How to make money on the Internet on tasks?

работа выполнять задания

People who want to learn how to earn money on the global network, first of all, come across such a type of work as earning money on tasks. Have you ever heard that income can be earned simply by performing certain manipulations in social networks or search engines? In this article, we will take a closer look at this type of activity, as well as whether it is worth devoting your precious time to it.

Work on completing tasks in the network has now begun to gain momentum, as it is easy and accessible for any resident of Ukraine. Even high school students can earn their first money in the global network without having special knowledge and skills. Most of them will bring only a small profit.

In the case when a person thinks about earning a decent amount of money from such work, he needs to be prepared for the fact that he will have to consider other options, for which he will have to undergo training and regularly improve his knowledge. In some cases, novice freelancers decide to complete courses, spend their time and money to find a way to make the global network their main source of income.

Earning algorithm

What do paid tasks look like, and who is willing to pay for them? In the global network, you can find a large number of freelance exchanges, where users with and without experience try to earn income by performing various tasks that are not particularly difficult. Often this work is posted by webmasters, owners of Internet resources, and businessmen. The main goal is to promote and monetize projects.

There are other schemes. For example, a person receives $ 0.28 for each friend invited to the site. He places a link to register on the exchange and promises a reward of $ 0.07. Thus, after authorizing a “friend”, the latter receives his bonus, and his employer earns the amount due to him.

As for the withdrawal of funds, in most cases these exchanges work with such systems as Webmoney, Yandex.Money, LiqPay. It is worth noting that some services may not work in your region. In this case, it all depends on what country you live in. Every novice freelancer will be able to choose the system that suits them. The earned money can be transferred to your e-wallet.

What is the type of task work?

completing tasks work

On the World Wide Web, you can find a wide variety of tasks for which you can earn income. They are conditionally classified into two groups — the simplest and freelance.

The first category includes the following::

  • completing registration on online resources,
  • creating a new topic on portals and forums,
  • joining communities,
  • adding to subscribers,
  • download and test the game,
  • putting down likes or subscribing,
  • write commentsabout products, services, or organizations.

Even a teenager can cope with them, but it is paid quite inexpensively. If you are looking for a source of basic income, then this option is not suitable for you. By doing your work for money, you will be able to practice and feel that you can earn money from the Internet. In this area, some people manage to make good money, they connect referrals and use other chips.

If you plan to earn much more, then look for high-paying options on the global network.

Completing tasks — working as a freelancer

On sites for freelancers, you can find a large number of different jobs. If you are a professional in your field, then try to find tasks for specialists like you. The services of web designers, software developers, marketers, rewriters, etc. are in high demand.

When the work is completed, the freelancer generates a report on the work done. After the customer checks and approves it, the contractor receives its own monetary reward. To perform such tasks, a person must have special skills and experience. You need to understand that their payment is much higher.

TOP platforms for earning money online on tasks

earn money on tasks

Often, the services have some restrictions on the withdrawal of funds. You need to collect the minimum amount. This is usually a few dollars. Payment can be made instantly or within 3-5 days. In this case, everything depends on the rules adopted on the exchange. An independent employee will be able to get his honestly earned income in the shortest possible time. First, the funds must be transferred to his electronic wallet, and then he can transfer the money to a bank card.

Below is a list of sites that are in high demand and provide an opportunity for anyone to earn money.

Earn money on tasks on the Internet-Yandex.Yandex. Toloka

First, you need to fill out the form and register on this online service, and only then start searching for the right job for you. Orders can be completely different, starting with the execution of photos of buildings and institutions and ending with the analysis of text, graphs, and images.

For convenience, Yandex has created a mobile app. A person can easily work on tasks even when they are out of the house. You can connect Yandex. Toloka on your phone or tablet. To complete some of them, the user must complete a short training course. Sometimes, there are hints that you should not miss. This approach will allow you to make sure that you have understood the usconditions correctly.

When the work is done, it is sent to check and evaluate the user’s skills. The availability of other more paid projects will depend on the performer’s rating. The contractor can discuss the order details with the employer directly on the forum. If you have understood everything correctly and completed the order, you will be able to withdraw the received money in any way that is convenient for you.

It is worth noting that the work must be done manually, without using any additional applications. Otherwise, your account will be blocked and you will not be able to earn money on tasks on the Internet in Yandex. Toloka.


This site is considered quite young. It is based on the provision of its services through the placement of quorks. A novice freelancer needs to register on this service as a seller, that is, you are ready to offer your services for $ 7, of which the portal commission is $ 1.5. You can use your account to create many different queries on different topics. Quark works in the following areas::

  • design,
  • software development,
  • promotion of online projects,
  • working with text information,
  • audio and video processing,
  • lifestyle,
  • business area.

