will come from foreign sites. In developed countries, people value the work of others. Copyright plays an important role for them. When registering an account with Photobank, you may need your passport details.

If your photos show people, you should also give your consent to display images with their participation.

How do I start selling photos online?

how to make money by selling photos

Before you start earning money from photos, you need to pass an exam. To do this, the performer needs to select 5-10 high-quality images for verification. You may be asked additional questions during this test, so please read the rules for working on your chosen resource in advance. Studying the necessary materials posted on the service will not take up much time, but you can immediately show that you are responsible for this activity. If the moderators don’t like your work or you couldn’t answer the questions, then don’t worry. After some time, you can try out your skills again. Photostocks provides an unlimited number of attempts to pass the exam. In order not to waste your time, immediately register on several similar Internet resources.

How to make money in a photo bank by selling photos?

There are certain rules that apply to any photo stock. You must read them before starting this activity. In some cases, this service prohibits publishing the image on other sites. However, there are also sites that are more loyal to this requirement. In other words, you can display the same photo on several resources at once.

To increase earnings from selling photos, you need to analyze this market segment and find out which areas are currently in high demand. Photobanks have a category for the most popular images. Often, images from the tourism, health, entrepreneurship, and sports categories are considered the most popular. They also often buy photos of children.

If your images are of high quality, then consider that half the battle is done. Now it remains to make sure that it is seen and purchased. Come up with an interesting name for the image, give it a short description, and don’t neglect setting appropriate meta tags. For example, if you post a photo with a waterfall, you should specify the following tags: river, nature, waterfall, etc. It is also worth remembering that these words must be translated into English. You should have no problems with this task, as you can use online translators.

Photo banks can be different. Some ad platforms allow you to download the same image multiple times. However, there are other services in this area where the photo is downloaded only once. Here you can find really unique and exclusive images.

How much can you earn by selling photos through photo banks?

selling photos online

Many aspiring photographers think they can make a big profit right away. According to them, the monthly earnings will be about $ 1,000. However, after several months of work, their hands drop. The fact is that after reading reviews about earning money on photo banks, they believe that a good income can be obtained from the first month. But this is not the case. In order to earn a large amount of money, it will take time. It is worth noting that images that are included in the top photo banks bring their owners good money.

Simple mathematical calculations will help you determine the approximate earnings. For example, a single photo can be downloaded approximately 1,000 times over the course of a year. If we take into account that the average price for an image is about $ 0.4 – $ 0.6, then we get that the owner of this image earned $ 500-600 on his masterpiece. That’s about $ 50 a month. But as we know, a person is not limited to one photo. He may have a lot of them.

How to make money online on photos for beginners?

First, try registering on several sites at once. Prepare your best and high-quality images for posting. There have been cases when moderators skip only 2-3 photos out of 15 suggested images. But on another site, all your work will be posted. There were situations when photos were not accepted on one resource, but on another, these images were wildly popular. To make good money, just register on 6-7 resources.

Carefully sign the image name and meta tags. There are a lot of photos on this service for each category. The client will not view them all in order. It’s easier to apply the search, which is exactly what it will do. Even if you create a real masterpiece, without the title, it will simply be lost among other images.

How do I post my photos online? Identify the most popular and popular topics. If you know how to create beautiful pictures with pets, but they are not in high demand, then you will not be able to earn a good amount on them. Before you start, make a list of directions that you can work with.

A very important point is to build up the database of images. You should not think that 30-40 images will bring a fabulous income. Keep posting new images. If the best photos are not in demand, do not despair. In most cases, people prefer simpler images. To make a high-quality image, don’t forget about processing and editing the image. Photoshop will help you with this task.

If you do everything right, then after a while your projects will start to bring a stable income. At first, it may be as little as $ 10, but this amount will grow over time. The most important thing is to start working in this field, your hard work and perseverance will become the main assistants in this matter.

How to make money online by selling images?

In the global network, you can find both domestic and foreign photo stocks. These platforms provide people with the opportunity to earn income without investing. You don’t have to register for all the services, but you can choose several sites for yourself.

Anyone who likes to create and process photos can work in this field. You can not only earn money, but also enjoy this work. It is quite possible that in the future, selling photos will become the main source of your income.

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