Historical facts about Gold

интересные факты о золоте

For a long time, gold has been an indicator of wealth and success. For the manufacture of the first coins, this metal was used. We are not yet talking about jewelry that was almost in every family and not in a piece version. Mankind for all the time of its existence has managed to accumulate a lot of interesting facts about gold, which will be useful for Internet users to know and not only.

1947-gold was first extracted from mercury. This event is a vivid proof that dreams come true, because the transformation of metal into gold for a long time was only a dream of alchemists. It would seem that people have found a way to get rich, and they will no longer need to fight, and think about pressing problems. However, the reality was quite different. Due to the fact that gold was mostly a by-product of the experiment, its weight was too small, and the cost of extraction exceeded its price on the market by dozens of times. Therefore, this method was not approved for mass production.

Mankind has extracted approximately 150-200 thousand tons of gold during its development. And most of it was extracted from the bowels of the Earth over the past two centuries. Approximately 6% of this volume was irretrievably lost during its use. The same amount of extracted gold was sent for recycling. The gold jewelry you are currently wearing may have been made from the treasures of ancient tribes, the pharaoh, ancient jewelry, etc.

interesting facts about gold

Currently known gold deposits amount to approximately 100-150 thousand tons.

The Earth’s core also contains this precious metal, and the reserves stored in it exceed the volume that was extracted over the entire period and is in open deposits by several thousand times. If you cover the Ground with this amount, the layer thickness would reach 0.5 meters.

Interesting facts about gold that you didn’t know about

Many people probably do not know that the weight of gold products is constantly decreasing. What does it mean? For example, if you do not remove a gold ring from birth to death, its weight will be reduced by almost half. This is explained by the fact that metal particles are stored on those who are somehow connected with it. Particles can attach to the skin, wardrobe items, hair, or simply settle in the form of fine dust. In this case, we mean very small particles, the size of which does not exceed a molecule. But due to the fact that this process is constant, gold loses its original mass.

Gold has an excessively soft texture, so for the production of jewelry, it is not used in its pure state, only in the form of alloys. The sample that the manufacturer puts on jewelry products indicates how much gold is contained in it. For example, if it costs 585 samples, it means that 1 gram of the product contains 58.5% gold, the rest is various impurities.

Gold is also a ductile metal, for example, from 1 gram of metal you can get a wire with a length of 3 km, or roll it out into a thin plate that will be 500 times thinner than a human hair.

gold interesting facts

Softness and ductility are not the only interesting facts about gold. In addition, it is also a heavy metal. A gold cube with a face of 30 cm will weigh approximately 1 ton, 1 cubic meter.meter – 30 tons, etc.

If you collect in one pile all the gold reserves that banks around the world have, then they can get a gold cube with a face of just over 12 meters.

Anyone who has studied the facts about gold knows that it is impossible to dissolve it. Only “tsar’s vodka” is an exception.

If you believe the facts about gold, the largest gold nugget was discovered in the late 19th century in Australia. The size of the find, 25×70 cm, weighed over 70 kg, and is known all over the world as the “Long-awaited Wanderer”. The estimated value of a nugget by current standards would be approximately $ 5 million.

According to statistics, an average of 2-4 tons are extracted from the Earth’s interior every year. At first glance, it seems that the weight is decent, but if the indicator is compared with the extraction of other minerals, then the opinion will change. For clarity, one steel in 1 hour is produced more than humanity has extracted gold for the entire period of its existence.

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