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высокооплачиваемые профессии в интернете

Our analysts have carefully studied the information and prepared a complete list of the most popular professions on the Internet in 2021. Every year, the demand for qualified specialists who provide services via the Internet is growing. As a result, new professions appear. For two years now, some companies have been suffering losses due to the pandemic, but others have managed not only to survive, but also to successfully develop their business on the global network. They offer their products and services to customers remotely.

If you are interested in online activities, you should know that this environment has a number of obvious advantages:

  • the ability to engage in a profitable business remotely.The freelancer is not linked to an office and can fulfill orders from anywhere in the country.
  • ability to find employers all over the world.
  • great scope for development.

Even if you plan to create any products with its further implementation, then trading through the global network will bring you a lot of fun and save you unnecessary trouble. You can handle the packaging and shipping of products yourself. In addition, you will not have to rent a room or buy equipment, which will significantly save your budget.

The most popular professions on the Internet for working from home

popular remote professions

Today, many people work online in the network. If you look closely at this area, you will notice that there are a large number of specialists who provide their services remotely.

To make a list of the “100 most popular Online professions”, it is necessary to study the demand for each of these specialties, as well as assess the growth prospects, the possibility of creating a career and the level of wages.

If you often visit web resources for job search, you probably noticed that the demand for call center operators and personal assistants has increased significantly. However, you need to understand that there is no question of career growth, and the salary leaves much to be desired. We decided not to include such specialties in our list, despite the fact that this work can be done from home.

Below we will present the most popular online professions that have prospects, are in high demand and are well paid. If you want to grow in this direction, then nothing and no one will limit you. You can study these specialties independently, or by signing up for courses.

Online marketer

professions via the internet

It is one of the most popular online professions this year and in the near future. There are not so many companies that still work offline. Most companies and stores have started to provide services in an online format, or combine them. Every entrepreneur wants to be the first in their field, so they are ready to provide their customers with the most convenient and favorable conditions for concluding a transaction or making a purchase.

The duties of an Internet marketer include increasing the company’s awareness, brand development, increasing sales, and attracting customers by various methods. As for the income of a novice specialist, on average it starts from 500-900 US dollars per month. If you have worked for several years in this field, then your salary will increase significantly and may reach 3 thousand dollars. For further growth, you can open your own agency and earn a good profit.

Before you try yourself in this direction, you need to think if you have the following qualities::

  • creative and creative thinking;
  • ability to quickly find solutions;
  • easy adaptation to new conditions;
  • love of learning and self-development.

Web Designer

the most popular job on the Internet as a web designer

If you have any skills in working with image editors, for example, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc., then you can try yourself in this area. It is worth noting that it is important to be able to present information beautifully and competently.

The main responsibilities of a web designer include the following::

  • drawing site layouts,
  • design of pages in social networks, personal blogs and communities,
  • create ad layouts and much more.

On average, the salary of a novice is 700-1200 US dollars. Specialists with extensive experience and practical skills earn from 1500-2000 dollars per month. As in the previous case, you can open your own studio in the future and get much more income.


popular remote professions-programmer

As you probably realized, the ability to program pays well. Freelance programmers in most cases take an hourly fee. On average, their monthly earnings range from $ 1,000 to $ 1,700. However, in this area, you can also find people who, without leaving their homes, earn an income of 3 thousand dollars.

You need to understand that in a couple of months you will not become an expert in this business. Learning programming languages takes a very long time, but if you really like it, then try it, because it’s worth it.

Qualified developers create websites, applications, games, programs, etc. In short, everything you use on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


copywriting is a popular online profession

The first in the list of Internet professions included “masters of the word”. These specialists are in high demand, but despite this, they do not pay much for this work. Many freelancers call themselves copywriters because they think they can handle this activity.

Some freelance sites have a special test that lets you find out how much money you can earn from copywriting and whether such an activity is suitable for you.

It is worth noting that not everyone can write a really amazing text. Only a true professional can write a text that takes your breath away, and people won’t close the page until they’ve read it to the end. Such writing masters are very difficult to find.

