The most expensive currency in the world

самые дорогие валюты мира

In the modern world, there are ratings that allow you to understand what is the most expensive currency in the world and the most reliable. When planning an investment, you should regularly review this information.

When the word “currency” is used, people get a picture with strict American bills or bright European banknotes. However, the concept of “currency” is not limited to the euro and the dollar. It generally includes all the money issued in different countries of the world and used by the population for mutual settlements.

What is the most expensive currency?

Today, there are 180 currencies in circulation. Experts offer a rating of the most expensive currencies in the world today, and the leaders in this top were not the euro and the dollar.

On the 10th place is the Canadian dollar, often called the loonie. Among the world’s currencies, it is not particularly significant, but it is widely used in trading around the world. Fluctuations in the euro and the US dollar led to the fact that investors began to take a more serious interest in the loonie.

9th place – the US dollar, the most well-known currency in the world, is the state currency in many countries. The stability of the US dollar is easily explained by the global leadership of the United States, primarily in the economy.

Then there is the Swiss franc, which is the official currency not only in Switzerland. The franc appears to be the most stable currency on the global market, but it is not often used in international settlement transactions.

the biggest currency in the world

In seventh place is the euro, which has the status of the official currency of the EU. It ranks second in the list of reserve currencies.

The 6th place among the most expensive currencies in the world is occupied by the Cayman Islands dollar, which is the most famous offshore zone in the world. That is why this currency has such a high exchange rate.

The British pound sterling confidently occupies the fifth place in the rating of the most expensive currency. Many ordinary people are sure that it is the pound sterling that is the most expensive in terms of its exchange rate value, but this is not the case.

The official currency of the United Kingdom is actually expensive, but it is inferior to its main competitors, the euro and the US dollar, in foreign exchange transactions and international settlements.

4 place – the Jordanian dollar, the reason for its inclusion in this rating was the support of a consistently high exchange rate of the dinar.

The top three is headed by the Omani rial due to the successful geographical location of the Sultan of Omal. The currency has a high purchasing power.

In second place is the Bahraini dinar. The most expensive currency in the world is the Kuwaiti dinar, which has the highest value in the world in relation to other currencies.

the most valuable currency in the world

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