In which EU country is it easiest to obtain citizenship?

какое гражданство ес легче всего получить

Many of our compatriots began to think seriously about obtaining citizenship in Europe. How to get citizenship in Europe for residents of Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan this year? In some countries, a passport is issued to foreigners on the basis of naturalization, in others-through the conclusion of an official marriage. It is also possible to use such methods as origin or a serious contribution to the economic development of the country in the form of investment. In our publication you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Immigration agents often answer the question, which country in Europe is easier to get citizenship in? The answer may not be clear. In this case, it is necessary to take into account some points, including your wishes, preferences and opportunities. Each person has their own individual characteristics, which can affect the choice of country. First, decide on the following nuances::

  • Who were your ancestors?Where did your family come from?
  • How much income do you have without official employment, such as investments or an additional source of income?
  • Can you live in the country for a long time before becoming a citizen?

Our experts have prepared answers to the most common questions. With such a wealth of knowledge, you can apply for residency in any part of the world. Before writing our article, we analyzed a large amount of information, studied the rules of EU migration services, and identified several favorites among the states.

Which European country is easier to get citizenship in?

where is it easier to get citizenship?

In many developed countries, such as the United States, citizenship can be obtained at birth. As for Europe, in most of it, the child inherits the status of his parents. For example, if you have already received a passport of a European state, then your children will become full citizens of the country where you live at birth. You can also find some States where both principles apply. Australia is a prime example.

You can also get citizenship in other ways, for example, by inheriting this right from your ancestors. If this method is suitable for you, then first consult with the immigration agent. Many foreign migrants can get this opportunity, but they do not even know about it.


If your great-grandmother or great-grandfather was born in Ireland, then you can easily get a passport of this country. In this case, it makes no difference where you were born. Having such ancestors, you will immediately be issued an Irish passport. This approach will save you from long-term residence without citizenship in the territory of this state after obtaining a residence permit in Ireland.


This State is unique because citizenship is passed from parents to the child. Thus, you can become the owner of another passport if your ancestors were born in the territory of this country, and none of them renounced their citizenship.

No matter how many generations separate you, you can safely apply for a passport by origin. It is worth noting that in some countries only one citizenship is allowed, so it is likely that in order to obtain another passport, your great-grandparents had to write a waiver of Italian citizenship. To avoid unpleasant situations, conduct a thorough investigation.


Those foreigners whose ancestors lived on the territory of Poland after independence can obtain Polish citizenship by origin. However, it should be noted that if your ancestors refused Polish citizenship, then you do not have the right to apply for a passport using this method.


Ten years ago in Hungary, the government adopted a new law “On citizenship”, which allows descendants to obtain a passport of this country. If your ancestors had the status of a Hungarian citizen before 1920 or lived on this land during the Great Patriotic War, then you have the right to be awarded the status by origin. This law helped many residents of the regions that once belonged to Hungary, but are now part of neighboring countries, to move to their historical homeland.

It is not so easy to apply for citizenship in Hungary. Applicants for a passport must have a perfect command of the Hungarian language. Otherwise, your application will be rejected. This requirement is also relevant for those who wish to obtain a passport through naturalization or through business.

Where is the easiest place to obtain citizenship in Europe for descendants of representatives who were persecuted?

which country is the easiest to get citizenship in

People of Jewish nationality can expect to quickly and easily obtain a second passport in Spain. The state offers to grant citizenship to the descendants of those Jews who were deported in 1492.

According to statistics, this right can be used by more than two million people. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, first try to prove that you belong to the Sephardic community.

Portugal has developed a similar program, but even in this case, you must have proof of connection with the Sephardic diaspora in that country.

Some European states are ready to make concessions to the descendants of people who have been subjected to state repression and other political persecution. Notable examples are:

  • members of the Sephardic community in Spain,
  • representatives of the Sephardic diaspora in Portugal,
  • people who were persecuted by the Nazis for political, religious and other reasons during the reign of Hitler.

In which EU country is it easier to obtain citizenship through investment?

Today, many Countries offer accelerated and legal citizenship to foreign migrants through investments in the development of the economy. In most cases, the application process takes only two months. You must agree that this is a very short period of time for obtaining citizenship.