We believe that ordinary copywriters who write about everything in a row, are constantly looking for clients on the freelance exchange, have no special prospects in the future. Of course, novice specialists can train at such sites to gain the necessary skills and experience. The average income of a novice is about $ 200. Average professionals earn about 600-900 US dollars. To increase your income, you need to approach this business creatively:

  • determine the direction where you can become the best,
  • think about creating your own style, and add a twist to your texts that will help you identify the author.,
  • write interesting things to make you want to read your work again,
  • find collaborators who can help you create a full-fledged product.

This approach will help you not only exceed the client’s expectations, but also increase the cost of work.

You can learn how to write to order in specialized courses that are provided both on a paid and free basis.

Internet-related professions – advertising specialists

modern professions on the Internet-advertising specialists

In modern conditions, a business cannot fully develop without marketing. Every day the competition grows, new “rivals” appear, so if you do not take care of high-quality advertising, then your products will remain on the shelves and warehouses of the store. Now it is no longer enough to make a description of the product, company and specify contacts.

The market is already oversupplied, so potential buyers simply don’t notice standard advertising. Many entrepreneurs wonder how to attract attention to themselves. To do this, you need to attract specialists who will correctly set up advertising and will not drain your company’s budget in vain. In the last two years, the demand for online advertising has grown significantly, because many companies need an employee who will take care of these concerns.

Popular job on the Internet-seo specialist

the highest - paid professions on the Internet-SEO specialist

This specialty is well known to everyone, but few people know what a seoshnik really does. Its main task is to improve the characteristics of a web resource and bring it to the top positions. This way, they will get more traffic, and the client will get more profit.

The seoshnik’s responsibilities include the following::

  • forming the semantic core,
  • control of writing promotion texts,
  • page promotion based on specific queries,
  • analysis of competitor sites,
  • analysis of positions relative to competitors.

We believe that it is better for a novice SEO specialist to get their own online resource, and order texts from experienced copywriters. If they are successful in this niche, their income will be much higher than if they do custom work.

There are SEOs who have not only promoted their site on the global web, but also gathered a team and together formed a studio where they promote client projects. The average income in a niche is 1000-1300 US dollars.

Popular job on the Internet as an SMM manager

top remote professions - smm specialist

These specialists perform almost the same tasks as SEOs. The only difference is that they work in social networks. People spend a lot of time on these resources, so most businessmen do not see the point of acquiring their own representative office in the global network and increasing their positions in search results. It is much easier for them to create an account in popular social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

SMM specialists are the same marketer, but they promote products and services exclusively in social networks that the customer chooses. The average income of SMM users is $ 900-1100. They mostly work remotely, receiving orders on freelance sites or in an agency. In the future, you can create your own studio and increase your income several times.

Web analyst — the #1 popular online profession

100 popular online professions - web analyst

A Web analyst is responsible for collecting data about site visitors. The specialist should collect information, analyze it, and think about how to turn ordinary users into buyers.

In most cases, these tasks are assigned to CEOs. Only large organizations share these responsibilities. On the other hand, the professional skills of a narrow-profile employee are much higher. Decide for yourself which area will be interesting and financially profitable for you.

The salary of a Web analyst is approximately 500-600 US dollars.

Sales Manager — a new profession on the Internet

internet-related professions - sales manager

The next specialty that entered the top professions for remote work is the sales manager. The success and development of any company depends on how much its services or products are in demand. If you speak well, like to communicate with people, and are able to persuade, then this profession is just for you. The main advantages of this area include the fact that you do not need to have any special skills to perform your duties. This profession is quite easy to master on your own.

The salary directly depends on how much you managed to sell. It is difficult to name a specific amount. A novice manager can earn as much as a couple of hundred dollars, or a couple of thousand. Your income depends on the demand for the product, its cost, and your direct work.

Popular professions on the Internet – webmaster

online professions - webmaster

These specialists are engaged in website development. They create resources not only for themselves, but also for their customers. Novice developers offer their services to their friends for a nominal fee. The main advantage of this profession is that you do not need to look for a large number of clients. Creating a website is a job that requires a lot of time and effort. Now we are talking about developing a resource from scratch, without using engines.

