The most expensive hotel in the world

самый дорогой отель в мире

There are people who travel frequently, looking for new emotions and impressions from the trip. Some are even ready to cross the borders of the country by hitchhiking, in stuffy compartments or cabins, to stand in long lines at the registration desk. As for travelers who have a good capital, such conditions are simply unacceptable. Not to mention the fact that they are unlikely to stay in any hostel or 5-star hotel. They are also not interested in offers from All-inclusive hotels. They may consider more expensive options, such as renting a penthouse or villa. The cost of such solutions can reach the annual earnings of an ordinary employee from Europe.

Where is the most luxurious hotel in the world?

the most luxurious hotel in the world

Currently, the most expensive hotel is Marina Bay Sands. It is located in Singapore. The owners had to spend $ 8 billion to create it. So that you can roughly navigate the price of real estate, we provide the following information – the construction of a skyscraper, whose height is 828 meters, cost 1.5 billion dollars. From this we can conclude that the Marina Bay Sands hotel should be immersed in luxury and wealth.

Marina Bay Sands is considered not only the coolest hotel in the world, but also an object whose architecture attracts tourists from all over the world. The hotel consists of three 55-storey buildings. On the roof of these construction projects is a three-deck ship with an area of more than 12 thousand square meters. The ship is located at an altitude of over 200 meters, and a “Sky Park”has been created on the deck. This is another advantage of the hotel. Here, guests can see a wide variety of trees and exotic plants.

What other advantages does the best hotel in the world have?

what is the most expensive hotel in the world?

This hotel has a huge swimming pool. Also, visitors to the hotel can be struck by the waterfall, located at an altitude of 100 meters from the earth’s surface. Now you know what the most expensive hotel in the world can stay rich people. You can see all this beauty during excursions, which are regularly held for ordinary residents of the country. You can visit the miracle park in just a few minutes.:

  • $ 20 per adult,
  • $ 15 per child.

But if you want to rent a room in this hotel, then its cost will cost you $ 400. Moreover, this price is set for the most modest premises. The cost of more expensive options can reach several tens of thousands per day.

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