Where can I get citizenship by buying a property?

внж при покупке недвижимости

Rich people from all over the world decide to purchase real estate in another country for various reasons. However, in most cases, the purchase of apartments or houses takes place to save the earned money. In order to fully use your real estate, visit a foreign country whenever you want and stay in it without restrictions, it is not enough to have only property rights, you need to take care of obtaining a residence permit when buying real estate.

In some countries located in Europe and the Caribbean, it is possible to obtain it in this way quite legally. The use of such programs can significantly reduce the time for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship, not to mention the fact that migrants are treated more loyally. For example, foreign investors do not need to pass an exam for knowledge of the state language and local laws to live in the country.

Which countries give citizenship when buying real estate?

One of these States is Malta. To acquire citizenship on the territory of a given country, it is necessary to invest capital in real estate for five years. The investment amount must exceed $ 815,000. However, this year some changes were made to the legislation, according to which naturalization is considered a mandatory stage on the way to citizenship. Foreign investors will first have to get a residence permit for real estate, and after 1-3 years you can safely apply for Maltese citizenship.

It is worth noting that the entire family of the applicant, including the spouse, children and parents, can count on obtaining citizenship. An immigrant must meet the following requirements::

  • the purchase of an object must be made in the amount of at least 815 thousand dollars.If you plan to invest money through rental housing, then the cost should not be lower than 18,500 US dollars.The term of ownership of an immovable object is at least five years after the issuance of a naturalization document;
  • transfer to the National Fund of the country 700 thousand dollars for the duration of a residence permit for 3 years;
  • you should also do charity work and transfer money to an organization that promotes sports and cultural development.The deposit must be at least 12 thousand dollars.

A potential buyer of real estate can independently find the object that they want to purchase. The apartment or house can be located anywhere in Malta. The main requirement is to meet the program’s investment requirements. Rent is the most popular option, as a foreigner can move to another place of residence after 5 years.

Turkish citizenship when buying a property

countries where citizenship is granted when buying real estate

If you were interested in this issue, you probably know that the amount of investment should be at least 250 thousand dollars for three years. Turkey offers tolerant conditions for foreign investors to participate in this program. To acquire citizenship through the purchase of real estate, a person does not need to live in the country, learn the languages and customs of the local population, and also confirm the legal origin of their finances. This procedure is carried out as soon as possible, up to a maximum of 3 months.

After obtaining a Turkish passport, you will have visa-free access to travel to Asian countries such as Thailand, Japan and Singapore. Turkey also actively maintains communication with the United States, so citizens of this country can take advantage of this advantage and apply for an E-2 investor visa for a period of five years. Citizenship is granted to the investor’s spouse, parents, and children under the age of 18.

It should be noted that the amount of investment should not be less than 250 thousand dollars. After three years, the investor can get their money back by keeping their Turkish passport.

In this country, the real estate industry is quite developed. In most cases, foreigners prefer properties located in Istanbul. The main reason for this decision is that this city is the center of the Middle East economy, where there are all the amenities for comfortable living and doing business. To obtain citizenship for the purchase of real estate, immigrants often purchase two-or three-bedroom apartments located in the center of the chosen locality. If you want to buy a resort property, then pay attention to such cities as Bodrum, Antalya, etc.

Where do you get citizenship when buying real estate?

Another country where you can get citizenship by investing in real estate is Dominica. The amount of capital investment should be at least 200 thousand dollars for five years. The program developed by the Government of this country is considered one of the most democratic among the Caribbean countries. All close relatives of the applicant can count on obtaining a passport, namely, parents, children who are not yet 30 years old, brother, sister and even grandparents. Residence in this country is not a mandatory requirement for obtaining citizenship. You can purchase citizenship remotely. On average, the procedure can take from three months to six months.

In many Caribbean countries, the investor program has similar conditions, for example, the investor is offered to make a non-refundable deposit or returnable investment in real estate. Let’s take a look at the Dominica program. In the description of investment programs of other countries from the Caribbean, we will indicate only the amount of capital invested.

So, each investor is offered a choice that consists of the following options::

  • make a non-refundable transfer starting from $ 100,000.If your family members can also participate in the program, then for each additional person you need to make a contribution of 25-50 thousand dollars;
  • buy a property worth at least 200 thousand dollars.

