The formula of wealth or how to become rich

формула богатства

Now it is difficult to meet a person who would be completely satisfied with his financial situation. Most citizens set goals for themselves to become rich, but it is not enough to have a goal to become financially successful, you need to develop an action plan that will help you achieve what you want.

The formula of wealth can become a “lifeline” for those who have already lost all hope and despaired in the struggle for a better life. Everyone can develop this formula for themselves, taking into account their own characteristics, individual character traits, skills and work experience.

What do you need to do to become rich?

The root of all problems with money is that you misunderstand what wealth is and what you need to do to become rich. Since childhood, children are taught that only hard work will help them become rich. As a result, after finishing school, we go to the institute, not always at our own request, then to work, not always in the specialty we received. As a result, we spend our own time and life at work, from which we get neither pleasure nor the desired profit.

The poor at all times measure their wealth in specific amounts, and each has its own financial limit. For some, this is $ 1,000 a month to feel comfortable, and for others, even $ 5 million will not be enough.

R. Kiyosaki defined wealth as the amount of time that you will be free from work, and at the same time you will not need finances.

In order to understand how to become rich, you must first get rid of the attitudes of poverty. You are enslaved by poverty if you:

  • spend your salary in full, without delay.You buy everything in stores that the eye will fall on, although you practically do not use the purchased items.Ideally, you should have an amount in your bank that you can live on for about a year without working;
  • if you don’t calculate your income and expenses, you end up spending a lot more than you can afford;
  • take out loans and borrowings.Only in an emergency can you take out a loan, live on borrowed money, buy a new iPhone or shoes.;
  • spend your free time watching talk shows on TV instead of developing yourself;
  • you constantly complain about your life, the injustice of the government, etc.Do not look for the guilty, it is better to spend this time looking for ways and solutions to make yourself rich;
  • you are a self-employed employee, but you don’t enjoy your job;
  • look for new opportunities to earn money without much effort;
  • don’t give thanks for what you have, there’s always something missing.There is a private apartment, but there is no good repair, etc.

If at least one of the above points is relevant to you, start treatment for the symptoms of poverty, only in this case you will be able to understand what you need to do to become rich.

Success formula or how to make a million

I want to be rich

There are certain laws on how to become rich, and all millionaires follow them. The first of these is the law of subconscious self-confidence.

Our subconscious mind can actually do the impossible. If you believe that you can achieve more, become the owner of your own business and live abroad, then the chances that you will achieve this increase significantly.

It is self-confidence that helps to overcome any problems and difficulties, without which the path to wealth and success is impossible.

Be honest

There is no such billionaire who would make his fortune on lies. Naturally, there are examples when money came through fraud. But in the future, as a rule, such a state was lost very quickly. Creating your own business through deception and fraud can be compared to building a house without a foundation.

If you don’t just want to get rich for a while, but become successful for a long time, initially build your career on an honest basis.

Formulate your wishes correctly

Each of us wants something, but there is a huge difference between those who achieve results and those who continue to dream about how to become rich.

The whole point is that you need to express your desires correctly. If you want according to the principle ” it would be nice to have….”, then it is unlikely that something will work out, since subconsciously you allow the option that nothing will work out.

It is necessary to formulate your wishes as confidently and accurately as possible.

To become rich, you need to clearly understand why you need it. If you just want to get a lot of money, this approach will be fundamentally wrong. You need a specific goal, for example, you want to travel around the world or open your own restaurant.

A very important point is not just to see the final goal, but also to write in detail step-by-step instructions for achieving it.

Show perseverance

Everyone can become rich, then why does someone succeed and someone remains poor? It’s all about being assertive.

The path to the top can not always be smooth, there will be ups and downs. But weak people give up quickly, at the first failure. The strong go forward to their goal, not paying attention to anything.

Even among famous billionaires, there are people who have lost almost everything on the way to their wealth.

Just wishing “I want to be rich” isn’t enough. It is necessary to plan all your actions on this path clearly. All successful people act exactly according to the plan, which is why they have achieved what they have.

You need to become a professional

To achieve your goals, you need to have certain knowledge. If you start your business in an area where you don’t understand much, you may face competition problems and fail in the first few steps.

Therefore, first you need to get the appropriate knowledge and gain experience. To be successful and understand how to become rich, you need to be better than everyone else, and this can only be achieved through acquired knowledge. Therefore, do not stop learning, improving your knowledge, skills and qualifications.

A very important point on the way to being rich is to follow the law of managing your finances, maintaining a budget for your income and expenses. Without this, it is unlikely that you will be able to track all your extra expenses and accumulate free funds.

The most important point in a person’s success is not how much they earn, but how much they spend. If your expenses exceed your earnings, then you will not get out of debt.

To avoid such troubles, follow the advice of specialists:

  • save 10% of any income to your reserve fund;
  • make a specific list of the most necessary purchases before going to the store and follow it clearly;
  • do not make large purchases right away, give yourself time to think about whether you really need this item;
  • do not go to supermarkets on an empty stomach, so as not to buy too much.

Professionals in the field of planning your budget advise you to install special applications on your smartphone, where you can enter your every income and every expenditure. This option will help you significantly simplify the financial management process.

And one last thing. To earn a lot of money, you need to be able to share it. Allocate a portion of the profit for their intended use, for example, for the construction of a kindergarten or animal shelter.

People who have achieved success are sure that everything they give to charity is returned to them in multiple amounts.

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