The above groups include a large number of subgroups that performers can use to find and purchase a suitable quark.

In most cases, the success of the seller depends not only on high-quality orders, but also on the ability to present yourself. Your resume should be good, describe in detail your services, professional skills, etc.

The quark must pass moderation. This procedure often takes about a day. Requests from buyers will be sent to your personal account and email address. After receiving their order, they will be able to leave feedback, which is automatically added to your portfolio.

Despite its small age, this service deserves attention, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and try to earn money online on tasks in the Quark.


earn money on tasks online

This project allows you to earn income in the global network for the following specialists::

  • to rewriters,
  • for copywriters,
  • seo specialists,
  • for translators,
  • for photographers, etc.

This exchange is loyal to its performers, so any registered user can try their hand at writing texts.

After the user has passed the literacy test, confirmed their qualifications and scored a rating, they are given the opportunity to apply for more paid orders. When the task is completed and verified, the performer will receive their earnings within three hours and will be able to transfer them to their e-wallet. This procedure may take about 5 business days, but if you are willing to pay a certain percentage, the money will be transferred within 24 hours.

Novice freelancers should pay attention to the fact that the site has a large number of low-paid jobs, for example, a customer asks you to write a text consisting of 2000 characters for $ 0.084 – $ 0.14. Immediately set the filter to view only those tasks for which the client is willing to pay at least $ 0.14 – $ 0.21 per thousand characters. After writing a few similar texts, you can apply for more expensive tasks.

Working on Qcomment

This site is considered one of the most popular in the global network, as you can find a large number of highly paid tasks here. You can earn money for tasks in Qcomment by putting down likes, making reposts, subscribing to various YouTube channels, and commenting on posts.

However, before starting freelancing, the portal participant must pass a special exam. Only after passing the test will the list of tasks become available to you.

To get started completing tasks online, the performer must complete the following steps::

  • register on this online resource,
  • create “live” personal pages in social networks,
  • register on YouTube,
  • open an electronic account in the Webmoney or Yandex payment system.Money.

On this site, as well as on other similar portals, the cost of available orders directly depends on your rating.


how to make money online on tasks

Registration of a potential employee on the site is carried out in the usual way. You need to specify your email address, full name, username and password. To start performing paid tasks, you need to enter the correct data in the questionnaire. It is worth noting that full answers to questions help increase the likelihood of receiving more questionnaires in the future.

On this platform, new users are given a cash bonus of $ 0.14. Information about received surveys will be sent to your Email address and personal account. If you don’t receive survey invitations for a long time, check the notifications on the portal.


Another proven resource where you can earn money online by completing simple tasks is Forumok. The main advantages of this platform include the following::

  • intuitive interface,
  • large number of orders,
  • opportunity to increase revenue through a referral program,
  • quick payouts.

Earnings are generated by performing specific actions in social networks, communities, forums, and other Internet projects. Most of the tasks involve writing and publishing comments and reviews, putting down likes, and watching videos. Tasks must be completed over a certain period of time. If you want to complete more tasks, you should create an account in all social networks.

Approximate cost of work:

  • one like – $ 0.028,
  • comment – $ 0.14,
  • review – $ 0.42.

With these prices, you can quickly collect the minimum amount of income for your first withdrawal.


completing tasks for money online

You can earn money in the global network using the Seosprint service. Each user independently chooses the work that they liked. This can be surfing, viewing emails, taking tests, or completing light tasks. If you liked some tasks, you can mark them as favorites and return to them daily. The contractor can find permanent employers on the portal with an increase in monetary remuneration. Each completed task will be reflected in your rating. If this indicator is high, more paid tasks will be available to the user.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.028. After working during the day, you will be able to cover the cost of mobile communication. This portal provides money withdrawal from almost all reliable payment systems, and the transfer of funds will take only a few minutes.


Before getting acquainted with the list of available tasks, you need to register in all social networks, so that in the future this procedure does not take up your time. After registration, you can study the available orders. The amount of earnings earned on tasks on the Internet without attachments changes depending on the following indicators::

  • number of social media accounts,
  • account characteristics, such as the artist’s age, place of residence, number of subscribers, and interests,
  • number of clients.

Taking into account the above factors, we can conclude that the income of performers may differ. To attract advertisers and get access to a large number of tasks, you need to get subscribers, specify all your interests, and get rid of ads in your feed.


earn money online on tasks

If you want to do freelancing on this particular service, you need to register in the Webmoney digital payment system and open electronic wallets for transferring dollars and rubles.