You can invest your capital in a local business or buy real estate. However, there are also cases when you need to make a contribution to the country’s fund, and you will not be able to return your money.

Below we will publish various options for obtaining a passport through investment.

Which country can I buy citizenship in-Cyprus

which EU country is the easiest place to get citizenship

The authorities of Cyprus have provided foreigners with the opportunity to acquire citizenship by investment. It is worth noting that this country has approved the highest threshold for contribution to the development of the economy. A passport will cost you at least two million euros.

The main advantage of this program is the investment of capital in various areas. You can choose assets at your own discretion. It is important for the authorities that the money goes to the development of the country’s economy.

You can buy real estate, stocks and bonds from local companies, or start your own business. Your investment will help you get money to live in Cyprus, as well as increase your start-up capital. Applicants for citizenship will not have to spend their money on donations or other additional contributions. In this case, you are investing in your future.

Which European country is easier to get citizenship in – Antigua and Barbuda?

To become a candidate for a Caribbean passport, a foreign migrant must make a contribution to the country’s economic development in the form of a gratuitous subsidized donation. The minimum amount starts from 100 thousand US dollars.

If your family consists of more than 5 people, then you need to donate 130 thousand dollars. Also prepare money for processing your documents. The state has set a fixed amount for a family of four, namely 25 thousand dollars. If the number exceeds four, then an additional 15 thousand US dollars will be charged for each subsequent person.

Thanks to this program, you will be able to apply for citizenship for your entire family. A Caribbean passport allows you to travel without a visa to approximately 130 destinations. This includes the States that signed the Schengen Agreement, the United Kingdom and most of the countries of South America.

The authorities also plan to launch a new program, according to which a passport can be purchased for a grant to the University Development Fund. At the same time, the applicant for citizenship will receive one year of free study at a higher educational institution in the Caribbean.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

where is the easiest place to get citizenship?

The country’s authorities offer applicants to contribute to the real estate sector. To obtain a passport, the applicant must invest more than 200 thousand dollars in the project, this asset can be sold after 7 years. With a deposit of more than 400 thousand US dollars, the asset can be sold in 5 years.

For reviewing and processing the submitted documentation, the applicant must transfer 7,500 rubles to the state budget, and 4,000 rubles for each family member over the age of 16. There is also a one-time state fee in this country. It is paid for after your candidacy has been approved. You will pay 35 thousand rubles for yourself, 20 thousand rubles for your spouse, and 10 thousand rubles for each additional dependent. In this case, age doesn’t matter.

Where in Europe is it easier to get citizenship in 2021?

In this article, we look at the simplest options for obtaining citizenship, but they are not the fastest. If you do not have large savings to invest in the economic development of the country and the ancestors who lived in this territory, then you can only use the method based on naturalization. First of all, take care of obtaining a residence permit. This method can be attributed to the simplest and most legal.

Obtaining a residence permit is much easier than becoming a passport holder. In most cases, citizenship is granted after a certain period of time has elapsed and certain requirements have been met.

To acquire the status of a citizen, one stay in the country may not be enough. You must pass the State language proficiency test. In some cases, the commission may check your knowledge of the laws of the state and the culture of the local population.

Which European citizenship is easier to obtain – agreements between countries.

The authorities of European states have concluded an agreement among themselves that allows citizens of one country to freely move and work outside their European country. You can also apply for a second passport.

EU citizens enjoy a wide range of opportunities thanks to the following Scandinavian and European Economic Agreements.

Registration of residency by investment

where is it easy to get citizenship?

Governments of various countries recommend that foreigners purchase a “golden visa”. To do this, they need to contribute a substantial sum of money to the economic development of the state.

Below are offers from countries that are in high demand among migrants.

If you are still looking for a country where it is easier to get citizenship, then pay attention to the “Golden Visa” of Portugal. In this case, you need to make a contribution to real estate. The amount of investment must exceed 350 thousand euros, and the age of real estate-more than 30 years. Of course, you can invest money in scientific activities and various research projects. To apply for citizenship through investment, it is enough to visit Portugal at least once a year and stay on its territory for several weeks. This activity should be repeated for five years, in addition, take a course on learning Portuguese, and you can consider that the passport is already in your “pocket”.

