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самые дорогостоящие монеты

Currently, coins do not cause people to associate with big money. Many of us try to get rid of the coins that are lying around in our pockets as quickly as possible. At the same time, we do not even think about the fact that there are valuable specimens in the world that collectors buy for millions of dollars. From the outside, of course, it looks strange when they give a fortune for a coin, but these facts are recorded in history.

Many collectors create collections of metal coins. The value of the coin is affected by:

  • material of manufacture;
  • appearance;
  • date of manufacture;
  • total circulation.

If you are planning to start collecting coins, then this article about expensive coins will be not only interesting, but also useful for you.

The most valuable coin to date is the florin of Edward III. This copy is considered quite rare, it was made in 1343, it was in circulation until 1344. The coin features the interior of the royal palace, the ruler’s throne, and himself. This coin is now owned by a private collector. The special feature of an instance is that it has no edges. This circumstance confirms the fact that in the Middle Ages there was no technology for making coins from metal.

The most expensive coins are the “Double Leopard”, its face value is 6 shillings. You can find another name for this coin, known as the double florin. Three copies have survived to this day, two are kept in the museum, and one was purchased for 6.8 million euros.

expensive coins

In 1787, a 15-dollar gold coin was issued, which is now called the Brasher doubloon. This coin was issued in small quantities, it is minted with the initials of the creator EV-Ephraim Brasher, and a landscape that includes mountains, sea and sunset. This copy was purchased at auction for$7.4 million.

One of the most expensive coins in the world is the dollar “Loose Hair” made of silver. This copy is considered not only the most expensive, but also the rarest. At the moment, it is one of the most valuable copies belonging to the XVIII century. Externally — it is a small coin minted from silver, which depicts a female image with hair fluttering in the wind. In those days, fluffed hair symbolized freedom and serenity. The coin went into circulation in 1794 and lasted until 1804.

The very first US coin was made of silver and sold for $ 7,850 million. The Qweller Class I silver dollar was introduced in 1834, and it is unique in that it is created according to the template of 1804. This was the last issue of silver one-dollar copies. In addition, the coin features an image of a woman with neatly coiffed hair. This coin is valued at $ 3.737 million. Coins from the Queller collection are the rarest in the world, so they are not cheap.

coins are expensive

The most expensive copies include the US Gold Coin “Double Eagle of Saint-Gaudens”, its face value is $ 20. It appeared in the period 1907-1933, but did not reach people due to the Great Depression. In those days, the government seized almost all coins and melted them down into gold bars. On one side of the coin is a woman in ancient clothing holding a burning torch in her right hand and a branch of an olive tree in her left. At the feet of the Freedom woman are 13 small stars that symbolized the states of North America. The reverse side shows a proud eagle in flight, holding an olive branch and arrows in its paws. This masterpiece was bought for $ 7,590,200 by an unknown auction participant.

The Elizabeth II coin was minted in 2007 in Canada. The coin is made of the purest gold. This copy is difficult to call a coin, because it is a huge piece of gold that weighs 1 hundredweight. On one side of the coin is a royal profile, and on the other – a maple leaf, which represents Canada. The coin was purchased for $ 4 million at the Dorotheum auction, with a face value of $ 50.

Very expensive coins include a 5-cent Liberty Head V, it was released illegally in the amount of 5 pieces in 1913 in San Francisco, their existence was not known until 1920. This coin shows the head of the Statue of Liberty. The first copy appeared at auction in 1972, it was sold for 100 thousand dollars, the second coin was lit up in 2013, it was bought for 3.7 million dollars.

very expensive coins

Many collectors may not have heard of such a unique coin as “Anna with a chain”. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that in the world it is issued in a single edition-one copy. This coin is nothing more than a silver ruble issued in 1730. On one part of the coin is the face of Anna Ioannovna, and on the other-an eagle surrounded by chains of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called. Today, this coin of tsarist Russia is kept in a private collection. It was bought for a fabulous price for expensive coins-15.6 million rubles, which approximately at the time of sale was 625 thousand dollars.

Another Russian coin that was awarded the attention of numismatists is the Konstantinovsky ruble. One part of the ruble contains an image of a double-headed eagle with a wreath of laurel leaves and a sign of the manufacturer, and the other-a profile portrait and the date 1825. This coin was purchased at a price that exceeds 500 thousand dollars.

In numismatics, the most expensive coins in the world include the Australian penny. The Melbourne Mint minted only 6 copies in 1930. The top of the coin was covered with a layer of copper. Despite the fact that the copper layer has worn slightly over time, the image of King George V is clearly visible on the coin, which indicates the high technology of that time. In 2005, the Australian penny was sold for $ 515,000.

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