The best sneakers in the world

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The existence of expensive cars, motorcycles, coins, yachts, watches is known to many users, but few of them know that there are models of sneakers that are fabulously expensive. As a rule, the cost of such models is influenced by a number of factors, such as circulation, historical features, and the contribution of a celebrity to culture or sports.

Do you think running shoes can cost as much as an expensive car, luxury real estate abroad, an apartment in a megalopolis, or a Swiss watch? Of course they can. We have compiled a list of the most expensive sneakers in the world that are still popular today. We hope that you will like the material we have prepared.

The list of expensive sneakers includes DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3 “Grateful, which cost 25 thousand dollars. For this amount, you can buy a one-bedroom apartment in the million-dollar city of Odessa. DJ Khaled is a big fan of sports shoes, in particular the Nike brand. Their cooperation would have taken place anyway, it was only a matter of time. The sneakers were named after DJ Khaled’s album “Grateful”, and they were released in a very small print run. These shoes have a bright red color, as well as a branded elephant pattern. Outwardly, it looks too simple, you will not immediately think that they are like a renovated apartment in a large metropolis.

cool running shoes

Cool sneakers also include Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4, their cost reaches 30 thousand dollars. With this money, you can buy a lot, for example, 55,334 pieces of the popular instant noodles “Doshirak”. In total, 10 pairs of these shoes were released, all of them were sold through the eBay marketplace. For this edition, the creators received revenue of 227 thousand dollars, 1 pair of sneakers was sold on average for 22 700 dollars. All funds were allocated to the Michigan State University School of Music.

The most beautiful Nike SB Dunk Low Freddy Krueger was estimated at 35 thousand dollars. For this money, it would be possible to buy 31 tons of such a popular product during the pandemic as buckwheat groats. This model is one hundred percent hit of last year. “Dunks”, which were” fascinated ” by Freddy Krueger, did not go on sale, but remained only samples for approval and demonstration. The sneaker was scheduled to be released on Halloween in 2007. However, due to the fact that there was a possibility of litigation with the copyright holders of the image of Freddy Krueger, the manufacturer simply did not release them.

Nike MAG Back to the Future (2016) sneakers cost 44 thousand dollars., in return, you can safely buy a Mercedes-Benz C-class car. This model is considered by snickerheads to be the holy grail. The first time the model “lit up” in the movie “Back to the future 2”. The model was made by a special order of the film studio, as a result, many viewers had a desire to have similar shoes in their wardrobe. After 22 years, namely in 2011, Nike produced this model in a small edition, it differed from the cinnabar in that it did not have automatic lacing. Later in 2016, an exact copy of the sneakers with automatic lacing was presented, their circulation was 89 pairs. They are currently the most coveted running shoes in the world.

Most popular running shoes in 2021

the best running shoes in the world

What do you think, can the popular sneakers of 2021 cost 50 thousand dollars? This is the price of Jordan 1 Retro High Shinedown Attention Attention PE sneakers, which costs about 852 grams of gold. This model was specially released for Shinedown in honor of the release of their latest album titled “Attention Attention”. These sneakers were only owned by the band members, which in the future provided them with a high price on the secondary market.

At the moment, there are even sneakers that cost 100 thousand dollars and they are called Air Jordan 12 OVO. This model was popular at all times. These shoes are now a status item among rappers, famous athletes and other celebrities. The cost of running shoes has reached such a level that this money can become the owner of an apartment in Moscow.

Did you know that the Converse Fastbreak sneakers worn by Michael Jordan himself cost $ 190,373? The price of these shoes is equivalent to 7 Rolex watches in gold. If you recall a little history, then in 1984 the US national team won a gold medal at the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. Decades later, sneakers signed by Michael Jordan appeared on the marketplace. Who would have thought at that time that the cost of “conversions” would be 200 thousand dollars. It’s just unbelievable, but the fact remains.

The newest Nike running shoes

nike sneakers for 2 million

If Jordan’s autographed sneakers cost $ 200,000, then how much are the ones he personally wore? You’ll be surprised that the Air Jordan 1 sneaker was priced at $ 560k. What can you buy with this amount? Villa with a bungalow located in Spain.

It was with the Air Jordan 1 pair that legendary athlete Michael Jordan’s collaboration with Nike began. This was the first development that underwent major changes by the time of its official release. The pair was immediately bought at auction. What can I buy instead of this pair of sneakers? Unless you change them for 36 million rubles or buy luxury real estate located in the south of Spain.

The 1985 Air Jordan 1 sneaker, which has Jordan’s autograph on it, is worth $ 1 million. Instead, you can buy a Bugatti Veyron car. This is the last pair of Jordan 1s. The lot with this copy was recently put up for auction on eBay. The pair is unique in that it was signed by basketball legend Michael Jordan in 1985. The pair is in perfect condition, as if it has just been removed from the factory assembly line. Together with the sneakers, the buyer will receive a certificate of authenticity of the shoes and a signature.

You won’t believe it, but there are Nike sneakers for $ 2 million. This model is called Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan. To give you an idea of how expensive they are, let’s say that for this money you can safely buy a cool yacht, for example, Azimut. These sneakers belong to rapper Drake. The peculiarity of this model is that it is made of pure gold and weighs about 45 kilograms, quite heavy. This pair was created by the American artist M. Senna.

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