On one site with a fairly simple structure, you can earn about $ 200. Average webmasters can create up to five such projects per month. But if you want to increase the level of your professionalism, then choose more complex projects. They will cost more, and you will also save yourself from looking for a new customer and pay more attention to this project.

Top professions on the Internet for earning income

All specialists who carry out their activities in the global network can be divided into 7 categories. Of course, you can also find individual vacancies, because the world does not stand still, new professions and directions are constantly appearing, while others simply disappear due to their lack of demand.

Popular online professions that involve writing and processing texts.

Every day the amount of information on the Internet is growing, so there is an increased demand for specialists who work with texts on the market. If you want to develop in this direction, you should pay special attention to your projects.

Currently, the same type of rewrite is no longer interesting to anyone. If you want to find clients that you can work with on a long-term basis, then offer them much more than indicated in the terms of reference. Add tables, diagrams, and interesting facts to the text.

Popular online professions whose activities are related to texts:

  • a copywriter develops text-based content,
  • the proofreader corrects errors in the text of any kind,
  • The content manager is responsible for creating and distributing information on behalf of the company,
  • an email marketer works on writing, layout, and sending out emails,
  • the typesetter reprints materials.

If you have never worked on the Internet, we recommend that you start with this direction, since you can get the necessary skills yourself.

New types of work in the field of design

high-demand work on the Internet

After reviewing the list below, you might think that they are not online at all, but they are not. If desired, everything can be done from home.

What professions are in demand on the Internet? If you are a creative person, then try to realize yourself in the field of design. You can master the following specialties::

  • Web designers create designs for websites,
  • graphic designers specialize in environmental design,
  • game designers develop designs for computer games,
  • motion designers create animations,
  • sound-designers work with sound.

There are other specialists in this field who are also in demand among employers.

Freelancing and a list of popular online professions

There are more and more employees online who are not tied to a specific employer. They are called freelancers. Here is a list of top online professions:

  • translators,
  • call center operators,
  • video editors,
  • site administrators,
  • personal assistants,
  • accounting assistants,
  • system administrators.

You can supplement it with bloggers, streamers, and coach mentors. Now this activity has become widespread among young people.

The best online marketing professions

popular online professions

Competition in the market is constantly growing, so in 2021, Internet marketers will be very much in demand. A specialist needs to learn how to correctly build a marketing strategy. Otherwise, you will not be able to compete adequately in the market. True professionals in this industry are highly valued.

Brand managers, marketing analysts, SEO specialists, SMM specialists, Web analysts, etc. are in high demand in this area.

The most popular profession on the Internet – advertising and promotion

Anyone can run an ad. Just go to your merchant profile and set the necessary settings. However, this approach will not bring the desired effect. An entrepreneur can drain the entire budget for nothing. To prevent this from happening, businesses turn to specialists for services, including advertising managers, targetologists, directologists, account managers, and community administrators.

If you are interested in the field of management and human resources, then you should understand that such employees are needed only in large companies. Of course, the salary of experts in their field is good. This area includes recruiters, project managers, and HR managers.

Programming and development

new professions on the internet

This area is considered one of the most profitable. However, it should be understood that those specialists who have professional skills and knowledge in project development receive high remuneration. It is impossible to become a good specialist in a couple of months. But if you have the desire and knowledge of the basics of programming, you are constantly learning, then you will definitely not be left without money.

First, you should decide which software products you want to create. The most popular professions are web developers, 1C programmers, Frontend and Backend developers, and web designers. You can also learn one of the programming languages and earn good money on project implementation.

How do I learn my chosen profession online?

Finding a specialty that will bring you pleasure and a good income is not so easy. Choosing a profession on the Internet is no different from choosing any other job. The main thing is that you like it and bring the desired level of income.

There are several ways to learn a profession for working on the Internet:

  • sign up for paid or free online courses,
  • attend offline courses,
  • read books,
  • visit online forums,
  • view Youtube videos on the right topic,

practice. Of course, in the beginning, projects will bring you “pennies”, but it is worth remembering that with their help you get invaluable experience.

Be sure to read reviews of courses or books. Currently, you can find any information, but whether it has any value in training. Don’t waste your time studying unnecessary material.

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