How to get Czech citizenship

как получить гражданство чехии

Many foreigners think about how to apply for Czech citizenship, and our compatriots are no exception. This country is in many ways attractive for permanent residence, while for many of us it remains only a dream.

The Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful European countries, fascinating tourists with its unforgettable sights. It is attractive for migrants with excellent living conditions, a stable economy, the ability to travel around the European Union without problems, and guaranteed security.

In fact, it is quite possible to get a residence permit, but it is problematic to get all the rights of a real Czech. Citizenship in the Czech Republic is not easy to obtain, and if you act independently, without the help of qualified specialists, it is not realistic at all.

Advantages of obtaining Czech citizenship

czech citizenship

Due to recent changes, the attitude towards migrants in this country is at a low level. Foreigners coming to the country under the EU quota are not accepted by the authorities. If you come to the Czech Republic legally, you are guaranteed a decent treatment. You will have the opportunity to use the Internet to find a job. If you have a higher education, the migrant has the opportunity to get a job in a highly paid position.

The country has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, so there is high competition among job seekers. You can come to the Czech Republic on a work visa and then stay forever. In addition, there are excellent conditions for doing business, there is an opportunity to open your own business and get a residence permit.

By obtaining Czech citizenship, people can count on the following benefits::

  • ability to move around the European Union countries;
  • fast-track procedure for applying for citizenship in any European country;
  • higher education in the best universities in the Czech Republic and Europe;
  • preferential student loan programs;
  • the education received in the Czech Republic is highly valued all over the world;
  • possibility to buy a house or apartment;
  • social guarantees;
  • the ability to vote and influence the economic and political situation in the country;
  • a Czech citizen can open an account with any European bank;
  • privileges in getting a good job;
  • easy procedure for registering your own business;
  • simplified procedure for applying for an American visa, etc.

That is why now an increasing number of Russians, Ukrainians and citizens of the former Soviet Union are considering the possibility of obtaining citizenship in the Czech Republic. Residents of countries where dual citizenship is allowed have options for submitting documents in a simplified form.

Advantages of higher and secondary education in the Czech Republic

dual citizenship in the czech republic

It is not by chance that foreigners choose universities in the Czech Republic to continue their studies. Among the main advantages that attract foreign citizens to this country:

  • affordable prices for housing and food;
  • training is available on a free basis;
  • after receiving a Czech diploma, you can get a good job not only in the Czech Republic itself, but also in any European country.;
  • the opportunity to participate in exchange programs, travel around the world.

One of the main reasons why foreign students come to study in the Czech Republic is the possibility of obtaining a European-style higher education diploma. It opens up limitless opportunities and career prospects for young professionals. In addition, many people are attracted by the opportunity to get a free higher education.

Standard of living in the Czech Republic

dual citizenship czech republic

Life in the Czech Republic, if compared with Russia or Ukraine, is more prosperous and peaceful, but far from ideal. Both citizens of the state and foreigners can have many difficulties and problems. Therefore, before making a final decision about moving to the Czech Republic for permanent residence, it is better to go there several times as a tourist. You can also read reviews of compatriots who have obtained citizenship and live in the Czech Republic, clarify all the disadvantages and advantages of the republic.

The standard of living of pensioners in the country is quite high. The size of the pension is about half of a good salary. The country’s retirement age is growing, with women retiring at 63 and men retiring at 65. If a woman has children, she can retire earlier.

To receive the guaranteed pension amount of 390 euros, a Czech must have the necessary work experience, from 15 to 25 years, and regularly pay insurance premiums. Now, when calculating the amount of pension, the level of education of a citizen of the republic, place of work and other points are also taken into account.

Pensioners in the Czech Republic can count on health insurance that fully covers the amount of treatment from any doctor and guarantees preferential purchase of medicines. Once a year, every citizen of the Czech Republic of retirement age has the opportunity to go to a sanatorium for free.

Choosing a city to live in

czech citizenship through marriage

When deciding to move to the Czech Republic for permanent residence, you need to know in advance exactly where you will live. The standard of living throughout the country is high, but there are cities where you can live as comfortably as possible:

  • Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is considered the most favorable place to move.There is a high probability of getting a job with a salary level starting from 1100 euros per month;
  • the center of historical monuments and attractions of Brno is also famous for its vibrant nightlife, a wide variety of entertainment and one of the best European public transport systems;
  • Pilsen, the capital of Czech brewing, is just under 100 km from Prague.A large engineering company operates in the locality;
  • The most interesting place to live is Cesky Krumlov, located on the Vltava River.Every year it is visited by a huge number of tourists.

Most of the foreigners who come to the Czech Republic for permanent residence stay in Prague, and there are even neighborhoods that Czechs call Russian.