Spain’s Investment Program

The “Golden visa” of this country will cost you 500 thousand euros. The capital must be invested in real estate. After completing this condition, you can apply for a residence permit in Spain. To obtain the desired status, foreign migrants must have lived for more than 10 years and have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language. You can also take advantage of other investment options, such as buying shares in local companies or opening a deposit in a Spanish bank in the amount of 1 million euros or more. The Spanish authorities also offer investors to purchase government bonds worth 2 million euros.

Golden Visa of Cyprus

which country's citizenship is the easiest to obtain

If you are looking for a country where it is easy to get citizenship, then with 300-400 thousand euros at your disposal, you can get citizenship in Cyprus. First of all, a foreigner needs to make a transfer of 30 thousand euros to an account opened in a local bank. Then you should apply for investor residency. This process will not take you much time, on average, the procedure takes about one month. If you managed to get a “golden visa”, then you need to visit this country every two years to maintain your residency. It is enough to stay on the territory of the state for one day.

Investment in the Greek economy

You can get a residence permit by investing in real estate. The deposit amount must be at least 260 thousand euros. It is worth noting that this country has the lowest requirements for foreign investors in Europe. You can purchase one or more items at once.

Visa for financially secure individuals

Most developed countries grant residency to those applicants who have proof of a source of income that can cover the costs of living in their chosen country. Which country is easier to get citizenship in? If you have investments abroad or an offshore business, then the states of the European Union are “open” to you.

Financially secure applicants need to meet several non-standard requirements to obtain residency, for example::

  • Your monthly earnings must be at least 750 euros.If you have a family, then you should add another 150 euros for each member of the family.Such requirements are imposed on its residents by Nicaragua.
  • Where is the easiest way to get citizenship?In Spain, those foreigners whose income for a year is more than 25 thousand euros can get a residence permit, and 6,500 euros are added for each dependent.The applicant receives a visa for only one year.In the future, he needs to renew it for five years, and then apply for a permanent residence permit.
  • Freelancers who earn an income of at least 800 euros per month can move to Germany.The “Freiberufler” visa gives foreigners the opportunity to live and work in this country.
  • Where is it easier to get citizenship in Europe?If your monthly income is more than 2 thousand euros and you do not have a criminal record, then welcome to Greece.

Pension visas

which country is the easiest place to get citizenship

Many European countries are ready to accept people of retirement age for permanent residence. Moreover, different countries have their own minimum threshold. For example, in some States, people retire when they reach the age of 45.

To obtain a pension visa, foreign migrants must provide proof that they have a permanent income in the form of a pension or a profit from their investments.

Pension visa options:

  • To move to Nicaragua, you must have a monthly income of $ 650 per applicant and $ 150 for each dependent.Pensioners are considered people who have reached the age of 45.
  • The amount of profit in Honduras for retirees is $ 600 each month.
  • To become a citizen in Costa Rica, you must provide proof that you will receive at least one thousand dollars a month throughout your life.
  • According to the requirements of Guatemala, it is enough for pensioners to have an income of one thousand dollars.
  • In European countries, the minimum income is much higher.For example, in Spain, to obtain a pension visa, you need to have a pension or earnings of 2600 euros, for other family members – 700 euros each.
  • In the UK, people who have reached the age of 60 retire.You can only apply for residency if your country has a pension agreement with the United Kingdom.

Where is it easier for athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, and specialists in other industries to get citizenship?

which country is easier to get citizenship in

In developed countries, there are programs that are aimed at attracting highly qualified workers to their country. These can be employees of IT, medicine, art, and science.

If you are a true professional in your field and meet all the requirements specified in the program, you have every right to apply for a visa. Entrepreneurs and competent specialists who work on innovative projects are welcome in Cyprus. Here you can quickly apply for a residence permit.

Currently, there are many opportunities to apply for residency and obtain European citizenship in the future. What is the easiest way to get citizenship? First of all, evaluate your family connections and capital. If you can’t get the status of a citizen by origin and investment program, then there is a longer way – through naturalization.

This publication covers only a few immigration programs. If you already know which citizenship is easiest to obtain, then before applying, carefully read the requirements for potential residents of the country.

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