Also, a foreign citizen is checked for trustworthiness. To do this, the applicant for citizenship must pay the Due Diligence procedure and pay the state fee. The total amount of investment depends on the option you choose and the number of family members participating in the program. For comparison, we present the following data – a family consisting of 4 people needs to make a contribution in the amount of 194 thousand in the first option, or become the owner of an object worth 260 thousand dollars in the second option.

You can also purchase a share in one of the tourism properties, but you need to get approval from the Government of Dominica to do so. A foreign citizen can choose a hotel or entertainment center. The service organization is ready to take all the trouble of purchasing real estate. The government allows you to sell the property in three years.

How to buy citizenship in Saint Lucia?

which countries give citizenship when buying real estate

If foreigners invest 300 thousand dollars in real estate in this state, they will be able to buy its citizenship. The program for investors is very similar to the previous one. Saint Lucia offers various types of investments to potential buyers. Also, having received a passport of this country, you will be given the opportunity to visit other countries without a visa.

Citizenship can be applied for by a husband and wife, parents who are already 56 years old and offspring under 30 years old. You will be able to put up real estate for sale in five years. Other program criteria are the same as in Dominica.

At least the amount of investment should be equal to 300 thousand dollars. You must also pay the security clearance procedure and the state fee. The amount depends on the number of people participating in the program. For example, an applicant must pay $ 7,500 for themselves and $ 5,000 for each family member.

Foreign citizens can choose their own real estate object. This can be a hotel, real estate in an elite area, or tourist sites.

Countries where citizenship is granted when buying real estate-Saint Kitts and Nevis

To date, the oldest program for foreign investors is considered to be the program of the above-mentioned state. For the first time, it became possible to acquire citizenship for the investment of capital in 1984. This fact indicates the reliability of the system and the increased demand of investors. When applying for citizenship, you must indicate dependents under the age of 30, siblings, and parents over the age of 55.

Saint Kitts and Nevis provides foreign citizens with the following types of investment::

  • purchase of real estate in the amount of 400 thousand dollars, you can return the money in five years;
  • if you purchased an object for 200 thousand dollars, then the refund will occur only after seven years.

The applicant also needs to pay for the verification and make a non-refundable fee. The amount of the fee depends on the distance of the family connection, for example, for each child you need to pay 10 thousand dollars, and for little sisters and brothers 40 thousand.

If the amount of your capital is equal to 400 thousand, then you will be offered many different options for objects. If the amount of investment does not exceed 200 thousand rubles, you will be offered a list from which you can decide on the property. These facilities are pre-approved by the government.

How to get citizenship in Grenada after buying a property?

citizenship through the purchase of real estate

The main advantage of obtaining citizenship in this country is the fact that you can get access to enter the DPRK without a visa, as well as become an E-2 investor in America. When applying, you can add children, parents, and other relatives to the program’s list of participants. Children should not be older than 30 years, and they should also depend on their parent for financial support.

The minimum investment amount is 220 thousand dollars. As in other countries located in the Caribbean, the investor will have to pay government fees and a security check.

You can purchase a share in a hotel business, resort facility, or villa. The list of real estate objects is approved by the Government. After five years, you can get your capital back by selling the property.

Antigua and Barbuda

You can buy real estate and get citizenship in this country if you have a capital of 200 thousand dollars. The investment program has no special differences from the programs of other states of the abovementioned basin. A passport is also issued to all family members. Permanent residence in the country is not required.

Previously, the applicant had to come to the island to take the oath. Currently, this procedure can be performed at the embassy or remotely by video call.

Within five years, you must come to the island and stay on it for at least 5 days. Due to the pandemic, the timing may be revised, primarily due to the closure of borders and the complexity of air travel.

The smallest amount of investment is 200 thousand dollars. An investor can buy a tourist site that has been approved by the government.

How to buy a residence permit in Europe?

permanent residence in Europe through the purchase of real estate

In some countries of the European Union, foreign investors are offered to purchase a residence permit rather than a citizen’s passport. Spanish, Greek and Portuguese investment programs in Spain, Greece and Portugal are particularly popular.

It is worth noting that Europe is trying in every possible way to prevent the issuance of a residence permit through the purchase of real estate to persons who have earned money illegally, so the program participants are subject to strict requirements. Last year, the European Union made claims against Cyprus, so the country’s government had no choice but to close the program. As for the other States, their conditions were tightened. Just like in the previous versions, investors must be tested for reliability and financial independence. In Europe, there are generally accepted rules for holding this event.