The younger generation comes here to continue their secondary education and further study at universities in the country. Large families with children find advantages in decent paid work and high comfort of life, and pensioners are attracted to a measured, quiet life and social guarantees.

Much has been written about the availability of advantages, however, before the final move, it is recommended to clarify the presence of disadvantages, for example:

  • there are no pharmacies operating around the clock in the country;
  • drugs are legal;
  • limited selection of good quality clothing and shoes;
  • expensive mobile communication;
  • low level of service in the entertainment segment.

Czech citizenship for Ukrainians

Food stores are open for a maximum of 19-20 hours. There are few 24-hour hypermarkets, they are available only in the capital. Without knowledge of the language, there is nothing to do in the country, buying a Czech passport does not mean getting a quiet life. For a comfortable stay and no problems, it is better to get citizenship officially by passing the state language test.

There are very few Russian-speaking citizens in the country, of course, they speak English, but there are not very many such people. For example, in public institutions without knowledge of the Czech language, you will not be able to solve any problem.

Today, approximately 450,000 foreigners live in the Czech Republic, and this figure is constantly growing. A foreigner can expect to earn an average salary of 900 euros per month. Qualified professionals with good experience, employees of the medical industry or banking sector can earn up to 1,800 euros per month.

Living in the capital of the Czech Republic is more expensive, but still most foreign citizens who are thinking about how to get permanent residence in the Czech Republic choose to live in Prague or Karlovy Vary. There are much more prospects for employment and further development here.

Living in the Czech Republic for foreign citizens, including Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, etc., will be successful only if they live according to the rules and comply with the laws from the very beginning. You should not even try to get a job without an appropriate permit, illegal immigrants will be deported and then banned from entering the Czech Republic for life.

Czechs are quite friendly to foreign citizens. However, if a foreigner does not comply with local laws and traditions, respect Czech culture and live as a law-abiding citizen of the country, the attitude of the authorities and ordinary people towards him may not change for the better.

How do I get Czech citizenship?

Currently, there are several ways to obtain citizenship in the Czech Republic:

  • naturalization;
  • getting married to a czech;
  • on a call from a family living in the country;
  • starting your own business;
  • obtaining refugee status;
  • purchase of housing.

With the help of naturalization, it will be possible to obtain citizenship only if the foreigner has the right to permanent residence in the Czech Republic. In this status, you must have lived in the country for more than five years.

In order to get the status of a citizen, you will have to pass an exam in the Czech language, buy an apartment or house in the country, and confirm your income for the last three years.

how to get czech citizenship

An excellent option for obtaining citizenship is an official marriage with a Czech. You will need to prove cohabitation, and the embassy will carefully check everything, since fictitious unions are prohibited here. To obtain Czech citizenship through marriage, you will have to live with your spouse for at least three years, run a common household, and buy common property.

If your close relatives live in the Czech Republic, you can apply for family reunification. This will require official documents confirming a close relationship, and an invitation from relatives. Close relatives who can send you an invitation to move can include children, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters who have lived in the Czech Republic for more than five years.

In addition, your relatives must provide proof that they will be able to provide you with financial support before you can get a residence permit and get a job.

Business investment is a very popular option for obtaining citizenship in the Czech Republic. If you belong to the following categories of citizens, you can count on a long-term residence permit:

  • individual entrepreneurs;
  • foreign citizens who invest their money in the amount established by the government of the country;
  • citizens of other countries making investments for the benefit of the Czech Republic;
  • businessmen willing to offer more than 20 jobs;
  • foreigners who can invest at least CZK 75,000,000 in the development of the Czech economy.

You can apply for permanent residence if you have refugee status. It is possible to apply for citizenship under a simplified procedure if the foreigner is the spouse of a Czech citizen or the child of a refugee.

Most foreigners believe that buying real estate in the country is a guarantee of obtaining automatic citizenship. This is not true, but having your own apartment or house increases the chances of obtaining citizenship.

Czech citizenship. How to get a Russian citizen?

The attitude towards Russian migrants is determined by the history of relations between the two countries and the main economic reasons. The older generation of Czechs remembers the events of 1968 well, so they are wary of Russians.

For Russians, the procedure for obtaining citizenship remains the same as for migrants from other countries. First, you will need to issue a permit to enter the country, then get a good reason for temporary residence, and then a permanent residence permit is issued. Then you can start the procedure for obtaining citizenship.

