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Italy is a European country that is considered the cradle of world art and culture, a place with unique natural views, color, traditions, centuries-old culture and religion. And if earlier there were more people who were attracted to this state by the mild Mediterranean climate, beaches, seas, mountains, architecture only as a great place to relax and travel, today more and more people are considering the possibility of obtaining permanent residence in Italy. And the prospect of European citizenship and a move to the third-largest economic area of the euro zone, contribute to a stable and ever-growing flow of migrants.

The Republic does not deny declaring that the state does not need people, as such a concept, and all because it is already flooded with illegal immigrants who do not intend and do not want to work for the benefit of Italian society, for the development of the country. But at the same time, the region needs highly qualified professionals; employees to work on farms and factories; investments and entrepreneurs who are ready to create jobs, develop their businesses and, accordingly, invest in the development of the economy of this part of the peninsula.

In general, living on the territory of the Republic has its advantages:

  • high standard of living;
  • economic stability;
  • excellent climatic and ecological conditions;
  • open access to the entire euro area;
  • affordable housing;
  • high-quality medical care;
  • loyal taxation.

A residence permit document in Italy is a confirmation of a permit for medium or long-term residence of an immigrant and legalizes the presence of citizens of other states on Italian territory.

What is a residence permit in Italy?

residence permit in Italy through the purchase of real estate

  1. Permanent residence.Residence permit (orig.”permesso di soggiorno”) gives the right to permanent residence in the region to foreign citizens.This status allows the holder to stay on Italian territory for more than 90 days, but is limited by the validity period of the specific residence permit obtained.Foreigners who have this status have the right to register at their place of residence (whether it is their own home, relatives/friends or rented), and then get a “carta d’identità” (local identity card).
  2. “Boundless Europe”.Holders of an Italian residence permit are exempt from the need to obtain a Schengen visa for travel, travel throughout the European Union.The frequency of entries and exits is unlimited, in each case you must have a passport and an Italian residence permit.
  3. Medical services.Visitors who have a residence permit in Italy not only have the right, but are also required to apply for local health insurance (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale).It will allow you to choose a family doctor, get and enjoy free medical care on an equal basis with local residents.
  4. Work and business.A foreigner who has this residence permit status has the right to legal professional activity in the state, except for the one that is officially reserved for local citizens.Without it, any activity is considered illegal.This provision, depending on the specific situation, gives the right to conduct business on the territory of the peninsula.
  5. Education.It is no secret that education in the region is considered one of the best, high-quality in Europe.Studying here allows you to get a European-level education, which is highly valued in all countries of the world.Permesso di soggiorno owners can freely enroll in any educational institution, and their children are also freely admitted to children’s schools.local kindergartens and schools.
  6. Obtaining permanent residence in Italy or citizenship.These two paths are open after a residence permit.After five years and fulfilling a number of obligations (housing, language skills, income), you can apply for permanent status.And after ten years, you can apply for a passport of a citizen of the country.You can get Italian citizenship by investment or through another immigration procedure.In any case, this means acquiring the full civil rights of an Italian.You can be elected or take part in elections as a voter; hold public positions; work in various fields, even those that were allocated only to Italians; conduct commercial activities that are accessible only to Italians; reunite with relatives; travel without obstacles to a wide list of corners of the world.
  7. Economic component.This item includes low taxes, as well as the opportunity to get loans from local banks for the development of entrepreneurship on favorable terms.

How to get a residence permit in Italy

italy real estate residence permit

Any foreigner can get this status in several ways. Permesso di soggiorno is the only legal option for successful immigration to the Italian Republic. This opportunity is relevant for those who intend to legally reside and work in the country for a long period of time, use all its infrastructure and opportunities. The correct choice of immigration procedure is determined separately in each specific case, and depends on the applicant’s goals/capabilities, including education, field and professional experience, family ties in the Republic, financial viability and investment resources.

Reasons for applying for a residence permit in Italy:

  1. Investments (“Golden Card”).The Italian Republic, as one of the most developed economies in the euro area, has long offered foreigners a residence permit in Italy for investment.But due to the fact that the requirements of the authorities in this area were higher than in other parts of Europe, there were not so many people who wanted to apply for this status through investments.Having really fallen on hard times since the start of the pandemic, the authorities decided to review their requirements for foreign investors and lowered the minimum investment threshold.Now the owner of an investment residence permit and his family, who has invested in the country from 250 thousand euros, can work or conduct business on Italian territory.
  2. Selected place of residence.It can be issued on the basis of the purchase of real estate, long-term lease.However, such a document slightly restricts the applicant: it is impossible to work on the territory of the Republic, conduct commercial activities and receive social benefits, and also does not give the right to permanent residence.It is noteworthy that as such, a residence permit in Italy through the purchase of real estate is not provided for by law, and the purchase of one’s own home, as is the case in a number of other states, does not give rise to permesso di soggiorno.
  3. Labor migration.It is divided into: business immigration, self-employment and self-employment.For each of these options, you must confirm the grounds and permits for obtaining resident status.
  4. «Carta Blu UE».As in any EU country, highly qualified specialists can get a “blue card” – an immigration document that allows a foreign specialist to legally reside and work in the European Union for a long time.
  5. Education.For the duration of your education at a school, college, or university, you can also apply for a residence permit in Italy, but there is only one condition-the study period must exceed 3 months.
  6. This is a family reunion.A resident can move his / her family if: proof of kinship up to the 2nd stage, availability of housing, availability of sufficient earnings for the maintenance of all relatives.For relatives who have arrived in the country and received a residence permit, Italy opens up the possibility of employment and education in the territory of the Republic.
  7. Other grounds for obtaining temporary or permanent resident status.This item can include medical treatment (long-term treatment/rehabilitation in an Italian clinic), religion (temporary residency can be issued as part of missionary or preaching missions), and humanitarian protection (provided to refugees).

How to get a residence permit in Italy through investment

Since 2020, the reduction of investment requirements for investments in a local innovative start-up and investments in an Italian LLC, from 500 thousand euros and from 1 million euros, to 250 thousand and 500 thousand euros, respectively, has significantly expanded and improved the conditions and prospects of the program. The innovations relate not only to reducing the volume of investment, but also to the fact that investors in the development of the local economy can no longer be tied to a specific time of physical presence on the territory of the state for the sake of maintaining their residence.

The second significant change for residents was also the fact that now phys.Individuals can invest in the Republic not only directly on their own behalf, but also on behalf of their company, and apply for a resident position. In simple words, individuals can purchase a “Golden Visa” through their law firm.

To obtain an investor visa, you must::

  • invest in the state economy (start-up, LLC, charitable grant, contribution to bonds);
  • wait for the approval of the authorities and make this investment no later than three months from the date of entry;
  • prove the presence of permanent income and wealth;
  • have housing (rented or private) designed for all family members specified in the application.

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