If you get a residence permit for real estate in one of the European countries, you will be able to move freely in the Schengen area without having to worry about getting a visa. You can stay in the country where you obtained a residence permit for any period of time. As for other countries, you are allowed to stay on their territory for up to 3 months. Foreign migrants can apply for citizenship much earlier than other applicants. Such programs are considered the shortest way to obtain a European passport.

Purchase of real estate and residence permits in Portugal

The amount of capital investment should not be less than 408 thousand dollars for five years. The investment program provides loyal conditions for foreigners. In the application, you can specify not only your spouse, but also children who are not yet 26 years old, but only if the children depend on their parent in terms of finances.

To confirm your status, you must come to the country for at least 7 days a year, as well as take care of registration and obtaining health insurance. After five years, you will be able to apply for permanent residence for real estate or become a candidate for citizenship. You can purchase an investment object remotely. In most cases, this transaction is carried out through the lawyers of Immigrant Invest.

The potential investor undertakes to provide a personal presence at the migration service of this country to submit biometrics. The procedure can take from two months to six months. The duration of application review depends on the number of participants in the program, your trustworthiness, and other factors.

You can buy an apartment in Europe and get a residence permit in Portugal using the investment program. The investor has the right to choose the object independently. Most applicants prefer to purchase real estate, as this is a really reliable investment of money.

The program sets the following options::

  • become the owner of residential or commercial real estate, the price of which exceeds 582 thousand dollars;
  • purchase an object that costs at least $ 408,000 if it is located in areas that need renovation.

In the real estate market, you can find a variety of options, starting with old residential apartments and ending with luxury villas. If you plan to spend $ 582,000, you can use that amount to buy one or more properties. If you chose the second option, then 408 thousand rubles can be spent on the purchase of only one apartment. It is worth noting that in sparsely populated areas, the price of housing is almost 25 percent lower.

The number of objects that are subject to renovation is growing every day. Many entrepreneurs are engaged in the repair of housing and its subsequent rental.

Can I buy an apartment in Spain and get citizenship?

buy an apartment in spain and get citizenship

To acquire citizenship in this country, you need to invest in real estate from 582 thousand dollars for a period of five years. The Spanish investment program allows the applicant and his family members to work in this country, or open their own business. Having registered real estate in Spain and citizenship, they can also travel to countries that are part of the European Union. However, unlike other countries, Spain requires an investor to permanently reside in the country and renounce Russian citizenship.

A residence permit can be calculated by the entire family, namely, the husband and wife, offspring and parents who are financially dependent on the applicant.

Features of the Spanish investment program:

  • this procedure can take an average of five months;
  • it is necessary to apply for health insurance for all participants of the program,
  • documents are submitted in person through the migration service.To do this, you need to visit Spain.You need a D visa to visit.
  • registration in the country is a prerequisite.You can meet this requirement by registering on a newly purchased property, or on rented housing.

The minimum amount of capital investment for obtaining Spanish citizenship when buying real estate is 582 thousand dollars. This amount must be used to purchase commercial or residential real estate. After five years, you can get your money back by selling the property.

Residence permit for the purchase of real estate in Greece

To obtain a residence permit for real estate in this country, you need to invest at least 291 thousand dollars for five years.

The Greek investment program provides foreigners with democratic conditions that relate to the size of investments, quick issuance of a residence permit and its extension for an unlimited time.

The entire family can apply for a residence permit abroad, including both spouses, parents on both sides, and children under the age of 21. The application is considered within three months.

A residence permit through real estate is issued immediately for five years, but living in the country is not a mandatory requirement. After seven years, a foreign citizen can apply for a passport.

The main and main requirement that the country imposes on the applicant is the amount of investments from 291 thousand dollars. You can become the owner of a share in one of the commercial properties, buy a house or rent a property.

Foreign investors are offered various variations of the program:

  • purchase a commercial or residential property,
  • buy a plot of land for construction,
  • pay for the rental of housing for 10 years in advance.

Residence permit in Sweden when buying a property

residence permit in sweden when buying a property

This document allows foreigners to stay on the territory of this country for quite a long time. In addition, a person has the opportunity to work, study or open a business in Sweden.

When applying for a residence permit for real estate, the immigrant receives a plastic ID card, which stores all his data, as well as typos of his fingers. To apply for a residence permit, it is not enough for a foreigner to have only one desire, it is necessary to provide an official reason for entering the country.