How to get Czech citizenship for a Ukrainian or a CIS citizen?

buy czech citizenship

Citizens of CIS countries can obtain citizenship of the Czech Republic under general conditions, the main requirements for migrants in this case:

  • residence without interruptions in the Czech Republic for ten years, five years for a residence permit, five years for permanent residence;
  • integrity, no problems with the law;
  • good result of the Czech language test;
  • official confirmation of the proper level of your income;
  • a pledge of allegiance.

Citizens who are nationally dangerous to the country cannot obtain a Czech passport.

Dual citizenship in the Czech Republic

The law on obtaining a second citizenship in the Czech Republic was adopted in 2014. Citizens of EU countries who have lived in the Czech Republic for three years can obtain the status of a citizen. The procedure for obtaining citizenship in this case will be simplified.

You can have dual citizenship of the Czech Republic with those countries where this is allowed. For example, a Russian citizen will not be able to obtain Czech citizenship without renouncing Russian citizenship. If a citizen conceals the fact of having Russian citizenship, penalties will be imposed.

Stages of obtaining citizenship

buy a czech passport

The process of obtaining citizenship in the Czech Republic takes a lot of time, nerves and effort, as it requires compliance with all laws and compliance with all the rules. Citizenship can be denied for a number of reasons.

First, you will need to apply for a residence permit. The reasons for this may include studying, working, reuniting all family members, or doing business. To apply for a residence permit, you must fill out an application and contact the relevant police department. The application will be reviewed within three months. Permits are issued by the consulate.

A residence permit can be obtained for a period of one year, and the residence permit can be extended no later than its expiration date.

A qualified foreigner can expect to receive a residence permit under the so-called “blue card”. Citizens applying for it must have an employment contract for a period of at least one year, proof of their qualifications and a high-level salary.

On the basis of a permanent residence permit for a period of at least five years, obtained in accordance with all the rules and laws, it will be possible to start processing permanent residence. To obtain permanent residence, you will need to pass the Czech language test well. To apply for and obtain permanent residence, you must submit the following documents with a notarized translation::

  • the application form;
  • two photos;
  • proof of passing the Czech language test;
  • proof that you have been living in the country for at least five years;
  • a bank statement or other proof that you have the financial means to stay in the country;
  • passport.

After five years of living in a country with the official status of permanent residence, you can start the procedure for obtaining citizenship.

Procedure for applying for citizenship in the Czech Republic

buy a czech passport

First, you will need to apply for a biometric passport and a Schengen visa to enter the country. When applying for Czech citizenship, only a passport is required for Ukrainians, as there is a visa-free regime between the countries.

Once you arrive in the country, you need to apply for a residence permit, after a certain period of residence in the Czech Republic, you can take the Czech language exam and apply for permanent residence. After five years of residence in the country, you can apply for citizenship.:

  • international passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • completed questionnaire for all points;
  • autobiography;
  • original and copy of your passport;
  • document on the absence of a criminal record;
  • marriage certificate.

All documents must be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Consideration of your application may take up to six months, as all the facts of the applicant’s life will be thoroughly checked. Less time may be spent on obtaining citizenship if the applicant is married to a Czech citizen, was born in that country, or has refugee status. Some people prefer to buy Czech citizenship, but such illegal actions can lead to very unpleasant consequences, problems with the country’s legislation and large penalties.

Obtaining citizenship involves taking the oath of office in a solemn hall.

Features of obtaining citizenship for minors

Only foreigners who are themselves citizens of the Czech Republic can obtain citizenship for their child. If one of the parents is a citizen of the Czech Republic, their officially recognized child automatically receives the status of a citizen. If both parents are not citizens of the country, but permanently reside in the Czech Republic, the child automatically becomes a citizen at birth.

Passport of a Czech citizen

citizenship in the czech republic

Proof of obtaining citizenship is a Czech passport, it is not recommended to buy a document, as in this case there will be many problems with the law and a ban on entering the country. The biometric document is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to citizens of the Czech Republic regardless of age and is a mandatory document for travel. Having a passport is an opportunity to move around Europe and live in them without any problems.

Since 2006, the Czech Republic has adopted a new document that fully complies with the European Union rules on biometrics and security.

Czech document in burgundy color, in the center of the cover is the coat of arms of the country, inscriptions in Czech above the coat of arms, meaning “European Union” and “Czech Republic”. Under the coat of arms is the inscription “passport”.

Grounds for revocation of citizenship

You can lose your Czech citizenship for two reasons:

  • if you are a permanent resident in another country;
  • if you have the citizenship of another country that does not officially recognize your second citizenship.

Just like that, if you suddenly have such a desire, you will not be able to give up your citizenship and passport of the Czech Republic. You can apply to the Diplomatic Mission of the Czech Republic.

You can lose your citizenship if you provide false information to the migration service, do not pay taxes, etc.

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