You can earn money on this portal in the following ways::

  • creating reviews and publications,
  • composing comments,
  • communication with users on various internet projects,
  • selling articles you’ve written,
  • translation of publications, scientific articles, etc.,
  • development of slogans for advertising banners.

To receive an order, a potential contractor must leave a response to the task. The Client will review your data, such as ratings, reviews, and recommendations, and confirm or reject the request. In order to increase your rating, you should pay attention to low-paying tasks. The simplest tasks can be completed immediately, without waiting for the customer’s response.


A potential independent employee should register for this project, then check the boxes for those tasks that they would like to work on. It is advisable to write comments on the submitted responses. On this portal, you can work with ads, texts, and help with site design or content.

The performer is required to pass an exam, specify their specifics, pay for a subscription, and confirm their mobile phone number.

The administration of this service prohibits:

  • registering multiple accounts at once,
  • placement of job search ads,
  • providing personal contacts to clients.

You also should not be rude to people, demand an increase in monetary remuneration. To avoid problems, you should not agree to such types of work as hacking accounts, forging official papers, etc. All activities should be carried out only on this site.

How do I complete online tasks for money?

work on the Internet on tasks

Let’s take a concrete example of how you can earn money on tasks. On different projects, the process of receiving and completing an order may differ slightly, but the essence is still the same, and it will not be difficult for you to figure it out.

Earning money online without investing in tasks includes the following steps::

  • register on the portal you like;
  • view a list of available tasks.The more accounts you have, the more money you can earn on freelancing;
  • click on the link next to the task description;
  • opening a personal account in a social network where you need to perform actions, such as joining a group;
  • after completing the task, go to the service again and click “Check”.

Having done these simple manipulations, you can get your first earnings on tasks on the Internet. The cash reward will be immediately transferred to your account. Update the page. You probably noticed that the number of completed tasks has increased.

Tips on how to earn money by completing tasks

Many people began to think about how to start earning income in the global network. Thanks to freelance exchanges, even a teenager can earn money online by completing tasks. You don’t need any professional skills or specific knowledge to complete simple tasks. Over time, a person can learn to solve more complex orders.

Below we have collected tips from experienced freelancers for you:

  • to perform tasks on freelance exchanges, performers need to have social media accounts.However, this is not enough, you need to recruit friends.”Make friends” even with strangers;
  • if the customer asks you to provide a comment in the request, do not send hackneyed expressions like “Ready to take up the order”.It is advisable to write a few phrases that will make your response stand out from other independent employees.In the application, it is better to address the potential client by name, so it is not superfluous to view their profile;
  • it is better to choose the job that you are good at, so you can increase your rating and attract the interest of customers.For example, those who like to draw can be recommended to try their hand at web design.If you have a perfect command of a foreign language, then try translating the text.By choosing a direction that suits your taste, you can achieve excellent results.Over time, you can study the direction that is in high demand and pays more for it;
  • after completing your work online, ask your customers to leave feedback.This approach increases the confidence of the following employers:;
  • in some situations, clients send the project for revision or cancel the order altogether.It is advisable to choose a job that accurately describes the terms of reference.If you don’t understand something, it is better to contact the client and clarify all the nuances of the order;
  • when an exchange interacts with several electronic payment systems, it is advisable to open wallets everywhere.If there are technical failures on one service, you will be able to withdraw funds through another one;
  • over time, you will gain invaluable experience and will be able to set the cost of your services yourself.Analyze the pricing policy of your competitors.Do not underestimate your work, the prices should be adequate;
  • properly approach the organization of your workplace.Do not get down to business while lying on the couch, because a person very quickly becomes lazy and wants to sleep.It is better toearn money onlineby completing tasks while sitting at your desk and computer chair;
  • properly allocate your time, you should have time not only to do tasks, but also to relax.Otherwise, a “burnout” may occur and you will abandon this activity;
  • to get a good income, you do not need to be satisfied with the achieved success, constantly improve your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in this area;
  • passing various tests will allow you to improve your skills and get access to high-paying orders.Working with clients on a regular basis can bring you a good income.

On some portals, customers can apply for tasks that require a minimum payment. Of course, in such cases, you will not have to look for a job yourself, but do not forget that you lose your precious time, for which you can get much more.

Earning money online for completing tasks can change depending on the effort you put in and the time you spend doing this work. Be prepared for the fact that your income will be very low in the first few months. During this time, you should get a rating and get reviews. But then your efforts will pay off, your income will grow, and you will be able to turn freelancing into your main source of income.

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