Free prices for the supply of electric energy to consumers


According to the adopted Law “On the Electricity Market in Ukraine”, the supply of this type of resource to consumers can only be carried out by those suppliers who have taken care of obtaining a license for this type of activity in advance.

Each consumer has the right to choose a supplier and enter into a contract for the supply of electric energy with him. The contract signed by suppliers and customers specifies parameters such as the required amount of energy, the period and terms of payment. In this case, delivery will take place at a free price.

If the supplier has other obligations to the consumer regarding the provision of universal services or supplies, this circumstance does not affect the formation of free energy prices.

To provide consumers with a guarantee of electricity supply, suppliers work under a bilateral agreement. Thus, on an intra-day or balancing market, you can buy the necessary amount of energy “for the day ahead”. Delivery is carried out in compliance with all retail regulations. The contract also sets out the terms of energy supply, rights and obligations of both parties.

Before entering into a contract, the supplier must acquaint the consumer with all the necessary information, electricity prices, the procedure for invoicing for payment and the terms of debt repayment.

The terms and conditions specified in the contract must be completely transparent, and the text must be written in a language that is understandable to the consumer. You should not sign a contract if there are any shortcomings or nuances in it that are not clear to the participants of this contract.

This document should not contain a clause that prevents the client from changing the supplier. Also, the consumer can not receive penalties if he still used this right. If the contract contains such clauses, it is considered invalid.

Before entering into a contract, the supplier must send the consumer an approximate sample of the contract for study.

Energy Buyer’s Guide – How to Change Suppliers Correctly

  1. If the consumer has decided to change the supplier, then, first of all, they need to write an application or send an application via the Internet to join the selected company.As soon as the new energy provider receives all the necessary documents from the client, the transition process will begin.Often, suppliers are asked to send the following information – full name, a copy of the statement or certificate, an extract from the Unified State Register.If you need any more documents, you will be notified.Usually, consumers receive confirmation of the conclusion of a contract for the supply of electricity during the day.The entire procedure should not last more than 21 days from the date of sending the application.
  2. The next step involves considering the possibility of changing the supplier.Data is being transferred and changes are being made to the registry.PUKU, AKU and SRS are directly involved in this process.
  3. One week before the end of the current contract, your supplier will issue an invoice for the consumed electricity.The receipt will be generated using forecast data received from the administrator.
  4. On the day you move to a new supplier, the ECC will take the last readings in your presence.Based on them, the calculations between the consumer and the former energy provider will be adjusted.These readings will also be used as input data for calculating payments with the new supplier.

Only after all the above procedures, you will be able to start cooperation with a new provider. Electricity supply will start from the date specified in your application.

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