Writing comments for money — is it possible to earn and how much

заработок на комментариях

The vastness of the World Wide Web in the realities of our time offers wide opportunities for choosing a job. Earnings in the network can be of two types-earnings with and without investments.

Most users prefer to earn money without investing their own money, as in this case it is very likely to lose them. Earning money from comments is especially popular. First, in this case, you can write about what you think. And, secondly, it is not necessary to have special knowledge and a higher education diploma.

In the comment text, even literacy is not important, most customers do not pay attention to errors at all.

Why do I need comments?

The main task of such texts is to create activity on the site, in other words, it is a hidden version of marketing.

The more active the project is, the more real users will participate in discussions, respectively, make orders, register, make purchases, etc.

The main customers of paid comments are mostly webmasters who promote web resources. Thanks to paid comments, they create activity under articles, thereby attracting a real audience of users. And search engines, if there is activity on the site, rate it as positive and promote it in the search results based on user requests.

earn money from comments

In addition, writing comments for money is also necessary for bloggers who promote YouTube channels, instagram accounts, etc. The principles of operation of comments in this case are similar to search engines.

Various advertising agencies also use paid comments to attract customers to their products or services. Any user is unlikely to be interested in a service or product if they can’t read reviews about them or see real people who use these offers. Chat on an empty forum without live people, too, no one will. Therefore, earning money on the comments exchange will always be a relevant offer.

Principles of earning money from comments on the Internet

In order to earn money in this direction, you just need to comment on articles, reviews, and video content and get paid for it. However, it is important to understand the differences between the main concepts:

  • a comment is a statement of your own opinion on a particular topic.You can write two or three sentences or a lengthy comment at your own discretion;
  • a review is a description of the advantages and disadvantages of a particular product, service, etc., and your own experience of using it.

You can comment for money in two ways:

  • express your own opinion, write what you really think;
  • work to order, that is, write what the customer wants.

If you want to earn money from comments, you need to understand that texts that do not carry any semantic load or information will not be paid for. Ideally, your comment should invite users to a discussion.

How much money can you earn from comments?

writing comments for money

This question worries many beginners, because knowing the current prices, you can understand what kind of earnings in the network you can count on. On specialized sites, customers offer up to four rubles for a text of about 150 characters. At the initial stage, this is quite a decent income.

If you are diligent about your work and write high-quality comments, fulfilling all the client’s conditions, you can hope to be the first to receive tasks from them next time.

You need to understand that you will not earn a lot of money, however, as an additional source of income that does not require much time and specialized skills, comments for money are quite a decent option.

If you write about 50 comments a day, you can earn up to 200 rubles, with an average of 600 rubles per day. At the same time, you can not strain much, however, to get regular earnings, you will have to write constantly.

As with any other earning option, the amount of profit from writing paid comments depends on the quality of your work and the time spent on it.

To get started, you can register on different exchanges and try to work on each of them for some time. If you work full-time, clients may contact you again and raise their wages.

With the experience and experience of the customer base, you can earn quite decent money if you spend several hours a day writing comments.

How do I start earning money?

money for comments

The first clients can be found on exchanges and sites for earning money on comments. After registering on specialized sites, the user will have access to the simplest earning options. As a rule, everyone starts with reposts, likes, etc., however, in this case, you will not earn much, so it is recommended to start writing comments immediately.

In order to get access to this work and start receiving money for comments, you will have to pass a little testing. You will be asked to write a short comment on the suggested topics. After your work is verified, you will get access to the first rank.

Depending on your experience and rank increase, the cost of a comment will change. The higher your rank, the more opportunities you have to get access to higher-paying tasks.

But it is important to follow the rules of the site or the exchange of reviews and comments. You can’t copy texts and reviews from other sites or use techniques from other authors. Your account may be blocked immediately. To increase the cost of your services, you should not write with errors, pour water, or break punctuation.

Write strictly on the topic, without deviating from the task at hand. You should not write long sentences with many turns, they are difficult to read and perceive. It will be easier for users to understand your message if you break it down into several parts.

Don’t forget about the usefulness of your review. You don’t just need to share something valuable with people. The ideal option is to ask a question at the end of the text, which will cause further discussion.

Tips for beginners

earn money from comments

Despite the large number of advantages, earning money on comment exchanges also has certain disadvantages:

  • despite the apparent simplicity of writing small texts at first glance, this work is quite monotonous, and you can quickly get tired of it.A whole day of such work is quite difficult, as authors usually write about one and a half to two hours a day;
  • in order to make good money from reviews and comments, you need to spend some time and your own strength on improving your own rank.Each author takes this time in different ways, but on average, it will take 2-4 months to start earning the maximum amount.;
  • you need to be mentally prepared to write fictional facts in the comments, and sometimes even outright lies.

But on the other hand, earning money from comments and likes is the easiest option on the Internet, suitable for both a student and a professor.

To write a comment for the purpose of additional earnings, you will have to master some tools:

  • you will need an email address to register on the relevant services and exchanges, as well as to contact customers;
  • to withdraw the earned funds, it is recommended to immediately create an electronic wallet.You can also use bank cards, but in this case there will be a large commission.;
  • many customers require a certain percentage of uniqueness. For this purpose, there are special tools for checking the text for uniqueness;
  • we also recommend using specialized platforms for checking grammatical, syntactic, and punctuation errors;
  • if customers require a screenshot to confirm the task completion, you can use special software.

An equally important and relevant skill will be the blind typing method. If you plan to engage in this activity seriously, it does not hurt to master it well.

Earning money online today is considered quite affordable for every user. If you are not yet ready to write serious texts as a copywriter or learn another way to work on the Internet, writing reviews and comments can be a very successful start in this direction.

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