Simple ways to save water

как экономить воду

In a situation of widespread ecological crisis, the issues of preserving natural resources, including water resources, are now extremely relevant. Options on how to save on water are available to each of us, and without much effort.

It doesn’t matter what climate region you live in, you can save water not only in arid areas. The tips described below will be useful not only for the global economy, but also for your own wallet.

How to save water consumption without effort?

  • Avoid taking a bath in favor of a shower.

Naturally, those who like to lie down in a bubble bath will not be happy with this turn, but the water consumption during the shower is significantly less than when taking a bath.

  • Reduce the time spent in the shower.

If you are used to taking a long shower in the morning to wake up, try to change your habits. You can drink a cup of coffee before taking a shower to help your body wake up. Don’t forget, the less time you spend in a wet bathroom, the more comfortable your skin will be.

  • Use the dishwasher and washing machine at maximum capacity.

Naturally, you can not fill up the equipment with linen or dishes, but using half-empty units not only consumes excess water, but can also cause breakdowns.

  • Water the flowers in your home with recycled wastewater.

The use of bath water makes it possible to significantly reduce water consumption, especially since many plants require daily and abundant watering.

  • Equip your home with wastewater recycling systems.

Saving water in the home will become much easier and more efficient with the use of modern eco-gadgets. Such structures can be made independently or placed on order.

  • Fix possible leaks

If your faucet drips, thousands of liters of water can be lost in a few months. And a faulty toilet tank loses even more during the same time. Poor-quality plumbing will hit not only your budget and nerve cells, but also affect the global economy.

how to save on water

  • Turn off the faucet when washing dishes and washing your face.

Try to track how much water is used when you squeeze paste onto your toothbrush or try to wipe off a greasy plate. Try to turn off the water during such procedures.

  • In the bathroom, you can use a watering can for a shower with reduced water consumption.

Modern gadgets have additional settings for controlling water consumption, and these ways to save water are quite effective. However, before buying, it is recommended to make sure that it is not a fake, read the reviews, read the instructions. You can also put a shower head with a small diameter, this is also a good option to save water.

  • Those who like to drink chilled water can be recommended to keep it in the refrigerator.

To refresh themselves on a summer afternoon, many people like to drink tap water, as it quickly becomes warm in a jug or decanter. It will be more economical to put water in the refrigerator so that you can drink cold water at any time.

  • When washing your car, use water from a bucket instead of a hose.

Water from the hose pours non-stop while you process the car, a huge amount of water leaks out. Ideally, if you do not use the services of a car wash, pour water into a bucket for washing the car. And then rinse the washed car with a hose.

There are many ways to save water at home, but the greatest efficiency is achieved when combining several options.

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