Can I get a residence permit when buying a property in Sweden? Unfortunately, investments alone are not enough for automatic registration of a residence permit. However, the purchase of real estate can be an additional plus in the future, when you apply for citizenship.

Buy property in Germany and get a residence permit

According to the country’s legislation, it is impossible to obtain a residence permit through the purchase of real estate. However, the acquisition of property will be a clear plus when considering your application. You can rent out a purchased house or apartment, get medical treatment, and make trade deals in Germany. Having a home will prove your financial independence, so you can easily get a permanent residence permit.

Despite the fact that the purchase of real estate in many European countries gives the right to acquire citizenship, Germany offers very different options for obtaining a residence permit. The Migration Service considers applications on an individual basis, and they take into account various factors.

How do I get a residence permit in the United States when buying a property?

If you want to get an American passport, then you need to invest 900 thousand dollars in one of the local companies and live in the country for five years. Citizenship will be obtained on the basis of naturalization.

First, the investor needs to get a green card. After five years, they can apply for citizenship. A green card is an analog of a temporary residence permit. Thanks to it, migrants can stay in the country, work and study. In fact, investors get the same rights as American citizens. The exceptions are the right to vote and employment in the civil service.

Foreigners must comply with US laws, pay taxes, and stay in America for most of the year. The Green card is valid for 10 years. However, if you wish, you can extend it an unlimited number of times. To retain this status, you must live in the United States for six months.

In the application, you can specify your spouse, children under 21 years of age. As for other relatives, such as brothers or parents, they can join you in the family reunification program.

You can apply for a residence permit abroad using one of the programs. The investor can choose between an immigration visa and a nonimmigrant one. In the first case, the applicant receives a green card, in the second-has the opportunity to temporarily stay in the United States and apply for a green card while already in the country.

If you buy real estate in the United States, can I get citizenship? The immigration program is considered one of the fastest and most expensive ways to get a green card. To do this, you need to invest money in an American company by selecting it yourself, or using the help of regional centers. The latter are always ready to cooperate with foreign investors. They can also help you meet the necessary requirements.

purchase of real estate in the United States residence permit

Mandatory conditions for obtaining an EB-5 visa include the following::

  • investing 900 thousand dollars in a company located in a rural area.If you consider other regions, then the investment amount reaches 1 million 800 thousand rubles.;
  • the company must have commercial goals, that is, work for profit,
  • your investment should be a reason to expand your business and create additional jobs for American citizens;
  • there is no guarantee that the investor will be able to return the money in the future;
  • it is necessary to confirm the legality of receiving capital;
  • you must take part in the management of the company to which you have deposited money.

Can I get citizenship when buying real estate in Russia?

Do many migrants who plan to move permanently to the Russian Federation ask themselves this question? It is impossible to obtain a Russian passport after becoming the owner of a real estate object. However, your own property in this country can be an additional advantage when considering your application for citizenship or residence permit.

Every year, the number of people who move to Russia increases. According to the country’s legislation, foreign migrants have the right to purchase and rent out real estate, whether it is an apartment, a house or a plot of land. Foreigners are also given a loan to purchase an object from local banks.

When buying land, you need to take into account some nuances, for example, you can only buy a plot in certain areas that have been approved by the government. Investors cannot purchase land located on the border area, near seaports, in forest areas, nature reserves, etc.

Most foreign citizens prefer to buy real estate in the capital, Leningrad region and Sochi. The leading positions are occupied by migrants from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

A residence permit is not issued when buying real estate in Russia. After receiving this permission, you will be able to stay permanently within the country. If you have purchased real estate in Russia, you have received the right to own it. You can also stay in the country for a while and rent out your home. Do not forget that when buying an object, you need to register with the tax committee.

The acquisition of real estate does not give a foreign citizen the right to become a candidate for obtaining a residence permit and even more so citizenship. CIS citizens also do not have any privileges. All these nuances must be taken into account before leaving your country. Do not rush to make a decision, carefully weigh all the factors that may affect your life away from home.

As you can see, many countries allow foreigners to acquire citizenship or a residence permit through investment. Programs may have some differences, so be sure to read the terms and conditions before choosing a country. You should also take into account such factors as the minimum investment amount, the return period, and the number of countries that you can visit without a visa.

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