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The phrase “open data” is widely used today. It is often said that information was obtained from open sources, but few have thought about what it is.

Open data. What’s the point?

It is impossible to give an unambiguous definition of open data. It is quite voluminous, it includes both the phenomenon itself and the system where it occurs. The basic idea is that information that does not have copyright status, is not protected by patents or other control systems, should be publicly available. Open data does not charge a fee and there are no restrictions on access, information should be freely available to every citizen.

Open data is useful information in various fields, such as government registers, housing data, publicity schemes, and so on. The format in which the information is provided is available for various computer algorithms. Open data files are available in RDF, JSON and XML formats. The creators do not recommend formats such as text documents, Excel, PDF for open data files, because they have a fuzzy data structure.

At first glance, it may seem that open data will help make our lives more comfortable, but if you look closely, ordinary people who do not belong to certain areas of life can not understand how and why to use open data. Therefore, in some countries, separate open projects may be set up and worked on by local authorities. Global projects are usually related to big business and various public spheres, such as:

  • In the UK, an open data service has been launched since 2006, which provides complete information on the economy, the educational process, the state budget, and crime. This information is provided by state and local authorities;
  • The American project ZestFinance will help determine the solvency and welfare of borrowers in 10 seconds, which is very important for banking institutions when issuing loans;
  • Any information in the field of agriculture is available through Farmerline, Ghana. The user will have the opportunity to analyze the agricultural market, read the recommendations and tips for growing certain crops;
  • With the help of the Indian platform ReConnect Energy, it is possible to monitor and analyze the functionality of solar installations by forecasting the volume of electricity production. This program is most popular among companies that use alternative power sources.;
  • Business Intelligence can use Timetric, thanks to which you can get the necessary information in any area of ​​business, generate reports, get recommendations in the shortest possible time;
  • In the Philippines, Kalibrr is becoming increasingly popular, providing prompt processing of applicants’ requests and issuing proposals and options for relevant work. Employers can use this platform to get a list of eligible applicants. The services of this platform are used by many large well-known corporations, such as Toyota, Shell and others.;
  • on the large Open Data Impact Map platform there are communities from different countries that successfully use and develop open data projects. Suitable for different queries, allowing you to view information in different areas.

These are just some examples of the use of open data, the possibilities of which are almost unlimited. With the help of the platform you can check the availability of the necessary drugs in the pharmacy, get information about public procurement, public transport schedule and much more.

Commercial organizations are also free to share their data with everyone, and you can request information about the resources you need, for example:

  • At the request of the user Uber can provide information about all the trips of any of his cars;
  • Intel shares all its research and more.

The companies provide flight schedules, fares, a list of additional services offered and much more.

Many private companies in different countries can use open data for their own benefit, earning money from it. In 2016, the European open data market was about 60 billion euros, by 2022 this amount has grown to 100 billion euros. Open data creates additional jobs and IT technologies, which significantly reduces costs.

Open data. The situation in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the concept of open data appeared in 2013. One of the initiators was the Social Boost project, which promotes open data and monitors the activities of various IT companies, government agencies through social projects that work with electronic services, government data and more.

In 2014, a law was passed to open more than three hundred databases and various open data registers. Three years later, the number of databases has grown significantly.

In six years in the Global Open data Index, Ukraine has significantly increased its position, ranking 31st and entering the top 50 countries that are considered the most open.

Today in Ukraine there are a huge number of open data projects, for example:

  •, provides access to information of open data bodies with the possibility of their further use;
  • various platforms that allow you to verify the registration data of any company in Ukraine to protect against raider attacks or to study the data of third-party counterparties;
  • Ukraine’s only e-procurement portal ProZorro, which contains all the necessary information;
  • travel planning services throughout the country depending on the current state of the roads;
  • any information about laws and regulations can be found on “Laws simply”, etc.

Our ENERGY LINE INVEST project is also evolving in this direction and provides information to verify contractors, physical and legal entities.

Analytical system ENERGY LINE INVEST

With the help of our resource, everyone can get an extended dossier for any Ukrainian company, monitor any changes in the state register, etc. The service continues to evolve, acquiring new useful features.

The overall goal of the project is to provide informational support to the citizens of Ukraine, as well as to build the trust of Ukrainians in the government through the provision of open data. We promote the development of e-government in Ukraine and implement the world’s best practices in the field of open data.

Open data can increase profits and reduce costs not only for commercial organizations and companies, but also for the state. Open data can increase the efficiency and transparency of the state register, fight corruption and dishonest taxpayers. Any Ukrainian can get the information he needs on, but not everyone knows about such innovations.

Abroad, it has long been understood that with the help of open data you can benefit, increase business profitability. Government agencies, state-owned companies and businessmen are cooperating in this process. Business is responsible for construction, public structures attack the state for open data, and as a result the public sector provides information to the public.
Available data can be analyzed, used for their own purposes, used in startups. Every day more and more areas of open data use appear in Ukraine: state bodies provide previously inaccessible information, support various initiatives on the use of open data.

Who and how earns on open data in Ukraine?

Open data is a resource that not only does not run out over time, but also multiplies. A business benefits when it integrates data into its business models. They are often compared to oil. After all, as oil, which can be converted into a large number of products – gas, plastic, chemicals, etc. – the same data set can be used differently and an unlimited number of times. Data can be aggregated and analyzed to make decisions, create added value for existing products and services, or launch a completely new product for a specific market segment.

The main areas in which open data are actively used:


Data is the basis for journalism that deals with facts, figures, and relationships.

Public sector

Authorities at all levels – cities, districts, ministries to justify their decisions and formulate effective policies.

Public initiatives

For in-depth study of industry trends. Thanks to open data, for example, the UNDP team found that only 30% of legal entities in Ukraine are women.


Developers, innovators who are used to looking for non-trivial solutions to problems. Based on the data, they produce fundamentally new goods and services.


If you want to understand what is happening in the world.

Based on the emergence of new services on the Internet, we can conclude that more and more Ukrainian startups are using open data to create services and portals used by millions of Ukrainians. These projects not only affect economic development and stimulate innovation, but also have a significant social impact. However, Ukrainian startups based on open data face not only the “classic” problems of startups, but also the quality and availability of open data to create and improve their products.

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