Effective ways to save electricity at the enterprise


One of the most pressing issues in the industrial sector is to reduce costs by saving electricity at the enterprise. First of all, this is due to the fact that prices for this type of resource are constantly increasing.

Industrial enterprises must pay the costs of raw materials, fuel and other materials in a timely manner to carry out their activities, but electric energy is considered the most expensive.

Carrying out various events can significantly save electric energy in production, as well as reduce the cost of this item. Thus, the entrepreneur will be able to improve the economic and technical performance of the entire enterprise. The savings will have a positive impact on the profitability of the business, as well as increase the competitive quality of manufactured products.

You can reduce electricity costs by increasing the efficiency of the production process or saving energy resources.

Currently, the most effective methods of saving money are considered to be:

  • modernization of production equipment,
  • application of various energy-saving devices and modern technologies,
  • reduction of energy losses in electrical receivers and power supply systems,
  • selection of the most optimal modes of operation of equipment,
  • improving the quality of energy resources.

It is worth noting that in the industrial sector, there are many ways to reduce costs. You can read about them below.

How to save electric energy in production?

The most energy-consuming areas in the enterprise are the provision of work with production equipment, as well as lighting of work areas and common areas. A lot of money is spent on paying bills for heating, plumbing and air conditioning.

In order to reduce production costs, first of all, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of electric energy by effectively selecting industrial luminaires and lamps. Also, do not forget about optimizing your hardware. The maximum possible savings can be achieved only if you approach this issue comprehensively, that is, work in several directions at once. Reduce your water, electricity, and heating costs.

There is no point in reducing heating costs if it is not rational to use electric energy. This approach will not only reduce costs, but also increase them.

Many modern construction projects do not meet the energy-saving requirements. Therefore, first of all, managers should take measures to equip the building, namely, install high-quality double-glazed windows, an effective ventilation system, and make other changes.

Methods of saving electricity in the industrial sector

Before you start saving energy, you need to prepare for these activities. First, you will need to conduct a thorough audit of energy resources at the enterprise. You can order this service from ENERGY LINE. For more detailed information, please visit the supplier’s official website.

The company’s specialists also recommend that their customers adhere to the following methods. All these methods can be divided into simple, advanced and high-tech.

The simplest measure is to paint the walls in buildings with light paint, so you can increase the level of lighting in the work areas. In addition, by increasing the area of double-glazed windows and removing curtains, you will be able to let in a large amount of daylight.

An important role is played by the cleanliness of windows and lighting devices. Also pay attention to the usual incandescent lamps, it is better to replace them with energy-saving ones. The most economical are LED lamps. It is recommended to constantly monitor the lighting mode, turn on the devices only when necessary and do not forget to turn them off after hours. This method will reduce the cost of electricity from 20 to 50%.

If you don’t have time to keep track of electricity savings, then appoint a person who will be responsible for monitoring the company’s electricity consumption. He will have to monitor not only the lighting devices, but also the production equipment.

You can also train your staff to use office equipment and personal computers correctly and effectively, such as turning off the printer or scanner when they are not using it.

Over time, replace your old electrical equipment with more modern appliances. In this case, the cost of purchasing electronics will pay for itself very quickly, as energy costs will decrease and the efficiency of the company’s employees will increase.

If you optimize the heating system, you can turn off additional heating devices.

As for high-tech methods of saving electricity, you will need to install energy metering devices that have an accuracy class of 1.0, various motion and presence sensors. There are many interesting devices that make it possible to save electricity, for example, modern high-quality devices designed for smooth start-up of equipment in the enterprise.

Low-cost techniques that do not require significant financial investments and can be implemented due to the discipline of employees and optimization of the production process are very popular. One of these methods is the use of automated control and careful accounting of electrical energy.

Automated metering systems or ASCS have always been used to clarify additional electricity costs. But due to constantly rising energy prices, entrepreneurs have to modernize existing accounting systems at the enterprise.

In this case, they change not only the technical parameters, but also make adjustments to the software. Previously, all data was entered manually in large tables, but now everything is much easier. Thanks to modern software products, the head of the company can get acquainted with all the indicators in real time. Information is provided in the form of reports, graphs, and charts.

The development of technologies makes it possible to reduce the cost of paying for electricity consumed. Modern industrial equipment and accounting systems are highly efficient. Their use in production will have a positive impact on the overall productivity of the enterprise, as well as help to reduce the cost of production and improve its quality.

As a result, you will improve the profitability of your business. Managers who do not pay attention to such methods will not be able to save electricity at the enterprise. In the future, they will be technologically lagging behind the market and reduce profitability.

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