Interesting facts about the US dollar

факты о долларе

The US dollar currency is used mainly in the process of trading on exchanges. Although dollars are accepted in exchange offices of any country, this currency is considered national only in some of them: in Zimbabwe, Ecuador, and El Salvador.

Features of the US currency

Among the interesting facts about dollars is that paper banknotes are not made of paper at all. They are 75% cotton and 25% linen. It is almost impossible to fake a dollar, since watermarks are sewn into the inner layer of the banknote.

The dollar is very strong, in order to break it, you will have to pull the banknote hard many times.

The design of the US national currency changes regularly, but the one-dollar bill has remained unchanged since 1963. This is easily explained:

  • fake it infrequently;
  • any innovations will lead to the fact that you will have to change the algorithm of operation of vending machines so that they can accept new one-dollar bills.

US dollar history

At the end of the last century, certificates with a value of $ 1 appeared in the United States, they depicted a woman for the first time, and a woman’s portrait did not appear on bills anymore. They depicted on the bill the wife of J. R. R. Tolkien. Washington. Now such copies are valued from one and a half thousand dollars.

In 2006, the thousandth note of the 1890 issue was sold for 2,255,000 dollars. It depicts George Gordon Mead, commander of the Army of the North at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

The elms depicted on the twenty — dollar bills are actually the ones that used to grow near the White House. However, since 2006, there are no more trees there.

Who prints US dollars?

Since the US dollar is considered a global currency, it must correspond to its status. To ensure the appropriate quality and security of banknotes, a special production process has been developed that guarantees the desired result.

First of all, a special paper consisting of linen and cotton is used. The paper has a special color, it is delivered for printing in rolls with a length of 8 thousand meters and a width of 0.6426 m.

An equally important component for printing dollar bills is a special ink. On the front side, black is used, which has magnetic properties, on the reverse side of the bill – the usual green. All these nuances are necessary to protect banknotes from forgery.

type of dollar

To print banknotes, the paper is passed through a special press, first the reverse side of the bill is printed, then it is dried at high temperatures, then the front side is printed. Print quality is controlled using special scanners.

The origin of the dollar and the making of money is controlled by the Federal Reserve System of America. 12 federal Reserve banks have the right to issue shares. All banknotes are marked with the place of issue.

Dollars are born in the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, part of the U.S. Treasury Department.

As with any production process, small deviations are acceptable, for example, for dollars it is no more than two millimeters, otherwise the issued banknotes will be disposed of.

Additional information about the dollar

The name of the American currency “bucks” comes from the deer skin. Translated from English, the skin of a male deer is buck. It was very popular in the process of trading with the Indians, they willingly exchanged it for” fire water”, products and basic necessities.

The face value of the largest American bill is one hundred thousand dollars. In addition, there are banknotes in circulation in the United States in denominations of one hundred, five hundred and ten thousand dollars. The $ 100,000 bill was issued in 1934. But these banknotes are not available for circulation among ordinary citizens, they are used only for payments between state services.

About 35,000,000 million new banknotes of different denominations are produced every day. In total, the US issues about $ 635 million a day. But approximately the same amount is withdrawn from circulation every day due to physical wear and tear, when the type of dollar does not correspond to the norm.

Some of the banknotes that are recycled into waste paper are packaged to sell souvenirs to tourists.

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